Dungeons of Despair Chapter 1078

Dungeons of Despair Chapter 1078

"Junior disciple Guan, who is that Nanbei Chao? I've never heard of this man before."

When sensing Jiang Chen's tremendous soul force, those who doubted him before this immediately had a change in their expression. But, this could only prove that Jiang Chen was indeed an alchemist, it was still hard to tell if he really could concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill.Chapter 298 - Uproar

Yan Zhanyun was really excited, and he kept throwing examining looks at Jiang Chen, affirming his own judgment when he decided to let his daughter follow this young man.

Shangguan Yilong furrowed his brows as he spoke.


Jiang Chen explained. As the once greatest Saint underneath the heavens, he knew better than anyone else how to save a man.

Just at that moment, a multicolored light suddenly burst into view of everyone there. At first, this light was so faint that practically no one felt it at first. But as time went on, the light began to grow even stronger, and soon enough, not a single person could disregard this light.

"It is because of a correlation to an unrealistic legend. Because of that, every Saint Ruler that reaches the Ninth Heavenly Layer will choose to break off the connection and retain the perfected state of the Saint Weapon." Huang Luan said.

"My brother, sorry for keeping you waiting."

Lord Nether said in a sarcastic manner.

Khafir laughed, "This friend here is called Ming Dong. He is an honored guest of our Gesun Kingdom. Bai En, you should know about the fame of Ming Dong here I presume."

Although she wasn't a Radiant Saint Master, she had seen the Radiant Saint Force many a times as the princess to a kingdom. That pure white glow wasn't something any other technique could replicate. Naturally, it only required a single look to recognize that only a Radiant Saint Master could control the Radiant Saint Force.

"Fuck! Brother Yan, I never knew you were an idiot! That's just a pig, and it's the most ordinary pig you can find! The intelligence of that guy who's selling it, amazing!"

"All my friends who came from far, since there's an unusual happening in the ocean, and since no one has any idea what is going on, for now, the Blissful Island will be your temporary shelter. I'm going to enter the ocean and find out what's happening, so I need all of your help. Please keep injecting your Yuan energy into this net, it will help block the gigantic waves. Also, because the temperature is constantly dropping, I'm sure these waves won't last for long, as the ocean will be frozen when the temperature drops to a freezing point."

"That's right, Jian Chen. From now, you mustn't come to the Magical Beast Mountain Range alone. Although our journey so far has been very tranquil, you definitely cannot underestimate the Magical Beast Forest just because of that." Xiao Dao said solemnly, his expression serious.

"Patriarch, the honored guests have been brought. This one here is the one invited, while the others behind him are the Imperial Advisors for the Qinhuang Kingdom." At the center of the palace, the elder Feng cupped his hands and spoke to the elder seated at the front.


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