Trial Area Chapter 140

Trial Area Chapter 140

"Alright. We'll need to return to the Black Sect now, we'll start planning once we're there."

"Jian Chen, I'll explain it in full details later. But in short, we've got a treasure." Ming Dong spoke to Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"Humph! Let's see what this little bastard is going to do."

"The jade box contains items that would not be of any use to the current you, and it may even obstruct your growth. Therefore, you must not look at the items within the jade box. However, the Purple Coin box contains a Primary Heaven Tier cultivation technique that you can read however much you want. However, your Changyang clan's family heirloom Law of Yang Qi isn't any weaker than the Collecting Heart Sutra. Therefore, choosing whatever cultivation method you use isn't something you should be too hasty with."

"Such a huge broken sword! I think it's at least 30 meters tall! The loud sword cry we heard just now came from this broken sword!"

"Let's move further away from the fight. The Mayor is extremely angry, so he might simply kill us with a slap if he sees us."

Before these words had completely left his mouth, a thunderous sound immediately emerged from the perfectly round dog butt. It was even louder than the sound of thunder.

A dog who could talk! While his mouth was wide open in shock, this dog bit off the servant's arm in an instant, causing his bones to be exposed and blood to splash around.

Crack! Ahh££££.

"Is that true?" Nubis questioned. "How curious. Why has Mercenary City decided to do that? Don't they know how terrifying the Winged Tiger God is? With their strength, there'd be no way to stop the destruction the Winged Tiger God could cause other than by taming it. The Winged Tiger God at its maturity is a huge threat to the entire Tian Yuan Continent."

Han Yan said.

"Your Majesty, the second prince speaks truly. The Gesun Kingdom has without a doubt placed our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom beneath them. Furthermore, Georgien was indeed injured by them and they were just about to take us in forever." The prime minister spoke respectfully.

Liang Zhui said. His words carried a sarcastic tone. Actually, it wasn't only him, all the other men at the scene were smiling at the same time. Clearly, they too felt that Nangong Wentian getting such a weak helper was a childish action.

"Don't worry senior disciple Jiang, we will put all our effort towards cultivation, we won't disappoint you!"

"Be careful, there's something different about this mountain range."

Rum Guinness nodded her head in anguish before crying, "I shall listen to you. For the sake of my child, I will live on. I will not allow such an arduous task to fall upon my child, I will definitely take revenge for my husband and look after my child grow old."

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