I wish I never exist Chapter 2468

I wish I never exist Chapter 2468

Jian Chen originally wanted Bi Hai to stay in the Changyang Manor. However, Bi Hai had already gotten used to spending his time peacefully in the past few years, so he really was not used to the noisy environment of Changyang Manor. This was why he went with Jian Chen to the Flame Mercenaries. Also, there were a few other Saint Rulers there, so if he ever became bored, at least he still had some people to talk to.

The body of a Class 5 Magical Beast was very precious. Within the Class 2 Phoenix City, this could be said to be extremely rare. Jian Chen himself knew that if he were to auction these 2 bodies, it would undoubtedly send shockwaves throughout this area. Thus trouble would undoubtedly come to him.

The Crown Prince quickly responded with a smile. Inwardly, he was actually cursing at Yan Chenyu. However, he actually liked a girl who was being conservative and protected her own purity at all costs, because the more difficult it was for him to touch Yan Chenyu, the more excited he got.

"Where is the men from the Heavenly Blade Clan?"

Surveying the area with confusion, Ming Dong could only ask Jian Chen, "Jian Chen, what are you doing in a place like this? The sculptures here might be nice to look at, but you don't have any interest in stuff like this, do you!?"


Among the group, there were two other people Jian Chen was very familiar with. They were Luo Jian of the Luo Clan and Ka Di Yun of the Ka Di Clan.

"Yue'er, Changyang Xiangtian speaks logically. If not for the Qinhuang Kingdom's assistance, then we would not have been able to repel the four armies against us. This matter did not start in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but within the imperial palace of our Gesun Kingdom. The ones who attacked our cities were the four kingdoms." The headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir spoke.


Afterwards, before the other people around Jian Chen left, Jian Chen was able to take the Space Rings from the corpses of the elders he had just killed. Together, they returned to Mercenary City, leaving behind a stunned audience still standing far off to the side to stare at the wreckage of the battle.

Big Yellow felt upset as he stomped around. Witnessing someone absorbing his own blood was not a good feeling, and what made him more upset was that he needed to guard Jiang Chen.

"Chief, don't worry.This Jiang Chen is a mysterious man, and he is not someone who is careless.I am sure he can cure Yu'er."

Nangong Wentian cursed. His words instantly ruined his perfect image.

Seeing how everyone was happy to see him, the youth stepped forward toward Jian Chen and spoke with a haughty tone, "Hand over the Multicolored Stone. I will recompense you for your 15,000 purple coins later."

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen with anger.

The methods written in Azulet Sword Law were truly profound and magical. By absorbing both the Qi of the heavens and the earth and then transforming it, one could incorporate it within the bones of the body. This allowed every organ and even every single cell in the body to be strengthened to their limits. The original frailty would be cast away and the body would reach the most optimal state while giving the body endless amounts of benefits like a longer lifespan. When one practiced the later methods, your corporeal body would reach new heights in strength; and as Azulet Sword Law indicated, if one could reach the highest levels of cultivating the body, then they could even live as long as the heavens and the earth.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Walking with big steps, he arrived in front of the stone door. He slowly extended both hands and place them on the door, then he started pushing with tremendous force. However, the door was still not moving, and there were more blood red lights shooting out from. Although the lights didn't attacked him, and showed the same intimacy as before, they still showed no sign of moving aside and letting the door open.

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