Origins : Blood Fall Chapter 813

Origins : Blood Fall Chapter 813

Boom! Boom!

Upon seeing the sudden activation of the barrier, Xiu Mi had a startled look. "Father, what is the meaning of this? What has made you so cautious to create a barrier?"

"Let's attack, don't give him any chance to recover!"

They could only admire him!

Walking onto the streets, Jian Chen walked himself into a bustling inn that had plenty of people already inside. After ordering a room, Jian Chen disguised himself once more as a thin looking middle-aged man before leaving the building.

As for Jiang Chen's cultivation level, not only had he broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm and stabilized it, there were even signs that he was about to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm soon.

"Friends, is there anyone who has Nine Soul Restoration Pills? A Nine Soul Restoration Pill can be exchanged for a single drop of the Nine Solar Holy Water, and I'm sure you all know that this trade is definitely worth more than you give!"

Lots of disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect were staring at Jiang Chen, with fire spewing out of their eyes. By now, they all knew the matter of Jiang Chen killing disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect, and they had all taken him as their enemy. Since Jiang Chen had just taken first place in today's competition, they obviously weren't happy.

"Hey!Brother, it's late so why are you dressed like you want to go out?Tomorrow is the marriage ceremony for you and your wife, you should take a good rest now."

In the blink of an eye, layers of sound waves turned into ripples and interweaved into one giant web which covered Li Wu Ling.

"The poison is too corrosive, it can penetrate through Saint Force and in two hours it can kill even an Earth Saint Master! Retreat!" Qin Ji commanded as the three men and Senior An quickly retreated back with him to escape from the poison.

Ruan Ling and Chen Shuang were at the border of the valley, and they could immediately hear the noise originating from the cave.

Yu Zihan said.

Buzzing sounds could be heard in front of them. After that, bright portals appeared. Each of them shone in different colors, and behind each portal there was a tunnel.

"Ming Dong, hand me a piece of parchment and a brush." He asked Ming Dong.

Jian Chen said no words and stalked toward the king with his cold eyes piercing straight into him. The king of the Pingyang Kingdom was a senile old man with a purple and gold dragon robe and crown; he had even a noble air to him, but under the piercing eyes of Jian Chen, he was absolutely cowed.

In the past, he had also thought about returning to Kargath Academy and let his elder brother see his strength. He had never imagined that his triumphant return to his homeland and family would be met with a heart wrenching tragedy that he couldn't bare to accept.

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