Rebirth Chapter 1583

Rebirth Chapter 1583

"However, that Crown Prince has suffered a serious injury and humiliation, I'm sure the Imperial Emperor won't be happy with this matter. Lord Jiu is going to face serious consequences."

Jian Chen cupped his hands together, "Then I will be bothering you three to follow me on a trip. If everyone is ready, we will make our preparations to leave now."

"I will take on Jiang Zhen Hai, the rest of you take care of Jiang Chen."

"I am a Mortal Core warrior. A Mortal Core warrior will not be defeated by a Qi Hai warrior! I can kill him!"

Time went by in a flash soon there was only half a month remaining in the competition. In that time, Jian Chen had rarely ventured out and spent the majority of his time within the cave and silently protected Qin Xiao. The yellow clothed girl had used her Solunar Bow to make a new cave for her to privately cultivate. Senior An and Yun Zheng both constantly walked outside and came back to the cave with bruised bodies the majority of the time. A few of the times, they had been chased down by several strong Earth Saint Masters back "home" where Jian Chen would promptly deal with them.

"Oh? Can we know who you're talking about?"

"Haha, Lee Long, you're good at planning, but I bet you never thought that I would have such a strong assistant!"

"Woah, Jian Chen, you're really amazing if you can fly! Can all Heaven Saint Masters fly through the sky like this?" The muffled voice of Tie Ta could be heard. In his voice, the delight from flying for the very first time could be heard.

Right at this moment, everyone gasped as they looked at what was about to happen. All expressions changed as Nangong Wentian placed the tip of the silver spear on Nangong Wenyen's forehead. Today's match was a deathmatch, and if Nangong Wentian really killed Nangong Wenyen, it wouldn't be considered breaking the rules.

Daoist Black was shocked. As he stood far away from the battle, he didn't know about Jiang Chen's transformation.

Afterward, the three men began to walk back to the village. As soon as they arrived, they could see several dozen figures disputing with the weapon-wielding villagers.

"Third master, let's not waste our breath on him. This guy has killed our men, that's a crime that can only be paid for with his death! Let's kill him before slaughtering the Lianyun Tribe; then we'll bring all the women back!"

At that moment, Jiang Chen's last drop of Saint Blood left his body, and the Heavenly Saint Sword was broken into several pieces. Jiang Chen couldn't remember exactly how many pieces, because he simply had no time to look at his old friend for the last time.


In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen chopped one of the Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils into half.

"Grandfather, you mean to kill Jiang Chen secretly?"

Ruan Xiong was greatly frightened. After sensing the monk's frightening strength, without hesitating, he sliced through the air with his weapon, creating a huge spatial crack. With a sway of his body, he disappeared into the spatial crack. Apparently, as he realized that he would not be able to defeat this monk, he chose to run away.

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