Transmigration Upgrade Specialist Chapter 908

Transmigration Upgrade Specialist Chapter 908

At a certain point, Bai Xiaochun's consciousness trembled as it completely filled the ancient creature, and he... became the beast.

His aura now surpassed that of an ordinary cultivator in the great circle. For example, Chen Haosong couldn't possibly measure up to him now, not any more than a firefly could compare to the full moon!

"I, Bai Xiaochun, am the Junior Brother of the Spirit Stream Sect's sect leader. I am the Sect Uncle to all disciples, not just the disciples on Fragrant Cloud Peak. I can't discriminate against the other mountain peaks. I need to go visit them too." After a bit of thought, he decided that it truly was the right thing to do. Thus, he headed toward Violet Cauldron Peak.

For people from Zuoshi Clan, even if it had been a guard looking after the gate, he would be looked up upon by other people. No matter where they went, they would be respected by other people. Who would have expected a day to come where they were pushed back like this? Furthermore, it was because of a young man.

For most cultivators, when it came to heavenstring energy, there was no such thing as cooperation with fellow disciples. There was only competition.

"Mere worldly possessions, just abandon it or does the little lass love making money too much?" Canghai laughed.

Qing Shui could be said to have had a stroke of karmic luck this time around. If it was not for the state of enlightenment he was currently in, even if he spent 20 years, there was no way that he would be able to so quickly grasp the essence of that technique.

"Die!" he roared, shoving his hand out as he shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

"Well," Zhou Hong replied, "I haven't thought through all of the specifics yet, but we can't just let him do whatever he wishes around here. His shop is getting really popular, right? My plan is to call over one of the top grandmaster necromancers from Nine Serenities City and set up a shop right next to Bai Hao's.

By the time seven whole days had passed, the continued pressure from the Celestial Sky Society saw ninety percent of the cultivators leave the Azure Dragon Society. The Azure Dragon Society had risen with explosive speed, and although such people had been happy to join it at the peak of its success, none of them had any desire to stay with it as it declined.

"Bai Xiaochun has been sitting by the trial platform statue for four days now.... What is he doing? Observing the statue?"

He continued compressing it until it was about the size of an adult man's fist. It could no longer be compressed any further, nevertheless, Qing Shui was already really satisfied with it. He could clearly feel the terrifying power of the Primordial Flame.

Huoyun Liu-Li glared at Qing Shui charmingly.

In almost the same moment that he began to move, he was right in front of Zhou Yixing, his right hand rocketing forward in a fist strike!

"It's actually her, who does this woman want to challenge? Does she hold any grudges towards anyone?" Qing Shui knitted his brows. Qing Shui did not know the reason, but he subconsciously did not like the fact that she was standing on top of the battle stage.?

Qing Shui's words caused everyone in the carriage to burst into laughter.

"Nightdevil?" When Bai Xiaochun heard what the blood trees were screaming, his jaw dropped. He had no way of knowing, but because of the brutality of the previous day's events, quite a few people had taken to calling him Nightdevil.

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