The Legend of Karachuo Chapter 639

The Legend of Karachuo Chapter 639

Hearing Tie Ta's words, the other teachers that were sitting on the platform exchanged glances of disbelief with each other. They hadn't imagined that after Jian Chen, there would be another student not yet at Saint level that had managed to gain Class 2 Monster Cores.

A pair of illuminating wings spread out on Big Yellow's back. In a split second, he blocked Ruan Xiong's path.

"Yes I know."

Smelling the intense scent, the headmaster was startled. "What a wine! It is truly a fine wine. Even the scent alone is enough to make a man drunk from his heart on out. This is an exceptionally excellent wine. Changyang Xiangtian, where did you get such a wine?"

That the same night, under Lee Shan Yue's lead, a few hundred men from the Lee family rushed towards the direction of the Yan family. At the same time, the Yan family received news about it, and under the lead of Yan Zhan Yun, a few hundred men started marching out of the Misty Rain Tower.

"Bang!" A loud sound could be heard as a large shockwave of energy exploded outward at an alarming speed. Washing over everyone while the cave itself began to shake almost as if it was on the verge of collapsing in on itself.

When these men saw the headless dead body on the floor, furious expressions immediately emerged on their faces.

"The Yangji Sect is indeed the strongest sect in the kingdom; they even have the ears of the king. Within our Qiangan Kingdom, just who would dare challenge them?"

£¦What the fuck!'

Jiang Chen laughed out heartily. If those who knew Wu Jiu heard Jiang Chen, a young man, addressing Wu Jiu as brother, they would be extremely shocked. In the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, there were only a handful of people who could address him as brother Jiu. It would be a great honor if they could even address him as Lord Jiu.

Jiang Chen looked up into the moon in the dark sky, a curve appearing on his mouth. A dark, windy night was a night destined for bloodshed.


"That must be the Golden Unicorn Mercenaries, if you look up front, those are the captain and vice captains. It seems like they're heading for the Thousand Poison Valley."

Another Pu sound was heard, but this time the sound came from between Mu Rong Hao's legs.Many people could see the golden beam that Jiang Chen had unleashed piercing right into the center of Mu Rong Hao's groin.

"Yes, this one will notify him straight away. If my lords would please relocate themselves to the halls to rest while I notify the master." The guard nodded his head in an attempt to curry favor. This was the very first time he had ever gotten close to such an individual like a Heaven Saint Master. He was so terrified of saying the wrong thing that he was afraid to confirm their identities.


Jiang Chen struck his palm towards Yang Shuang and his pleading immediately died down.Chapter 2 I won't do it, do it yourself!

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