The Han Sisters Chapter 1325

The Han Sisters Chapter 1325

However, Jiang Chen was confident in Nangong Wentian. As long as he could master the essence of how to cultivate the Ten Thousand Everlasting, he would have a very high chance of breaking through to the Combat Soul realm before the duel.

"That's a Space Ring!" Someone cried out in shock. A Space Ring was the symbol of wealth and meant anyone that wore one was not an ordinary person. For a mercenary to wear a Space Ring, it meant that this person was an extraordinarily strong individual. Because of how expensive Space Rings were, only Earth Saint Masters wore them.

Handing the Space Belts back to Jian Chen, she turned around and headed toward the second floor. Not too long after she had left, a man wearing an embroidered blue robe came down with the same female worker.

Yan Tai Hong whispered to Yan Zhan Yun through his Divine Sense.

"Jiang Chen, can you spare my life? I promise, from now on, the Heavenly Sword Sect will pledge its loyalty to you!"

Jian Chen left the first cavern, and visited the other seven caverns, each one contained its own Saint Tier Battle Skill. Without any exceptions, each battle skill was illustrated on paintings that required the cultivator to comprehend it by themselves with no instructions.

Bang bang bang££..

"Jiejie, young master Wentian, we've been waiting for you here!"

"That' s right.That' s exactly how I feel."

Daoist Black asked.

Firethorn Savage fell onto the ground; his charred body had finally become motionless.

"That day isn't too far away. It's been half a year already, all that remains is another two and a half years. That's not a long time, it'll come quickly." Jian Chen replied.


Originally, when Cheng Mingxiang was attacking, his center of gravity had been leaning forwards. Now, Jian Chen had pulled him further, he momentarily lost control over his body, and he began to fall forwards. However, Cheng Mingxiang was quick to respond. Stamping on the ground with his foot, he exerted all his force to try to prevent any further pull from Jian Chen. As he did that, however, Jian Chen suddenly let go of Cheng Mingxiang's arm and immediately pummeled at his stomach with a barrage of blows that were as fast as lightning.

Within the room, Jiang Chen had completely absorbed the golden egg. He was in the middle of breaking through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. He shouted with a deep voice and retrieved a huge amount of Mortal Restoration Pills from his storage ring, then he just ate it all like it was something worthless.

"Mister, can you get out of the way? There is a saying that a good dog never gets in the way, and I can tell that you are all good dogs."

Han Yan flew up to Jiang Chen, a look of amazement could be found on his face.

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