ReBorn in the World of Cultivators Chapter 1682

ReBorn in the World of Cultivators Chapter 1682

Moreover, a 7th Grade Martial King Tigon Beast would be able to take on an 8th Grade Martial King martial warrior. This showed how powerful a demonic beast could be, and how remarkable a beast tamer would be if they were able to tame it successfully.

Chapter 386: Why Aren't You Kowtowing!?

Bai Xiaochun could see how determined Patriarch Spirit Stream was. It didn't seem that he would take no for an answer! Feeling a headache coming on, Bai Xiaochun looked at the coffin.

"As the junior patriarch, I'm definitely going to be completely and utterly famous. Hahaha! Soon I'm going to need to change the rallying cry. I can't use the Middle Peak blood master has infinite magical powers, the Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao expert can shake the whole world anymore! It'll have to be the River-Defying junior patriarch is unparalleled under heaven!" Such thoughts got him even more excited than before.

Those who had been directly affected by the soul medicine were given handsome compensation, and actually ended up profiting quite well. Furthermore, everyone understood that this hefty remuneration was also a way to buy their silence.

When Qing Shui saw the last reward, he felt completely satisfied. Even though the time he could stay in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal remained the same, the time ratio had changed. It increased exponentially from the original 1:150 all the way to the present 1:200. This way, the growth speed of the medicinal herbs, the special fruits, as well as the some of the aquatic animals in the realm would be increased significantly.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaochun was just getting ready to try to explain things further, when all of a sudden, an ear-piercing cry rang out from the sea outside. The cabin was protected by a spell formation, so the fact that the cry was distinctly audible went to show how incredibly powerful it was. In fact, the entire battleship even began to sway from side to side a bit.

"Cowards!" he shouted smugly. "Get back here! Come down and have some fun in the lava with me...." With that, he turned and began to swim forward through the lava. Soon, he caught sight of other cultivators in the trial, and when they saw him, they immediately let out cries of shock and disbelief.

"Shall I send one to Firecloud Blacksmith's Huoyun Liu-li as well?" Qing Shui thought about the mysterious lady who had given him the Gold Flint Iron Cauldron.

Qing Shui smiled and nodded!

Canghai Mingyue's almost made Qing Shui faint. After confirming three times that it was the Flowerfruit Mountains, he questioned Canghai Mingyue excessively and learnt that the Flowerfruit Mountains was a place where many miraculous herbs and flowers was birthed. Over there, there were many mystical fruits and the demonic beasts that were many times stronger than their peers. Not only that, the beasts are all extremely intelligent and it was precisely because of that, that the Flowerfruit Mountains were classified as one of the most dangerous places in the Greencloud Continent!

"There are so many snakes here! If I only get one to shut its mouth, that won't help at all...." Eyes bloodshot, he tugged angrily at his hair and stared at the pill.

He didn't instantly kill the middle-aged man, simply planning to use him as a punching bag first.

"It is Wang Biao and his group, Sister Lan Tong, what should we do? Even if we caught the Crystal Lion, it will be snatched away by him." Tian Yuan said sullenly.

"But with my current divine sense, I can see them now, each and every vein.

"I should be the one giving you a gift." Weng Xue smiled.

If they didn't find the Giant Ghost King's true self within three months... then they and their clans would be exterminated. They could flee, of course. The Wildlands was a big place. But with the Giant Ghost King at his peak, they would never be able to escape him!

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