Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams Chapter 1639

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams Chapter 1639

"Jiang Chen, do you know what you're doing right now?!"

"Fourth brother, tell us, just which bastard beat you to this state?"

"I've made up my mind!"

Not only this, the Heavenly Tribulation would be wherever Jiang Chen was, and as long as this Fourth Grade Demon King dared to unleash its aura, it would immediately trigger its own tribulation.

"Brother Jiang Chen is indeed a genius that can't be found throughout thousands of years of history. When we met him in the Southern Continent, he was far from being this strong, but just in this short period of time, he has become able to suppress a Combat King warrior! I don't think that anyone underneath the heavens can compare with his talent!"

It was an endless stretch of glaciers. Right now, in this breathtaking world of glaciers, the rawest slaughter was playing out.

"I never expected such a peerless genius to appear in the Burning Sky Pavilion! The disciples from the other three big sect must feel great pressure from this! Besides, this Nan Bei Chao is only eighteen years old. His future is limitless, and he might be a potential threat to the other big sects!"

"Conscience?" Jian Chen asked.

Arriving at the cave's entrance, Jian Chen began to take in the fresh air of the outside world before closing his eyes in a pleased manner. The ventilation within the cave wasn't the best, and the stuffy, hot air within the cave caused everyone inside to feel uncomfortable.

The huge golden finger hit Mu Rong Zhan's body. He screamed loudly and flew away like a bullet from the impact.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He increased his pace, and soon, he arrived at his courtyard.

"I agree with you, initially, I thought that Sect Chief would become angry and punish those who had done wrong, but he just said something simple, and the matter reached a conclusion."

Jiang Chen looked at Shangguan Sheng with an ice-cold gaze. Jiang Chen would definitely show no mercy to this guy and Tiangang Yi.

Jiang Chen was really angry now.

Ling Du told Wu Cong.

Then as he put his hand on top of the infant, he saw a fine layer of yellow light suddenly float around his palm.

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