Doctor CEO Chapter 2690

Doctor CEO Chapter 2690

In the end, they had come to this quiet desolate mountain, but two of their men were dead due to severe injuries.

Big Yellow's ears stood up. Using his head, he pushed the Spiraling Defense Mechanism and walked step by step toward the natural defense mechanism.

An ear-piercing cry came from Jiang Wei's mouth. The cry was incredibly horrifying, and it hardly resembled a human's cry. Then, everyone saw some black threads starting to appear on his forehead, and it spread all over his body. The poison started corroding his body, it was melting his muscles, and it made his face start twisting. It even produced a sizzling sound from within his body. The scene was horrifying.

"Haha, perfect!I want to see how Mu Rong's pill shop is going to survive!"

Many people were surprised by this sudden event. The Imperial Emperor was a man who sat high above all. Even if he wanted to do something, he would just instruct verbally. It was rare for him to declare an Imperial Decree like this.

By this point, Jian Chen had arrived as well with both hands behind his back as he strolled toward everyone with a calm expression.

There were a total of three well built rooms within the courtyard. Aside from Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu, even Big Yellow would be able to have a room of his own. This kind of treatment was unique amongst the outer circle disciples.


"You actually dared kill them?! You're seeking death!"

Big Yellow was not someone who could be easily messed with. He was a Dragon Horse descendant. He had one of the noblest bloodlines in this world, but this waiter had treated him as a regular beast pet. How could Big Yellow not be angry?

Taking a seat at the table with the others, Jasmine stretched her arms lazily, "Then don't stop your speech midway through and say it."

Half a breath later, the shockwave receded to a calm as the six Ruler Armament users each were dragged back ten meters. The barriers had protected them from any harm while only the yellow clothed girl was quite pale in the face. Upon looking at the stone door, there were several cracks, but it was still not broken.

Big Yellow's head rammed into the stone lion's head. Similarly to the previous time, it was without any protection. Also, due to Big Yellow's extremely high speed, only a fraction of time had passed since the stone lion had its foot penetrated until now. That's why it didn't have any time to protect itself.

Above the skies of the Cloud Capital, the two Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom towered over the ground like two gods watching over the mortal realm.

Xuan Ye also tried to persuade him.

"Skin me alive? Why don't I skin him first?"

At the same time, on top of the auction hall, there was an isolated room, and two men sat inside. Both of them were looking at a large crystal ball in front of them. Inside the crystal ball, the entire auction hall was displayed.

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