Collection of Horror Tales Chapter 2853

Collection of Horror Tales Chapter 2853

The White Jade Jiao loosed a few roars into the sky and shocked a lot of flying beasts in the surroundings. There was a mighty rage within its roar. Within it, there was also a strong desire to demonstrate its ability.

"They stole my souls, so therefore, I'm going to steal theirs!" Having reached this point in his train of thought, Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and sent Zhou Yixing away with orders to find a place to hole up and keep his head down. Then he headed out of the city. Because he was a guard at Devil Penitentiary, he was allowed to temporarily leave the city if he wished. If he tried to flee completely, he would be brought back, but as long as he didn't do that, he had a relative measure of freedom.

Bai Xiaochun suddenly felt proud of the Spirit Stream Sect, including both the south and north banks. Furthermore, he couldn't help but grin inwardly when he looked over at the north bank and began to search among the various auras for Bruiser's.

This power had come at the sacrifice of Du Lingfei and Bai Hao. In fact, countless other lives in the world had been cast away. Had he been given the choice, Bai Xiaochun would never have chosen to do this.

Xiao Clan and Yan Clan were both finished. Although Qing Shui chose not to destroy the entire clan by pulling them up from the roots, the countless crimes these two clans committed had not been forgiven. It was a common practice to be merciless with the evildoers. More than half of the nation wanted a piece of them badly.

"Let's not alarm him. This fellow's skill at escaping is the best. He's very sneaky." A bright voice came out from the 3rd guy from the left.

"Ah, whatever," Bai Xiaochun said, waving his hand in grandly dismissive fashion. "I brought you here with me, didn't I? Therefore, I'm responsible for you. You might have mercilessly dumped me early on, but I'm a magnanimous person. From now on, you stick with me, alright?"

Luan Luan was very clingy. This brat was really scared that he would go. The reason why she woke up so early was to prevent him from leaving. But Qing Shui knew that he had to deceive the little brat again.?

Out over the Eternal Sea, Bai Xiaochun sat on the bone lizard battleship. Suddenly, he sneezed.

The Five Dragon Pellet can resolve all negative effects, it was effective against poisons, mental attacks, hallucinatory drugs completely removing them all! Aside from internal injury and life-threatening injuries, it can heal everything within a short period of time. It can even slightly raise the body's constitution. When suffering from severe injury, as long as it was not insta-death, the Five Dragon Pellet can preserve your life for 24 hours.

Jing Changzheng looked at the arrow that was flying towards him. He was well aware it was something that he would never be able to avoid no matter what he did. He waved the cold moon in his right hand conventionally.?

Rumbling sounds filled Bai Xiaochun, and his eyes shone with bright light. The two types of archaean fluctuations that he emitted overlapped, creating something like the energy of the Arch-Ancestor!!

"He really overestimates himself. Bai Hao, the bastard son, daring to compete with the best in the clan!"

Qing Shui picked up the pristine pure gold Dragon-Headed Cane and left without staying too long. This was the most eastern part of the Central Continent. He had already decided that he wouldn't initiate a fight with the Marionette Sect after he had parted ways with Weng Xue and Qin Zongheng. But if the members of the Marionette Sect insisted, he would not hold back either.

Everything in the city was violet, including the buildings, and emanated a reek of blood.

Even as their shrieks rang out, the Armory continued to tremble, and numerous cultivators flew out into the open and looked in the direction of Bai Xiaochun's residence, shocked expressions on their faces. Bai Xiaochun was quite frightened by what was happening. However, he had been retreating to begin with, and also had an incredibly powerful fleshly body, and furthermore, didn't hesitate to unleash some frigid qi to protect himself. As such, he was unharmed.

Ye Guyan remained silent as she patted Ye Yan's head gently. She finally allowed herself a genuine smile when she saw how strong Qing Shui's demonic beast was. Cang Wuya, Fei Wuji, and Bai Gui, on the other hand, were surprised by the strength of the elephant. They never expected a normal-looking demonic beast would possess an abominable strength like this, at least not with the strength of seven stars.

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