Anomaly Chapter 1879

Anomaly Chapter 1879

He quickly inserted the many needles that he had prepared onto Yuan Su's body. Both his hands fluttered like a butterfly, as he gently manipulated each of the needles.

Yiye Jiange, who was walking alongside Qing Shui on the stairs, smiled and looked at him. "It will officially start in ten days. Some of the major sects and clans in Cang Lang Country will be here in five days."

Just when Qing Shui was about to release her hand, he suddenly felt that the Duo Cultivation Technique which was activated non-stop had flowed from his arm into Qinghan Ye's body.

The only thing Bai Xiaochun could do was flee. However, after a moment, he shouted, "Archaean Luminescence? So what?!"?

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Bai Xiaochun didn't say anything in response, but inwardly, was chuckling coldly.

The mask was truly a precious treasure, and Bai Xiaochun couldn't imagine why that mysterious sect would possibly have just given it to a random spy.

The requirement was for the person to be a cultivator of at least Martial King level. Then, martial techniques which have reached the Obscure Realm would not get any further increase! Martial arts in the great perfection stage would not improve either!

Shield Attack!

"The more Bai Lin gives you, the worse things are if you fail. This kid is a complete idiot. He's definitely going to be dead sooner rather than later!"

"Then, bring me along!" Huoyun Liu-Li requested.?

"You brat. Don't tease me like that." Qingqing followed up quickly as she became embarrassed by his words.

Everyone outside of the gaping hole excitedly tried to make out the details of what was happening. Although they couldn't see the fight itself, they could tell from the fluctuations that a massive, earth-shattering battle was taking place.

It was impossible to determine when exactly this development had occurred, but as of this moment... there were clearly five people walking along the path!

Looks like it was a quality issue, the effects raised a little more than 30 percent of his strength, but it was better than nothing, thus Qing Shui continued to use the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King's skin to draw some Godly Force Talismans and Divine Shield Talismans.

The fact that the patriarch was giving him something like this showed that he truly did view him as a son.

He would often mysteriously appear in areas where the Outer Sect disciples gathered. At first, cries of excitement would fill the air, but soon, strange expressions would begin to appear on the faces of the Outer Sect disciples. Eventually, they realized that they were seeing Bai Xiaochun more than a dozen times every day.

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