Beautiful Defender Chapter 1974

Beautiful Defender Chapter 1974

A single blade on the spine struck against the Light Wind Sword with a crisp sound as a jolting shock was transmitted up into Jian Chen's arm. The Light Wind Sword had almost been knocked out of Jian Chen's arm but he managed to keep hold. The bladed spine on the other hand, even though it was a brief moment of contact between the blade and the azure and violet light on the sword, the sword managed to leave a small crack on one of the blades.

Jiang Zhen Hai never expected the trio to react so extremely.

Duan Jianhong wasn't provoked by what Granny Feng said, he didn't even feel slightly embarrassed about his decision to surrender to the Burning Sky Pavilion.

"Those who kill can be killed."

Bai Huadie was wearing a white dress that fluttered in the wind. She carried a long whip, and she was tangled in a fight with an Early Divine Core Sect Elders. As one of the top four geniuses of the Qi Province, Bai Huadie was a girl with extraordinary talent. She had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and if it wasn't for the fact that she had suffered from the backlash when the formation was broken, none of the Sect Elders who were the same level as her would be her match.

"Look, they are flying towards Silver Moon City! I wonder what they're going to do!"

The extremely precious Class 5 Monster Cores were something that only the strong could touch. Those of the common stock would never be allowed to take possession of them. However, since this was the very first time that any had appeared in Fengyang City, anyone that had never seen a Class 5 Monster Core before had been very curious and deeply desired to see one.

"Explain in detail about this Inferno City."

A Late Combat Soul warrior was considered the backbone of the Shangguan Clan, the real top of the clan. A loos like this was unbearable.

Looking at the newly returned Class 3 Monster Core, Jian Chen smiled; he truly admired his big brother's actions just then. At the very least, he wouldn't have to worry that Changyang Hu would be like third brother Changyang Ke, and become an obstacle towards him.

"Nephew Jiang Chen is indeed an incredible genius! Even I have to admire his formidable strength! Wu Ningzhu is not nephew Jiang Chen's match."

"Excellent, your luck is truly good. The sarira was left behind by a Third Grade Minor Saint. No wonder you've progressed so quickly. Your physique has been modified and improved; this is a fortune that belongs solely to yourself. I believe that you can break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm whenever you want."

Yu Zihan asked.

Everyone from the Shangguan Clan were gritting their teeth in anger, and nearly leapt forwards to bit off Big Yellow's meat.

"Brother Jiu, I still want to remind you to keep a close eye on the Imperial Emperor. I hope that before I come back, you can stay in the Martial Palace without getting in touch with the Imperial Emperor. Also, don't let Little Yu and my friends leave the Martial Palace."

The headmaster's body continued to disperse waves of energy one after another for some time before finally growing calm. His body gently descended back to the ground before he opened his eyes with apparent joy in them.

Jiang Chen let out a mischievous laughter. Tyrant's idea fit perfectly with his own, and he would never show any mercy when it came to robbing those Heavenly Sect disciples.

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