The God of Special Favour Chapter 254

The God of Special Favour Chapter 254

Even if Jian Chen hadn't paid him the amount a Class 1 Magical Beast was worth, the man wouldn't have dared to complain.

Yu Tian Long was very familiar with Yellowstone. Under his lead, the group had begun traveling towards the valley.

Looking at the departing trio, the people in the crowd all wore the same ugly expression. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry those Combat Soul warriors from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect would be once they came out from the magma pool.

After saying that, Jiang Chen immediately took out some high-ranked combat weapons. Blades, sword, spears, pikes, halberds££ all sorts of weapons.

"This time Brother Jiang Chen has provided us great help! I can safely say that he has saved our Yan family! The kindness he has shown can't ever be forgotten! Once Brother Jiang Chen comes out from his closed door cultivation, we'll need to thank him handsomely!"

Jian Chen nodded his head and spoke fiercely, "That's right. Hurry up and have some men prepare it, tonight we shall dine on the meat of the Golden Fur Tiger King."

"Hehe, brother Jiang is a really special man! If you have time in the future, please come to the Valley of Happiness and look for your little sister! No matter what your request is, little sister will fulfill it!"

In the next moment, a muffled explosion could be heard from the sky as a wave of energy washed all over the world. All of the nearby clouds were scattered apart as a result, causing the blaze that had started in the sky to dye the ground beneath in red light.

"Ancient Devil? I never expected that this kind of inheritance would still exist in this world££ But, I'm not sure if it's genuine or not." Jiang Chen mumbled to himself. He had some understanding towards the Ancient Devil. The Ancient Devil was the king amongst all demons in ancient times, and it was a royal rank amongst demons. Its bloodline was very precious, much stronger than ordinary Divine Bodies.

"Now I understand. Wu Lang said the person in charge of this matter is the Third Emperor, so he must have hidden the death of the Seventh and Tenth Emperor. The man who brought that massive army to the Black Sect yesterday was also the Third Emperor. It looks like he has prepared well, and is just waiting for Little Chen to arrive."

"Little Chen, those people won't let us go easily."

Jian Chen swept his gaze over the pile where there weren't even over 10 Class 2 Monster Cores. "Now hand over the monster cores."

Big Yellow's eyes lit up. Jiang Chen had tremendous fighting experience, and even those old seniors from the superpowers didn't have as much fighting experience as Jiang Chen.

Ming Dong continued to think for a moment in confusion before turning to look at the white robed man with in his voice doubt, "Senior, did this piece of jade truly belong to my ancestor? Who even was my ancestor? Is it possible that you've found the wrong person, I've never even heard about my ancestors before in my entire life."

When someone had suggested that Jian Chen had already became a Saint Ruler, the entire area had gone deathly silent. Not a single one of them had spoke since news like that was far too incredulous to even imagine.

The nobles within the palace naturally paid very little attention to him. The vast majority only believed that Jian Chen was an attendant to Qin Ji and didn't spare him a second glance. The other part of the crowd took a neutral stance, but some noticed that Jian Chen was not any ordinary person. He was neither servile or overbearing in nature and carried himself with a graceful manner. Despite his age, he walked with a steady step that even a mountain could not attest to. Some of the stronger men in the room could even tell there was a strong pressure coming from him, causing them to look on in shock.

It could even be said that the current Jian Chen was very vigilant. Carefully looking around constantly, he had to be extra careful, especially with the hidden swamps since they were very hard to detect. From far away, the flatlands and swamps couldn't really be differentiated. But the moment one walked over a swamp, they would be devoured by it, and wouldn't be able to escape without another person's help.

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