tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 1817

tales of demons and gods emperor of shizle and whooshes Chapter 1817

"Another Early Combat Soul Dimensional Creature!"

"Get lost!"

With that single sword strike, a strong pressure flooded the area and pressed down on Jian Chen's body. With this sensation, Jian Chen felt as if he was stuck in a quagmire, and that his own movements had become restricted.

"What?! He destroyed Luo Song's Qi Sea?!"

"Thank you for uncle Lin Bai's advice." Jian Chen clasped his hands.

At this time behind them, a beautiful girl with a pair of bright eyes stared suspiciously at Jian Chen's figure, frowning in deep thought and whispering softly, "Strange. Why do I feel that his shadow is a little familiar, maybe I've met him somewhere?" The girl's eyebrows furrowed as she thought hard. Suddenly, her eyes flashed, and a familiar figure appeared in her mind. The next moment, her eyes exposed a look of surprise accompanied by a magical color. She unconsciously shouted, "Changyang Xiang Tian, he is Changyang Xiang Tian!"

The Seventh Emperor ordered.

The violent slaughtering seemed endless. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were pushing through the crowd of Evil Devils, and they had been slaughtering nonstop for more than 15 minutes. Finally, they arrived in the center of the place.

Right at this moment, an explosive sound could be heard from a distance, attracting the crowd's attention in an instant. A large crack had suddenly appeared in the air, and three men shot out from the void. They were all Combat Kings. Two of them were weaker, while the one in the middle was the strongest. He looked to be in his thirties; his body was tall and muscular, and his red hair was fluttering in the wind. He was portraying an arrogant look; an air of arrogant that only belonged to a genius. His combat strength? Shockingly, he was a Fourth Grade Combat King.

"I am from the Gesun Kingdom with the express purpose of destroying you." Jian Chen spoke.

It was incredible that a man's qi and blood could be so vigorous.It was so strong that it could even be compared to some ancient beasts.

"Why did this happen? Didn't young master tell us that even if the sky fell down he would be the one who would stand above us and hold it up? Why is he still hiding in a situation like this?"

It was an extraordinarily dark night, one wouldn't be able to see their hand even if they looked right at it. The dark clouds completely hide the moon and plunged the earth into a world of darkness. There was no moonlight to be seen.

"This is a deathmatch! You know the rules; even I am unable to interfere with what is happening on the fighting stage! Whether or not Nangong Wenyen dies, it's all up to Wentian, and no one can stop him; including you!"

"Jiang Chen, you have to understand, in front of me, you're nothing but an ant. With my elite status, standing here and talking to you so much is already a big honor for you! If I want to kill you, then I need no reason at all!"


Looking at the black figures, Jian Chen's face changed. There was a single thumb sized ant, and in the air, several other fist sized ants with wings were quickly flying over.

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