Legend of Xiao Cheng Chapter 241

Legend of Xiao Cheng Chapter 241

"What? Chang Bai, are you playing a joke on me?" In a study room, the leader of the Changyang clan, Changyang Ba stood up from his chair in surprise. Focusing his attention on the elder in front of him, Changyang Ba couldn't help but be amazed by what he had just heard.

Yan Chen Yu had also finished her portion. Her face was apple red, and she looked really alluring.Chapter 135 Ă¿ Five Elemental Pill

Qing Shaofan nodded his head. "If I may trouble you to ask the honored Imperial Protector, Qing Shaofan has a matter of extreme importance to report. This matter relates to the honor of our Qinhuang Kingdom and the Imperial Protector Jian Chen."

"Brother, this gift is too much for me."

Hearing this, a great amount of killing intent flowed out from Zhou Yun as he growled furiously, "Who would dare££"

Wang Yun said.

As an Earth Tier Battle Skill, the second technique and first technique were equal in strength almost.

"Fuck, are you deaf? Senior disciple Huang is asking you to kneel down!"

When the Azure Dragon's Five Steps stepped onto Ling Yi's Dharma Wheel, Jiang Chen immediately felt a numbing sensation striking his feet, and was knocked away in the following second. However, he wasn't surprised to see this coming. Ling Yi was a Fourth Grade Combat King, and his King Weapon was much stronger than ordinary King Weapons, that's why its strength was so powerful. Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat King, and although he could fight a Fourth Grade Combat King, it was very difficult to suppress his opponent. Also, he had only taken the first step. If it was the third step, the result against Ling Yi's Dharma Wheel would certainly be a tie.

Translated by XianXiaWorldChapter 183 Ă¿ The Praying Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

Daoist Black turned to Nangong Wentian, who had yet to say anything since arriving.

Wielding a dazzling sword in his hand, Daoist Profound River forcefully swung it toward the sky, instantly leaving a deep crack in the air. Right after that, the warriors of the Profound River Palace also furiously roared out. In an instant, they met with the demons, and thus, the intense war began.

The Ice Demon King's thoughts reached Jiang Chen's ear, filled with shock. Right now, the Ice Demon King had finally found the source of this ice energy, so it turned its featureless face toward Yan Chenyu.

"Since you're all brother Jiang's friends, you may address me as Lord Jiu."

The clash between the two had caused yet another explosion with the Sword Qi being blown apart while the three Heaven Tier Battle Skills weakened once more. With this one additional step, Jian Chen had all about run out of enough time to do anything else. The very last thing to do was to allow the three battle skills to hit him.

Liu Hong said.

Hearing that, Lei Mingao furrowed his eyebrows. After a period of thought, he mumbled to himself, "What's he going to the head office of the union for?"

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