You Are My Colour Palette Chapter 1716

You Are My Colour Palette Chapter 1716

Lee Shan Yue clenched his fists so tight that cracking sounds could be heard. He thought that with Chen Shuang's strength and abilities, he would certainly be able kill Jiang Chen. If this was the case, then even if he was unable to personally kill Jiang Chen and get his revenge, he could still focus on the Jiang family in Fragrant Sky city, seeking chances to finish them off.

"This is a cave with no owner, but since I was the first to enter, then naturally I would be the owner of the cave!" The girl said confidently. Arguing was a specialty that she was good at.

Hearing that Jian Chen and Tie Ta were set on leaving, the youth could not help but be disappointed. He really could not understand why, although only one out of the three days was remaining, the two people refused to stay. As long as they paid up two Class 1 Magic Stones, they'd be able to successfully join. Yet, Jian Chen and Tie Ta still chose to leave the area. Could it be that the two of them really wanted to pass up such an opportunity?

Big Yellow loudly barked at the pig. As if it had just experienced the scariest thing possible, the pig stared at the puppy in front of it. In the following second, its body started violently trembling, and within just a few breaths of time, its legs stretched, and its eyes shut; it was dead. The pig was just an ordinary animal, it could not withstand Big Yellow's scariness.

"Little Chen, this old man speaks the truth. The Heavenly Tower has a lot of businesses, and it goes beyond the boundaries of the Western Region. Although the Heavenly Sect can't compare with the Great Leiyin Temple, they are also one of the superpowers in the Western Region. It's very common for geniuses and cultivators of the Western Region to train in the Devil Realm, slaughtering some devils and selling their devil souls in exchange for pills and treasures they need. As for those devil souls, the Heavenly Tower will sell them to Devil path cultivators in other major regions for high prices. In the Divine Continent, there are many superpowers made up from devil path cultivators, and they exist in nearly every single major region. For instance, the Heavenly Devil Palace, although not a superpower, they exist in the Liang Province. The Western Region is the only region without a devil power, as no devil cultivators dare to train in the Western Region. This land is the forbidden land of Buddhism, the place all devil cultivators fear. Therefore, in order to purchase devil souls, those devil clans and devil cultivators have to establish business relationships with conglomerates of the Western Region."

All sorts of shops could be found along the street. Some were selling pills, some were selling demon souls, and some were selling combat weapon. But of course, the quality of these items was just common, and was not good enough to enter the sights of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

The entire group was stunned by this order, and it was You Yue who asked a question first, "Even through the night? Jian Chen, what is the matter?"

But the fact that he had it had made Jian Chen feel worried. Although he had killed the third elder, this blood debt did not leave any feeling of happiness in him.

With a great groan of pain, Jian Chen grew as pale as paper as he felt the fierce pain. Against a Class 5 Magical Beast, Jian Chen had no way to protect himself, and even the Soul Sword he was so proud of wasn't enough to leave even the smallest of wounds on the Golden Fur Tiger King.

Elder He Mu looked proud as he spoke, "There's no harm in telling you. When you first fought with us at the restaurant, I sprayed you with a special type of medicinal powder. With this Spirit Snake, it can easily detect that smell within a thousand meters so tracking you was easy."

Liu Hong asked.

Yu Zi Han sensed Jiang Chen was thinking about something, therefore he also shut his mouth and concentrated on flying.


Jiang Chen laid down on the floor with his hands behind his head and spoke with a mysterious tone.

Everyone were absolutely shocked. The men from the same groups were fighting each other as if they were life or death enemies. What was actually happening in that illusion realm?

After three months of cultivation, he had already broken through to the 10th layer. He was only one step away from reaching the Saint level, and could break through at any moment. The Class 3 Monster Core from the freshmen martial arts competition had already been completely used up by him. Although it was said that Class 3 Monster Core contained large amounts of energy, the amount that Jian Chen needed for his cultivation was far greater than that of an average person's. After all, the abilities that he achieved through his cultivation were extremely terrifying. Thus, a Class 3 Monster Core that could allow an average person at the 8th layer reach a middle Saint level, could only help Jian Chen reach the peak of the 10th layer.Chapter 32: Monster Core Hunt

If he could get more of Big Yellow's blood, he would be able to make the Dragon Transformation skill evolve again. However, Jiang Chen could only put this thought in his mind. Looking at Big Yellow's gloomy face, if he dared mention this request, Big Yellow would certainly go on a rampage.

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