My Hero Academia: The Ghost Gamer Quirk Chapter 2654

My Hero Academia: The Ghost Gamer Quirk Chapter 2654

"Don't even let him say anything and just kill him. This is for Hei Xiong and Hei Qing!" The other man snarled before hoisting his sword up. Without mercy, he swung the blade down onto the youth's head.

Jiang Chen once again sat down with his legs crossed, then closed his eyes and began cultivating while waiting for the final battle. Once he settled that Old Great Emperor, the Eastern Continent would be in a stable state, and he would be the one with complete control over it.

Shangguan Yilong shouted out right after he arrived.

Jiang Zhenhai's voice was trembling. At what he thought was the last moment of his life, he only hoped he could see his son one last time. However, he had never thought that Jiang Chen would truly appear right in front of him, this really caught him by surprise. Jiang Chen's mighty strength even cause him to feel a strong sense of pride.

"Not only this, the special environment of the ocean has also produced all kinds of special and rare treasures. However, compared to life on a continent, the life in the ocean is just too boring, and the environment is pretty standard. Definitely not as exciting as a continent."

"No, how could I? Changyang Xiangtian, I, Tie Ta, would never forget you even for the rest of my life. Hahaha, you are the best brother I've ever had. Do you remember back when we were hunting magical beasts in Kargath Academy? Those were the happiest days I ever experienced in my life! For the remainder of this life of mine, I won't forget that either." Tie Ta boomed with laughter before hugging Jian Chen in a tight embrace with vigor. Tears began to form in his eyes as he declared, "Changyang Xiangtian, I didn't think that you'd still be alive. This is great! I heard all about what happened between you and the Hua Yun Sect from teacher. I know that you had to flee your home into the ruthless continent that is our Tian Yuan Continent by yourself! But I never received any news from you after that, and I thought that I'd never be able to see you again!"Chapter 535: Golden Blood (Two)

Sneering, Qian Yun spoke, "Chang Wuji, I, Qian Yun, am not an easily threatened person. I have given my word, if you hand over the Heaven Tier Battle Skill to me, then I will leave."

Jian Chen nodded but did not say anything more. Jiede Tai's behaviour had allowed him to rise to a great place in Jian Chen's mind.

"Brother, what is the purpose of this Mercenary Square?"

Within the main halls, the entirety of the upper ranking members of the Huangpu clan had already gathered. Each one with them had a serious expression as they turned to look at the growling white tiger cub in the patriarch's hands.

Whirling her head to look at the little tiger on Jian Chen's shoulder, she spoke with a mischievous smile, "Could you leave behind Xiao Bai, I want to play with it."

Both men unleashed their strongest attacks. Even though Jiang Chen's Nine Phantom Wolves didn't really confuse Liang Xiao, it had still freaked him out somehow. Just like now, when Liang Xiao struck out with his Great Fist of Devastation, he was actually using his own fist, and he didn't notice the green light hiding within Jiang Chen's palm.

Even with Li Tianyang's senses, he couldn't see anything special about this broken sword. Judging from its appearance, it was no different from a piece of scrap metal. He circulated his Yuan energy and sent it into the broken sword, but to his shock, even with his extremely powerful Yuan energy, he was unable to activate the broken sword, and it didn't seem to respond at all.

However, things rarely went perfectly according to plan. He had once again met Wu Ningzhu, the famous number one genius of the Southern Continent. With Wu Ningzhu's excellent judgment, if Jiang Chen participated in this third match, she would definitely recognize him. However, if Jiang Chen didn't participate in this third match, no one from the Nangong family would be able to fight Wu Ningzhu.

"Brat, you and that Ming Dong seem quite close. Ming Dong has killed my brother Ka Zhafei. Today, I shall spill your blood as a sacrifice to Ka Zhafei's soul. Then, Ming Dong will have his turn to accompany you!" Caraga glared at Jian Chen.

The leading captain concentrated on Jian Chen some more before finally recognizing him. A startled look appeared on his face before he bowed his head down to his waist in salute, "Ah so it was the captain! Your subordinate would have no eyes if I was unable to recognize the captain, please forgive this one!"

The Silver Striped Golden Snake's strength could be determined by how long it was. A Class 1 Silver Striped Golden Snake was 20 meters at the very least. With every increase in class, it would grow 20 meters in length, all the way to a maximum of 100 meters long at Class 5 . Any Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snake or higher would already be able to freely manipulate their body dimensions, so it was useless trying to rank one by its body length.

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