Global Evolution Chapter 1168

Global Evolution Chapter 1168

However, the silence didn't last for very long. Eventually, one of the heavenly marquises gritted his teeth and stepped forward. Clasping hands, he bowed to the Arch-Emperor and Grand Heavenmaster, then spoke out in a loud voice.

Human's wisdom prevailed over nature. Since there were people who could do it, despite how he felt about the phrase, Qing Shui felt that there was nothing wrong with regarding determination and hard work as being important.

Five days later, he had been at work for half a month, with no rest. It was at that point that the Super Aphrodisiac Pill finally appeared in the world.

"Take care of recovering your wounds. Now is not the time for nonsense. You have to preserve a tranquil mindset!" Canghai Mingyue stood up and caressed Qing Shui's head. Then she took the empty bowl and left the room.

Enlightenment! Peering into the way of the Heavens! When would it be again before he could experience another one?

This time around, the lady did not say much. She knew that Qing Shui would definitely go.

"BooĦ­." he said, thinking back to how the Celestial had used the both of them to lure out the ghost face. He would never forget the disappointment and bitterness he had seen in her expression back then.


Effect: Cultivators below Martial Saint would be able to increase their strength to one to three countries. Cultivators above Martial Saint level would be able to have their strength increased to 500 countries or more, depending on their individual potential.

"And yet, I definitely managed to get out. Why?" He blinked a few times, and after a moment, couldn't help but feel that what he had done just now felt like a strange manifestation of his Undying Tendons.

At the same time, Du Lingfei cried out urgently, "Watch out!"

Technically speaking, the void had no directions such as up, down, left, or right. But right now, the area around them clearly seemed to be sinking down, forming something that looked like a huge funnel, or a spinning vortex!

Furthermore, he said it with such a completely straight face that it seemed very convincing. Then people started thinking back to how he had bragged that the Vile-Emperor essentially got lucky to not be kidnapped by him. At this point, Chen Su cleared his throat and changed the conversation topic, striking up a conversation about cultivation with Gu Tianjun.

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath. Although he'd always taken the Song Clan patriarch to be amazing, it was now extremely clear how incredible he was. Obviously, he wouldn't have come to the Spirit Stream Sect alone if he weren't completely confident in his own strength.

"Slowing Powder"...... Effect: It has the ability to slow down the opponent's speed. The potency of the effect would be determined by the quality of the Slowing Powder!

The old man's expression changed, with the shift in conditions, he was forced to use his long hook to block Qing Shui's sword!

"You north bank people are crazy," he said. Scalp tingling, he closed the door and didn't take even a single step outside.

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