NPC Max Rep Mayhem M|M Chapter 1667

NPC Max Rep Mayhem M|M Chapter 1667


"It's all fate. After this incident, that brat's position in the continent would definitely soar up in one go. Not only would the history of Green Cloud Continent be rewritten, soon, there would even be a change across the World of the Nine Continents." The Grand Elder let out a sigh and said unenthusiastically as he looked into the sky. There was a rather complex meaning behind what he said.

Yiye Jiange trembled. However, she still extended out one of her wrists that's as white as snow. She smiled and looked at Qing Shui. She didn't really ask what he wanted to do.?

A familiar face reflected in Qing Shui's eyes!

But then Bai Xiaochun sent some divine sense out, and realized that he couldn't sense any actual living beings. His face sank a bit.

"Haha, you indeed have great talent. You've already become the patriarch of Heavenly Palace at such a young age. Unfortunately, you are still quite inexperienced in life. You don't know that there will always be people stronger than you. You're looking at the sky from a well, which is laughable." Upon hearing Qing Shui's words, the old man also laughed. But it's an insulting and disdainful laugh.

The Ice Fire Ferocious Lion immediately withdrew its claws to protect its belly. But right at this moment, the Skywolf fiercely whipped its tail towards the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion's nape.

Qing You shook his head, as he went straight to the point of his question.


Nascent Soul cultivators. Devas. Even the demigodsˇ­. All of them were so shaken that they gasped!

"This Proclamation of Universal Grace is going to be the end of the dynasty!!"

"You are Canghai Canghai?" The guy that was called "Grandpa" by Feng Shao stepped forward as he inquired.

As the discussions raged, Bai Xiaochun hurried along to the trial for flame conjuring. Upon arriving, he found a stone stele that was clearly much larger than the other stone steles in the other locations.

Although absorbing some of the qi and blood of the true spirit had improved his confidence, after some tests, he found he still couldn't succeed.

Qing Shui felt very warm inside. He turned his head to look at this lady who was the closest to "Divine" in his Spiritual Sense. Suddenly, Qing Shui did not know why his Heavenly Vision Technique was suddenly activated.

Before Jing Shang left, he took a look at Duanmu Lingshuang one more time, from his expression when he looked at her, Qing Shui could already tell that Jing Shang liked Duanmu Lingshuang. Not only that, he might even be obsessed with her.

The lowest position on the thumb was occupied by the sect leader, who was responsible for the general administration of the sect.

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