The Vessel of Power Chapter 1317

The Vessel of Power Chapter 1317

"Hey hey, you there! Who gave you and your group permission to set up camp here? Hurry up and tear them down, hurry up and take them down!" A thirty year old man came into view and stared angrily at Jian Chen and the other five. This man was rather skinny and wore a white robe. There was an arrogant look on his face which also had a single three claw scratch on it.

A black figure appeared to the side; Jian Chen had been completely unaffected by the ancestor's show of strength. In an instant, the Light Wind Sword flitted forward and struck out at every single place simultaneously with a speed so fast that the entire area was filled with its mirror images.

"Elders Huang Lan and Huang Feng, please continue with whatever tasks you have. I will be bringing our guests to the patriarch at once." Elder Feng smiled.

"Xiang'er, I can feel at ease now. I can only hope that my silly Mingyue will come back home safe and sound by my side." Yu Fengyan spoke. Her complexion was rather unwell due to the pain she felt in her heart. She was already prepared for the worst to happen, the only thing she needed now was the evidence.

"That's enough, don't get him killed."

Everyone continued to speak for some time before a banquet was prepared. Afterward, Changyang Ba invited everyone to a delicious meal.

After spending one day in secluded cultivation, a cracking sound suddenly came from Wu Jiu's body. It was the sound of breaking through a bottleneck.

Next to the window, the young man lazily leaned against the wall while drinking wine by himself. He would occasionally look at the big yellow dog with a smile on his face.

Afterwards, more and more guards who feared death and did not want to be drawn into the matter all chose to leave. Most of them were guards who were hired by the Changyang clan with a lot of money. They worked at the Changyang clan, but they were not hell-bent on the job. If it were ordinary people, they would charge up without fearing death and massacre bravely, but the people the Changyan clan had provoked were Saint Rulers. Also, it was not just one Saint Ruler, but five. They felt burdened by a great pressure, and with the death of Jian Chen's parents, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian, they all believed the Changyang clan was utterly doomed this time.


"It seems that there's some discrepancies in the information. While this is indeed a Class 6 Magical Beast, it is not heavily injured at all." Jian Chen spoke to himself.

"Precisely. Although everything seems to have settled down, the entire ocean is still frozen. This is a great mystery, and I'm sure something big is going to happen."

After a while, the pain in Jian Chen's body began to alleviate as the Chaotic Force made its third circulation around his body before disappearing.

Wu Jiu nodded his head, then the trio started flying towards Inferno City.

"How dare you!"

The sounds of bones breaking could be heard as the man's leg instantly fractured. Straight away, the force of the blow sent the man flying backward away from Jian Chen.

Bi Yuntian nodded her head. "Lian'er, I am your aunt, and Changyang Xiangtian is your older cousin!"

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