Legend of the Forgotten Warrior Chapter 29

Legend of the Forgotten Warrior Chapter 29

Those tiny bits of poop were like the water splashing from the surface of a pond, and they covered every single corner they possible could. For the first time, frightened expressions emerged on both Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong's faces, as if they had just seen the most horrifying thing underneath the heavens. In an instant, they unleashed their Yuan energy once again.

"When did that happen? The destruction of a big demon power should have caused a big stir, so why haven't we heard anything about it?"


This youth, was Jian Chen.

Soon after, the third lightning bolt had been fully condensed. This was the last bolt in the Minor Three Tribulation. Once the giant serpent succeeded, it would successfully have evolved.

Everyone grew quiet when the two of them spoke. They all knew that these two women were both very close to the captain, and thus they were not willing to say anything else.


It was between laughter and tears that Ming Dong looked at Tie Ta, "Tie Ta, you look down too much on Jian Chen! Even Heaven Saint Masters find themselves dying at Jian Chen's hand. As a Great Saint Master, Jian Chen could move a single finger to defeat you."

"I got a feeling that in the near future, he will be the one to overturn the entire Eastern Continent."

Jian Chen's heart began to beat wildly as he mind came to a single conclusion: the white tiger cub had been captured.

"Kid, everything is okay if you're fine." He spoke with relief.

"Let me ask you all, why is it that you let her eat a Fiery Dragon fruit?"

Despite the confusion weighing heavily on his mind, Khafir could only speak, "Honored Imperial Protector, I represent the Gesun Kingdom wholeheartedly when I thank you for your assistance. Are elder Xiao Tian's injuries serious?"

The scarred man looked at Jian Chen before standing up slowly. A three meter long red spear appeared in his hands before quickly running toward Jian Chen without a single word. The spear danced with a fiery red glow as it flew toward Jian Chen.

"Jiang Chen, let them go."

Shortly after, Jian Chen let out a breath of air with a worried look. "The Gesun Kingdom is currently in a bad situation. The neighboring four kingdoms are uniting against them. Within two years, there will definitely be a war between the two sides. Before that happens, I must increase my strength as much as possible and be of some help."

Inside his dantian, the Saint Weapon fragments continued to twinkle with a faint light almost as if they were each a tiny star. The amount of energy they absorbed made them resemble more of a black hole instead as they showed no signs of stopping, however, the light grew stronger with each passing second.

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