Rise of The Beast King Chapter 1383

Rise of The Beast King Chapter 1383

"No wonder that young man behaved so arrogantly, it is all because he has that demon lord following him! But, by killing a disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect, this thing is going to become huge! No rogue cultivator has ever publicly killed a disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect in the Qian Province before, even worse is that this place is the Misty Mountain!"

"The weather can go and die, why is it so hot? How can people survive this weather?"

"Could it be that all of these Saint Kings were from Mercenary City?" Jian Chen muttered. It was only now that he realized the power he had seen in Mercenary City was the tip of the iceberg.

After that, Ling Yi pulled Jiang Chen up from a distance and threw him into the door. The 13 Tycoons were all given supreme authority, and they could open the doorway to the Freezing Hell Jail at will.


In the next moment, the azure and violet glows of light could be seen once more flying from the wood shavings. Flying upward, the wood shavings began to form a fifty meter long sword that floated in midair before flying forward.

Jian Chen nodded his head with a dry smile, "It was fortunate that senior came hurrying over. Any later and I'm sure this junior would've been in trouble."

The Crown Prince waved his hand, causing all Golden Guards to fall back. As the commander of the Golden Guards, the Crown Prince was their boss. Therefore, these Golden Guards would obey anything the Crown Prince said.

"Fourth elder, we're going!" With a swish of his robes, the third elder returned the powder to his sleeves and turned around.

The middle aged man looked at him in amusement as he couldn't help but break out into a smile. Despite hearing that Jian Chen's strength was quite strong, Jian Chen was still very young therefore he couldn't be that strong. Also, the middle aged man had full confidence in his strength, so he hadn't placed Jian Chen within his eye at all.

Because the day was still early, the library was very empty and quiet. Aside from Jian Chen, there was only a middle aged female janitor nearby bustling around.

Ming Dong took a bite of a snack and began to chew before speaking vaguely, "I originally planned on staying for a little longer. But now that you're back, wherever you go, then I, Ming Dong, will naturally follow."

The army of the Pingyang Kingdom had no reason to attack the Gesun Kingdom's stronghold. All they could do was to stand thirty kilometers away and wait.

But, the Ice Demon King's appearance was really unusual. Furthermore, Jiang Chen wanted to use it as a secret weapon, we he needed a way to hide it properly.


"Young master, you are done?"

"Trying to run?"

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