Make my Mom Fall in Love with Dad Chapter 44

Make my Mom Fall in Love with Dad Chapter 44

The Blood Winged Hawk's Demon's Soul was a rare treasure. Not only did it attract the old man, it also attracted Jiang Chen. If this was his past life, the Demon's Soul wouldn't have much use for him. But this time it was different. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he was able to absorb any bloodline in this world. Until now, he had yet to absorb any rare bloodlines aside from the Green Hellish Python's bloodline. In order to quickly level up the Dragon Transformation skill, absorbing rare bloodlines was the fastest shortcut. Besides, according to the Dragon Transformation skill scroll, if he could obtain the Blood Winged Hawk's bloodline, he would be able to inherit its innate abilities.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"


Jiang Chen said in an indifferent one. He turned around and looked at Tian Yishan and the few other men who were laying on the floor, including Guan Yiyun. All of them had suffered severe injuries. But luckily, the poison in their bodies had been completely absorbed by Jiang Chen, which saved them from instant death.

Handing the books over to the four, Jian Chen explained, "There is a total of eight battle skills in here six Human-Tier Battle Skills and two Earth-Tier Battle Skills. You may take this and learn from it."

Many people expressed their remorse and were regretting the fact that they bought pills from the Mu Rong family. As for the condition that the Jiang family wouldn't accept trades involving pills from the Mu Rong family, they didn't really feel offended considering they all knew about the intense rivalry between the two families.

"The Winged Tiger God requires a tremendous amount of heavenly resources, and the heavenly resources I've given you has already emptied our farms by two-thirds. But that alone should be enough to bring the cub up to a Class 6 Magical Beast or the peak of it. Afterwards, you must go find some more heavenly resources by yourself. After the Winged Tiger God becomes strong enough, thousand year old and even ten thousand year old heavenly resources won't have any effect on its growth." Tian Jian explained.

"What? You're going to the Southern Continent?"

"Cold, its Yan Chen Yu's energy ripples! She is in an intense fight!"

"What! The Seal of Treasure Mountain was stolen?" The patriarch's face blanched. The joy that he had been feeling from making the breakthrough had instantly slipped off of his face.

Mu Rong Zhan looked refreshed and relaxed, he seemed very confident in this fight.Next to him stood a handsome young man wearing white clothes, Lee Chang Hong.

In the last fight during the competition, Ka Di Liang had never exchanged blows with Jian Chen, so he never understood the true extent of Jian Chen's strength. It was not until this fight that Ka Di Liang realized that Jian Chen was stronger than he looked. In fact, based on the strength of the kick just now, Ka Di Liang was starting to doubt that Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer.

The Energy Spring Water was definitely a rare treasure, and these two abnormal prodigals had just created the most wasteful method of drinking it; drinking it like it was plain water.

Grasping the Dragon Slaying Sword, Jian Chen could not help but reveal a deep sense of happiness. It immediately caused his bearing to change, from that of an ordinary-looking person to something similar to a drawn, treasured sword, showing off its abilities.


Upon hearing the sound, Jian Chen stopped his movements and immediately turned toward the noise with a serious look. Because of the dense clouds, he could see less than a hundred meters away.

"This magical beast cub was just born into the world. If we can take it and bred it now, then it will undoubtedly grow into a loyal steed with a tremendous amount of power!"

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