Demon Guardian in the Multiverse Chapter 644

Demon Guardian in the Multiverse Chapter 644

"Be good, it'll be fine!" Qing Shui patted Liu-Li's hand and said.

"Qing Shui! Qing Shui!" A youth with a robust build comparable to a tiger ran over, shouting for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui walked into the familiar manor. There weren't any guards here and the door wasn't closed either. He walked into the small quiet courtyard. The rocky surface had a few twisted roads, with plants and trees on each side, releasing a faint fragrance.

There were also magical items, paper talismans, and medicinal plants of all types. Bai Xiaochun's heart was already pounding with excitement.

No one disturbed Bai Xiaochun as he worked on his flame conjuring. Several more months went by. One night, a look of excitement lit up Bai Hao's face.

However, the more than one hundred lightning bolts continued to slam down, and although the buckler managed to block them, Jia Lie was still left coughing up blood. The last dozen or so lightning bolts were too much for the shield, which shattered. Coughing up more blood, Jia Lie withered visibly. At that point, he pulled out a paper talisman, which he ignited, increasing his speed dramatically. With that, he sped off into the distance.

More rumbling sounds echoed out. The white shadows slammed into the two followers, causing blood to spray out of their mouths as they staggered backward, trembling. Not only were their lips turning purple, but the hair all over their body was turning white. However, what was most shocking of all to Bai Xiaochun was that their eyes were turning blank, as if their souls were flickering on the verge of being extinguished.

Qing Shui smiled without saying much. Bringing Mu Qing along wasn't a problem for him but just like she said, the Mu Clan needed her right now. If he demanded her to depart with him, it would just make things difficult for her.


It could temporarily raise his speed by 50 percent for 15 minutes!

Until now, Qing Shui was still feeling a bit nervous. After all, if the whole process was to fail, he would lose an enormous amount of assets. But the consequences was still bearable for him.

Qing Shui had drawn back his Nature Energy and with the release of pressure, Donggong Maisun was like a tied up wild beast that had finally gained its freedom. His loud bellow could be heard by everyone in the area.

As time passed, more people began to fill the stands on either side. A huge sea of people was growing, separated only by the arena floor.

A moment later, countless magical techniques slammed into the spot he had just been occupying.

"How did he find me!?!?" The young woman's heart was starting to pound. She had been injured again, and was now incapable of fleeing. "Dammit, how could the River-Defying Sect have a cultivator like this? His cultivation base isn't weak, nor is his fleshly body. His magical techniques are bizarre, and he obviously has a lot of experience fighting. He's actually managed to pin me down!!" Because of Bai Xiaochun's strange techniques, she was incapable of fleeing the Blood Annihilation World. Suddenly, her left eye was shot with blood as she realized that instead of fleeing, she had to risk everything in a fight to the death!

"I'm fine too. I was on my way home, so I decided to swing by and check on you." Qing Shui retained his smile, as he glanced towards Hai Dongqing.

After all the time that had passed, he had mostly recovered from his previous ordeals. In fact, his cultivation base had even progressed some. He was even convinced that, although he had not yet surpassed Bai Xiaochun, as long as he continued to follow this Bai Hao and benefit from the cultivation resources he provided, it was entirely likely that he soon would.

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