Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors Chapter 1484

Altora: The Chronicles of the Ren-Ky Warriors Chapter 1484

"I know not. I wasn't even able to see his strength." Katata replied.

He had previously been polite with Jian Chen due to his fear of Jian Chen's talent and wished to be on good relations with him in hopes that they could one day be friends with a Saint Ruler. But with these threatening words, the ancestor could not have those thoughts any longer. He was a Heaven Saint Master with an illustrious status. On the Tian Yuan Continent, Saint Rulers were existences that even Earth Saint Masters would have no choice but to be extremely respectful to unlike Jian Chen who had decided to give no face toward a Heaven Saint Master.

By that point, the rest of the mercenaries finally overcame their surprise and took out their Saint Weapons to fight.

Captain Kendall hesitated for a moment before looking back at everyone else, "Since brother Jian Chen has no disagreements, then tomorrow morning we shall leave the Magical Beast Mountain Range and rest up for a few days in Wake City. Brother Jian Chen had fought Class 3 Magical Beasts continuously, so I am sure even he is tired by now." For the first time, Captain Kendall's voice held some hesitation in it. Class 3 Magical Beasts were something the Flame Mercenaries had always wanted to provoke in order to test their own strength. These past few days of following Jian Chen's lead, they had picked up many Class 3 Magical Beast corpses and strengthened themselves. This type of situation had given the Flame Mercenaries an incomparably matchless amount of happiness. If their conditions allowed it, then everyone would have loved to stay around the Magical Beast Mountain Range for a few more days.

The outer circle was in a chaotic state. Not long before this, all the outer circle disciples had gathered at the training grounds. Those few meter tall pillars were reflecting the bright sunlight, and they looked very appealing. But, what was even more appealing was the men who had swollen faces and were crying miserably.

"Second brother, while this Wu Yun has the strength of a Peak Saint Master, he has a battle skill. Did you not see how he had just killed a few Great Saint Masters? I am but one person, and that will not be enough to fight him." Just thinking about how Jian Chen had slaughtered those Great Saint Masters made the third eldest's heart beat wildly.


Jian Chen was in no rush, as he walked over to where Changyang Hu's sword was. As he weighed the sword on his hands, Jian Chen slightly frowned. The sword didn't weight past 100 pounds, but it was close enough to that weight. If it weren't for the fact that Jian Chen was at the 8th Saint Force layer, then he wouldn't be able to lift the sword at all to use it.

Before the old man sat Lei Mingao, the person who had fallen out with Jian Chen before having his finger broken by the small white tiger. He was currently moving his right index finger, which had just been healed.

Just then, an enormous streak of fire could be seen flying across the sky like a streaking shooting star that was falling in their general direction.


The blood was all from Magical Beasts while their clothes had been cut open due to the thorny shrubbery.

"He said something rude. I was just trying to teach him a lesson, but I never thought he would be so weak that he immediately died from the cold££"

Jian Chen's eyes flickered over to elder Xiu for a moment as he hesitated. Then, he finally opened his mouth and spoke, "Elder Xiu, have you never thought about Little Fatty going out to gain some experience?" As he spoke, Jian Chen's eyes stared heavily at elder Xiu.

"Pooh! Why is your butt so hard? Damn, my teeth are hurting, pooh!"

In a short moment, another 10 mercenaries had died at Jian Chen's sword, leaving behind 2 Saint Masters and 4 Great Saints.

"Damn it! That bastard Fan Kun, he must have thought that no one from the inner circle could stop him after I left, that's why he behaved so arrogantly and did all that! But, it was his misfortune to offend you!"

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