*REBOOT* DC Gamer Chapter 673

*REBOOT* DC Gamer Chapter 673


"400 million."


"Tiny human, how dare you step on me?! You've sought your own demise, you've committed suicide! You two, tiny human and dog, stand there. Let me devour you as punishment for stepping on me and disturbing my sleep!"

Jiang Chen shouted out. The Six Profound Solar Fingers was the perfect skill for long distance attacks. In an instant, six gigantic golden fingers looking like six pillars capable of holding the heavens up appeared. Then, they merged into one single finger and thrust forwards with tremendous force.

"A dragon is a legendary divine being, the true king of all beings! There have been no dragons in Saint Origin since the ancient eras!"

"It's senior disciple Han and Big Yellow! They both broke through at the same time!"

Old Man Ling Shan burst into laughter. He did not want to let go of this opportunity to mock Mao Sheng.

Clearly, Xiao Wei was showing some interest in this handsome young man. As a demon beast herself, she loved a man with a wild nature. Jiang Chen's behavior yesterday was not only wild, it was also incredibly fierce. When he struck, he killed. Xiao Wei had never seen such a resolute characteristic on any young genius, this had made her impression of Jiang Chen really good.

The hardships and troubles of making the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master were in a far different realm of difficulty than his previous breakthroughs. He had to meticulously control every single step of the way without mistake, or all of his efforts would be for nothing.

Another voice sounded out from private room three. It wasn't Jiang Chen who made a bid, it was Han Yan. Although other people didn't want this stone, Han Yan was different.

Even more shocking to Jian Chen was that uncle Tian seemed to break apart the fabric of space as well. Furthermore, he appeared precisely within this not-as-spacious room. Such a precise position like this was almost unbelievable to him.

"My Huang family is strong, if there is a need for it, then I'll have the ancestor of my family step in as well."Chapter 596: Return to Mercenary City (Two)

Shangguan Ying was extremely shocked. However, he didn't have time to think about it, because the Ice Demon King had already caught up to him.

"What, your Saint Ruler isn't here?" Jian Chen spoke with a heavy look.

In the valley a few hundred miles away, Big Yellow was wagging his tail calmly, but Zhang Wei and the other men were walking back and forth in panic.

Chapter 310 ΓΏ Controller of Life and Death

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