Zhan Long Chapter 1181

Zhan Long Chapter 1181

Big Yellow didn't want to give up any opportunity to change his destiny. He looked at Yan Chen Yu with a begging look.

Tian Yishan explained.

"This Mao Sheng has flown into rage out of humiliation, he just wants to kill that young man and ignore the rules of the Blissful Island; can he really do that?"

The four geniuses increased the pressure once again, hoping to send Jiang Chen back down. Looking at Jiang Chen's progress, he was definitely going to reach the top of the Stairway to Heaven. Forget reaching the top, just by being able to reach the 95th step, it was already degrading to them. This was something that had been impossible in the past years.

Opening up his canteen to take a sip, Ming Dong replied, "Good. Since you're not lacking money, then changing our mounts will be a good thing. Although a Class 3 Magical Beast is quite fast, if we continued on to Mercenary City like this, then it'll take us another two or three months."

The ancestor was growing quite unsightly by now as he looked down at his own Saint Weapon. On it, there were a few dozen tiny holes on it. His Saint Weapon to be damaged to such an extent caused him a tidal wave of shock, forcing him into disbelief.

"No matter what he wants, I'm going to get this Nine Solar Holy Water. I have an enormous fortune right now. Furthermore, aside from the Mortal and Earth Restoration Pills, I still have a few hundred combat weapons. Furthermore, the Revival Pills, Bloody Fleeceflower Roots, and the few other things given to me by Xuan Ye are all precious items."

"It has to be an Earth-Tier Battle Skill at the very least, or one of those legendary Heaven-Tier Battle Skills. Since when did our Wake City have one of those...?"

As a cultivator, depending solely on cultivation was not enough. In the path of cultivation, insight was the most important element. The Mortal Core realm was only one of the foundation realms, and one was still far away from understanding the importance of insight at this stage. Once the cultivation realm passed the Combat Soul realm, and reached the Combat King realm, insight became extremely important. A Combat King warrior could control the Dimensional Laws and stand high above the masses, the cultivation realms beneath simply couldn't be compared with this realm.

Jiang Chen started patting Big Yellow's head.

"This Mu Rong Hao fellow was too arrogant, today he finally met an opponent££Young master Jiang Chen isn't a useless fool like before!"

Mu Rong Hao cried non-stop from the intense pain within his body.

"Jiang Chen, do you think you are the chief of the outer circle? We are the outer circle Sect Elders, how dare you not show any respect? We can report this to the Sect Chief and ask him to punish you!"

Jiang Chen said.

Slowing down his slaughter of the magical beasts, Jian Chen pointed his sword at the ground at such an angle that all of the blood on it dripped off.

"Nephew Xiao, just what brings you here?" Seeing the youth, Elder Wu had a smile on his face as he asked him the question with a gentle tone.

"Big brother Jian Chen, how far away was the outside world to our valley? When can you bring us there to play?"

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