Day Star Chapter 1280

Day Star Chapter 1280

A deafening boom could be heard as his fist smashed into the countless heavenly bodies, sending all of them spinning away!

If he were to come across Martial Saint level demonic beasts...

One of the elders on the balcony smiled and said, "Young Bai Xiaochun is already in the eighth level of Qi Condensation, and fought his way out of certain death at the hands of the Luochen Clan. He'll definitely make it into the top ten. In fact, he probably has a shot at the top five."

When all of the other four devas saw the figure of light, they clasped hands and bowed deeply.

However, the spirit automaton was by no means weak. It was like a tiger cub fighting a full-grown dog. In fact, it fought with such ferocity that the spirit enhancement's power began to weaken, and was gradually driven away.

"The Ancestor has already instructed to catch all of them within these two days. If we make the three of them stay here forever, then our job is done. Surely the Ancestor will reward both of us handsomely. Elder Sun, don't tell me that we aren't even capable of making these three people stay." Elder Ying said to the other old man in disdain.


"Cowards!" he shouted smugly. "Get back here! Come down and have some fun in the lava with me...." With that, he turned and began to swim forward through the lava. Soon, he caught sight of other cultivators in the trial, and when they saw him, they immediately let out cries of shock and disbelief.

"What secret weapon do the three great clans have? Dammit! This is between the clans and the king! It doesn't have anything to do with me!" Clenching his hands into fists, he looked around and gave a depressed sigh.

"Forget it, I shall go and cultivate inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Hahaha! A time ratio of 100:1, I must abuse it to the maximum!" Qing Shui teleported to inside the spatial realm with a mere intention of his will. Now that he was calmer, he discovered that the air here was saturated with an abundance of thick spiritual energy, even more so than the world outside!"

"Sect Uncle Bai did something like that? I don't believe it!"

Hence, the Guardian Beast of the Heavenly Palace had made it really unpredictable for Qing Shui. Even though age wasn't the standard way to measure the strength of a Demonic Beast, Qing Shui really wanted to make a guess that it was in fact a Martial Saint stage demonic Beast, he just felt that it shouldn't be one.

Cries of alarm rang up from the direction of Green Crest Peak.

"You wanna leave? Let's have some fun before you leave." Four tall and strong youths emerged in the room.

"Can you show me?" Ye Guyan pressed. Although these were taboos to martial cultivators, Ye Guyan couldn't afford to bother about it so much during this special circumstances.

Before long, another half a month had gone by. During that time, rumbling sounds echoed out constantly from Bai Xiaochun's immortal's cave, along with a noxious stench that soon filled all of Mount Daoseed. However, no one complained. The founding patriarch had long since personally spread word that Bai Xiaochun was working on a very important medicinal pill for the sect!

The ear-splitting explosion rocked heaven and earth, causing even the Nascent Soul cultivators to back up in fear and do everything in their power to defend themselves.

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