Red Code Chapter 1255

Red Code Chapter 1255

"He has obtained huge benefits from the transformation, and I think he's in the middle of digesting it. I believe it won't take long for him to fully wake up."

Jiang Chen was startled for a moment. He was always touched by this timing. It was as if most of the major changes in the Saint Origin Realm happened one hundred years ago, the year when he swung his sword toward the Heavens and broke the gate to the Realm of Immortals, causing the entire barrier of the Saint Origin Realm to change. The realm's entire structure had gone through many changes because of that year, that day.

The green light penetrated the tree and left a finger sized hole. The next second, some corrosion-like sound sounded out from within the tree, and green smoke emitted from within. Not long after that, the lower part of the tree became completely black and lost its liveliness. Jiang Chen casually unleashed some Yuan energy and attacked the tree. The tree collapsed instantly. If one looked at the tree from where it was broken, one could discover that the internal part of the tree had become completely black.

As a primary Great Saint Master, someone like the head of the Yun family could only be considered as a mediocre person within Fengyang City. However, even he would be considered as one of the stronger mediocre people. Therefore, when a person like him was sent flying without resistance by a youth no older than twenty-something, everyone could only look on in shock.

"In order to kill you, I only need to strike once."

Arriving at the first level of the library, Jian Chen took a few books, and began to eagerly read them at a table in the reading area.


"That's why I pity you."

"He's right. Although they have more men, we have these fearsome formations, and that gives us the ability to fight with them!"

"Yahei!" Tie Ta's movements were quick, as he used all his strength to slash his battleaxe down hard towards the viper's head.

"He is going for more powerful combat strength."

Jian Chen could only laugh as he watched Tie Ta gloom over his hair and clothes. "You should at the very least put something on!" He said as he took out another wolf pelt from his Space Belt. The wolf pelts were something he and Tie Ta had prepared; there were many sets stored within their belts just in case they needed a new change of clothes. Because they were in a forest where battle was a common occurrence; a change of clothes could not be in high enough demand.

"Could it be Changyang Xiang Tian is truly not within the academy grounds?" Cheng Mingxiang frowned.

"What a fast sword!" The ancestor thought to himself gravely. Jian Chen's sword was truly too fast, and with each collision from the swords, the ancestor's own weapon was slowly being riddled with even more holes that in turn caused damage to him. Although it didn't cause enough damage to him at the time, if the battle went on for any longer, then it would soon turn life-threatening and could even handicap him.

Changyang Hu was already seriously wounded, so he was unable to outrun these people. It hadn't even been a few moments before his pursuers had already began to catch up with him.

Jian Chen didn't stop to answer him. Brandishing his sword, the azure and violet Sword Qi flew at the man once more.

"The Pangolin Emperor is here, everyone be careful of the ground!"

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