Rise of the Weakest Demon King Chapter 932

Rise of the Weakest Demon King Chapter 932

Normally, their combined attack wouldn't be so effective. However, the cry of the sovereign clone moments ago had weakened the spell formation significantly, laying the perfect groundwork.

"Ok. Qing Shui, take good care of Luan Luan."

"Remember me, Bai Xiaochun? I'm Lin Mu!"

But after two hours passed, not a single one of the hundreds of passersby stepped into the door. In fact, a lot of people were even pointing at the sign and laughing.

"Mountains?" Bai Xiaochun jumped up and down a few times. "Eee? Hm, yeah a few, but I can hardly feel them." Shangguan Tianyou gasped in disbelief.

Bai Xiaochun rubbed his hands together, eyes shining as he circled around the ten huge pill furnaces a few more times. Finally, he threw his back and laughed.

As soon as he saw the Divine Marionette thrown away, Wu YiTian could no longer bother about the unique pellets that he had gotten by accident. With swords in both of his hand, he screamed "Someone please come!" He chopped Qing Shui and was about to run outside.?

Art of Core Qi!

From the outside, Bai Xiaochun's tent seemed completely still and quiet. In fact, as the guards went about their evening patrol, none of them even looked over at him.

As Zhou Yixing stewed in his envy, Bai Xiaochun looked thoughtfully at the soulhoarding pagoda. Then, his eyes flashed as if with lightning.

"A phoenix that could dance in the highest heavens, the foremost among all birds in the world! This answerĄ­."

"Hallmaster--" Bai Xiaochun said, shivering a bit.

The Dragon of the Starry Sky howled beneath the world net. Despite how powerful it was, it still felt like it was trembling on the verge of collapse.

Li Feng was very pleased at the crowd's reaction. The truth was that he had only recently succeeded in conjuring ten-colored flame, so the feeling of being virtually worshipped for showing it in public was quite new to him. Looking down at Bai Xiaochun with a cold sneer, he said, "Screw off!"

The sight caused Bai Xiaochun's face to twitch, and his heart to pound. However, this man had tried to chase him down and kill him. Furthermore, Bai Xiaochun was working for Giant Ghost King now, and showing mercy in this situation would not only earn the ire of those above him, but it could also get him killed.

He was also wondering why this major general had really come to World City. The fact that the four World City major generals all seemed similarly suspicious only served to further his reservations.

This was not Bai Xiaochun's first time seeing vengeful souls out in the void. After all, he had already acquired an archaean soul from that enormous floating palace he had seen.

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