The Gamer Evolve God Chapter 733

The Gamer Evolve God Chapter 733

At that time within a fancy and sweet smelling room within the Changyang Manor in Lore City, several people could be seen talking to each other.

Hearing the angry voice of the elder, Jiang Tao was slightly confused. Although he knew that the ancestor highly valued Huang Luan, he never expected to see that the ancestor would be so influenced by her to such a degree.

The man smile grew warmer as he said, "My child, your strength is still quite weak. For now, you should stay with me, I will exhaust all my strength so that I may be able to improve your strength. Whether or not the glorious era of the Ming family returns, that will depend on you. Do not disappoint your ancestor."Chapter 294: Godkiller Ants

Jian Chen and You Yue continued to remain in the same room with each other for about two hours before finally being able to walk out of the room together. Because of Jian Chen's ability as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he was able to bring life back to a man who was on the verge of dying from his inner organs failing on him. You Yue's injuries were not as severe, so he was able to completely treat her without as much effort.

"If that's how it is, then I will accept these tungsten alloy armors for my Black Armors." The king of the Gesun Kingdom didn't argue any longer and took the armor happily.

Early morning in the next day, the outer circle of the Asura Palace had become lively. Many outer circle disciples arrived at the gigantic square located in the outer circle. As one of the major sects of the Liang Province, the Asura Palace had a large army of disciples. In fact, they had more than a few thousand Divine Core outer circle disciples. The size of thise was not something the Eastern Continent could compare with.

The sounds that were coming from above the skies of Mercenary City had gone completely unnoticed by the inhabitants of the city down below. With so many people riding on top of a magical beast mount to rush towards the scene of the battle, each one of them were in a hurry to watch the battle where even a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was being used.

The distance between the peak of the 10th layer to Sainthood wasn't that far, but it was nonetheless very difficult to cross over. Within the Kargath Academy, the majority of the seniors had all reached the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer, but were unable to condense their Saint Force into Saint Weapons. If one didn't have the talent that surpassed a regular person's, then it would be extremely difficult for him/her to make a breakthrough. Within the Tian Yuan continent, it was not rare to see many practitioners to be stuck at the 10th layer until the end of their lives, without being able to become a Saint. From this one could see that successfully becoming a Saint was a truly difficult achievement.

Yu Zi Han stood in front of these girls and protected them. He kept killing the Blood Devils who came to attack him.

"You actually dare look down on me?! You're just seeking death!"

The old man who had attacked was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Facing against him, Nubis did not have any fear at all. Opening his mouth, Nubis spat out a mouthful of strong, poisonous gas. It immediately enveloped the old man and at the same time, Nubis's right hand went to receive the claw with great energy and without any fear.

Liang Xiaole smiled, "They're definitely leaving this place, but they didn't explain it clearly to you guys. They want to leave the second region, and move on to the third region to hunt the Class 2 Magical Beasts."

Both of Lee Shan Yue's eyes were red. He struck his palm forcefully, but Yan Zhan Yun also unleashed his energy and fought back with his palms as well.

"It really is a pity that we didn't get that Emperor Weapon."

Mu Rong Zhan had mixed feelings, he had never seen anyone so forceful. Although he had the upper hand with that punch just now, he was not happy because he couldn't damage Jiang Chen.

"Who else has a bronze plate? We need nine bronze plates in order to open the stone door, it won't open without all nine of them. If anyone has one, please take it out, we can share the treasures found in the ancient pagoda!"

Han Yan said, sighing.

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