Transmigration Upgrade Specialist Chapter 668

Transmigration Upgrade Specialist Chapter 668

Jiang Chen expressed his opinion. This was a huge energy vein, and it was unrealistic to move it away.

"I wonder, how strong will Little Yu become when she awakens?"

Many people felt really angry at Shangguan Yiqing. No matter what, what he had done was not favorable for them. For his own benefits, he had actually schemed against everyone who came here to help.

"Luan Er, don't bother yourself. Using the Ruler Armament uses a large amount of Saint Force. You can't keep this up for long, the moment your Saint Force is gone, then your fate is in our hands." The youth holding up the barrier laughed evilly as he stared at the girl with obscene eyes.

The frightened man was trembling all over his body. This young man in front of him was too frightening. Their leader couldn't even withstand a single attack from him, they were like sheep waiting to be slaughtered by Jiang Chen.

"Father, your daughter understands. From the day I was born into royalty, your daughter lost the ability to live her own life." The daughter's expression had a downcast look to it.

Jian Chen's glare intensified in danger as he understood that another fight was unavoidable. With a cold laugh, he said, "So it's like this. Then let me give you your compensation." The Light Wind Sword exploded with a silver glow as the Sword Qi assimilated into the surrounding air of the men 10 meters away. Everyone immediately felt a sharp stinging sensation in their skin almost as if a multitude of sharp swords were pressing against their skin.

With Huang Luan deciding not to leave the group, the two walked back to the group. As they returned, Jian Chen couldn't help but notice Ming Dong gave him a knowing wink. Despite not saying anything, it didn't take an idiot to figure out what that wink meant, but Jian Chen sensibly said nothing.

"Honored Imperial Protector, seeing how the door is broken, I shall send someone over to fix it straight away." General Liu spoke before leaving the room.

After the weapons had slammed against each other, Tianxiong Lie's eyes widened as he looked at Jian Chen in disbelief. Reflected deep within his eyes, fear began to surface.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. He felt extremely confident, as he possessed 600 Dragon Marks. So, he didn't really worry when facing a genius like Yang Shuo.

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Jiang Chen spoke with glowing eyes. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, he always looked confident.

"Such powerful a demonic characteristic! I can feel that he is about to explode with a very powerful evil strength!"

Only after Tie Ta had finally taken out a little under 100 monster cores did he finally stop. Seeing all the monster cores he had gained, Tie Ta laughed in a straightforward manner and happily said, "Teacher, these are the monster cores I have gained."

In the next second, a desperate wail from the Flying Spirit Snake could be heard. Within the poisonous mist, no one was capable of seeing what was happening, but they knew that something had obviously struck the ground heavily and shook it.

Obediently taking the purple card back into his own Space Ring, Jian Chen took the Space Belt and inspected the inner contents to ensure everything was there. Smiling, he stored it away into his Space Ring and left the pavilion after bidding farewell to Ochire.

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