Seeking Happiness Chapter 2594

Seeking Happiness Chapter 2594

Unfortunately, he couldn't get back into that level to get more souls, and even if he did, there were only so many inside. Even if he got all of them, he would still come up short.

Qing Hu ate two "Energy-Enhancing Fruits," which gave him 1,000 jin of strength. Although his strength was barely 4,000 jin, his biggest strength was that he had the help of skills and techniques.

A moment later, he spoke, his veins of steel audible in his voice as he said, "Give me the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Zhou Zimo! After thatˇ­ I'll take care of everything!"

"What are you looking at? Are you unhappy? Do you understand the status my brother holds in Heavenly River City? Him wanting you is a sign of glory for you, you bitch." Yang Yan Qi disdainfully smiled. The Yang Clan was a large clan which hailed from Heavenly River City. How could they put a small clan like the Yu Clan in their eyes?

At this very point, the Howling Moon Silver Ape's stopped its long howling. It lowered its head to look at Qing Shui. When it laid eyes on the Big Dipper Sword that Qing Shui was holding, it did something that shocked Qing Shui.

The day passed by without any dangers. There would still be people coming to offer their respects tomorrow and the burial will only be in the afternoon. Other than the people left behind to keep vigil beside the coffin, the others went back to take a rest. Tomorrow might not be a peaceful day.

Many people would be here at night to view the scenery of the visible stars and moon.

"Stop making a fussˇ­ˇ­"

Qing Shui watched as the two young girls laughed and climbed onto the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. He shook his head helplessly. Qing Shui did not know if she could remember the moment when they met. Back then, she was only three years old, the age where memories were still hazy. It was not clear how much she could remember now, the young lass was already thirteen years old.

After the waitress left, Qing Shui, calmly and collectedly, without batting an eyelid, continued to feast his eyes on all the waitresses at the inn. Those tight outfits were sexy in the sense that they did not reveal everything. They only showed peeps of some of the crucial areas such as half of the bust area, the neck, shoulders, the knees. They invoked wanton desires, leaving little to the imagination. Especially the contours of their shapely bottoms, snow white legs, and the shapes their bursting cleavage. These combination of factors would definitely entice men into visiting here even if the food sucked. In his previous world, Qing Shui knew that as long as you tipped the ladies, you could fondle them a little. However, he did not dare to try that here.

Looking down at his hands, he blinked a few times....

"Then I shall go visit him now Old Man!"

His third eye opened on his forehead, and his view of the world suddenly became brighter and more colorful. Now that he didn't need to conceal his techniques, he performed an incantation gesture and pointed out, drawing on Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning. Heaven and earth shook as he waved his sleeve, causing water vapor to roil about, which was the Waterswamp Kingdom.

"I misjudged him.... This is the real Bai Xiaochun....

"Grandfather, I'm thinking of going to the ˇ®Hundred Flowers Garden'. Back then, Granny Hundred Flowers said that I'm more suited to cultivate the Hundred Flower Secret Arts and said that if I've thought it through, I can look for her in Hundred Flowers Valley." Yu He looked at this old man who had treated her the best... her closest kin.

Qing Shui realised that this casual method allowed certain areas that seemed to be slightly rough to now feel all smooth, with no blockages at all.

"Your foster father raised you, there is a need to be grateful to them, but there is no need to sacrifice your happiness." The Old Ancestor already knew about the situation behind the Misty Hall Palace Mistress, he just did not know the specifics of it, like why had the Di Clan abandoned her.?

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