Trouble with Five Chapter 304

Trouble with Five Chapter 304

He felt that he was pushing them a little too hard in doing something that was beyond their capabilities.

Enraged, Madam Cai shrieked, "If you dare to stand idly by, and my Qi'er gets hurt in any way, then I won't let any of you off the hook!!"

The jungle which filled the Blood Stream Sect's territory was the color of blood, and in many areas, radiated a dangerous and brutal aura.

The ghost face was initially stunned, and his suspicions were starting to grow. After all, the coincidences were really starting to pile up. Now he was faced with a decision: believe, or not believe?

After breakfast, Qing Shui allowed some time for Yiye Jiange to make the necessary preparations while he went to the great hall to meet Baili Jingwei. He remained the same as he had been a few years ago; wise and insightful just like the old God of Longevity.?

The Ancient Strengthening Technique had already broke through to the 136th cycles. After cultivating one round of it, Qing Shui then focused on his Spiritual Sense and looked towards the Ape Form.

The first floor was just like a living room. It was a bit dim and empty without anything in it. However, as soon as he went to the second floor, he felt that it was totally different compared to the first floor. It was bright and airy. The warm sunlight shone into the room from the windows on the east side, dyeing it golden yellow. It could even boost one's mood and make one feel happy.?

His spiritual sense could now detect the menacing threat of the jade aura clearly and distinctively.

She no longer seemed overtly sexy, but rather, somewhat conservative. Of course, her fundamental good looks hadn't changed, and in fact, her new style made her seem, not less beautiful, but more so.

This was because Qing Shui had used the "cultivation art" of the Black Armored Jumping King on top of the Cloudmist Steps. Although it still looked like the Cloudmist Steps, it was barely recognisable for all who watched.The Black Armored Jumping King's movements were toned down a lot too, so many were able to realise it was somewhat still the Cloudmist Steps of the Heavenly Palace.

"This Bai Hao is completely ferocious! He... he actually kidnapped the Giant Ghost King!! Everyone's looking for the Giant Ghost King's true self, and now he has him!!"

At first, the lamps would come every few days. But a few months later, the frequency dropped to one every few weeks.

"I'll obey you as long as you let me play with the bows and arrows." Qing Ming looked at Qing Shui, pondering on whether or not Qing Shui was telling the truth.

This was the ninth grade of a Martial King.

He didn't need to summon the arrows himself, all he needed to do was feed some soul power into the bow itself, which would then create the soul arrows. Technically, Bai Xiaochun's cultivation base didn't operate on soul power, but after his spiritual energy was changed by his mask, it would function the same.

Ignoring all of the demigods, Bai Xiaochun focused his gaze on the old man who held the seat of honor!

"Master, where is Luan Luan?" Qing Shui asked her.

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