Starting The Undead Kingdom Chapter 900

Starting The Undead Kingdom Chapter 900

He would have met the qualifications enforced by the gravekeeper to leave the Heavenspan Realm!

"If you need any help, you have to find me."

Ghostfang also noticed Bai Xiaochun, but his face remained expressionless, and he barely glanced at him.

Qing Shui willfully gave directions to the training of Qing Clan's third generation!?

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress was dressed in white as usual, her veil covering her!

After that was a third fist, then a fourth....

The two countering thoughts resounded in Qing Shui's mind. This was a dilemma, going forward was an unknown territory that could lead to death or opportunity, going backwards would leave nothing but regret. This was an opportunity that was difficult to come by.


"I've heard that your name is Bai Xiaochun!" It was like a growl of utter madness that echoed out from within the rift that had just opened up.

In that instant, the banesouls shivered, and their heads swiveled. Then, most of them shot off after the medicinal pill he'd just thrown. Bai Xiaochun was finally able to truly flee. Some distance away, he looked over his shoulder, shivering.

"Maybe it would be better to do some tests." Gritting his teeth, he left his spirit abode, sold a few medicinal plants to get some merit points, and then went and bought a spirit chicken.

"Three more days to go!!" Although Bai Xiaochun managed to keep calm and focused, he was still panting a bit, and his eyes were completely bloodshot. Now that the golden design had appeared, it took much more soul medicine than before to keep him stabilized. But Bai Xiaochun was well-prepared. He crushed soul medicine as if it were the least valuable thing in the world, spending amounts that would cause most people to stare in complete and utter shock. The wealth vanishing here was enough to drive entire clans bankrupt.

Other than that, Qing Shui could also feel traces of extreme coldness. Although it didn't affect him, ordinary humans would surely be burned by the ice chill of the coldsteel. How powerful would it be if this material was forged into a flexible weapon such as the whip.

The war recently had been playing out differently than usual, and the fighting had been going on this entire time. In the first stage of the conflict, the Wildlanders probed and harassed the Great Wall. Then they tampered with the Underworld River. And now, they were even drawing upon entire tribes of savages.

Unlike most sects, the Profound Stream Sect didn't have just one headquarters. They had a total of 29, spread out like a net throughout the Heavencraft Continent. That was how they maintained their power on the continent.

"This is monumental!" There was already a clamor of conversation, and many people were excitedly taking out jade slips to send message to their friends.

This was the second round, so he figured that he should reveal some of his powers this time.

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