The Goblins Revenge Chapter 2412

The Goblins Revenge Chapter 2412

"The Tu Clan right? Coming to the Hai Clan to show off your might?" Qing Shui spoke to the tall and sturdy man.

The Spirit Stream Sect had stood strong for ten thousand years, growing from a tiny little organization to its current height. Naturally, there were aspects to it that others would find astonishing!

"Sect Uncle Bai, you probably didn't hear that while you were in the Fallen Sword World, a Chosen unexpectedly rose up in the Primordial Spirit Hollow. He's an amazing disciple from the Pill Stream Sect!

"Cough cough!" Qing Shui almost fell off his chair in one breath.

Qing Shui unceasingly circulated 95 cycles once again. Now, each time he breakthrough to a new cycle, he would feel that his powers were raised significantly. It was an overall improvement, especially to his strength, speed, and defence.

In response, everyone stared furiously at Bai Xiaochun.

More laughter erupted from Gongsun Wan'er as the black light from the ship was sucked into the eight trigrams mirror. Then the mirror began to vibrate, after which it shot into the air, a streak of black light that headed directly toward the Celestial.

The Combination Sword Technique was only powerful when he was using sword techniques. "Using the hands in place of a sword" was too restrictive. Qing Shui was now very satisfied. Holding onto the Violet Star Thunder God, Qing Shui had a feeling that he would be able to smash a hole in the sky.

AST 0104 - Recovery (1)

"Brother Qing Shui¡­.."

Bai Xiaochun's eyes went wide. Just when he was going to go over to examine Shadow closer, Shadow suddenly leapt to his feet, howling as he transformed into a mist. Screaming, he burst out of the immortal's cave. Bai Xiaochun hurried out after him to find that the gargoyle had seemingly gone mad. He was running around, jumping up and down, sometimes collapsing into a shapeless mist, other times coalescing back into form. After a bit of time, he once again collapsed on the ground.

Poison Silk Entanglement!

The enormous black raven began to fly through the world at top speed, its eyes shining as though they belonged to Bai Xiaochun. In the blink of an eye, the raven rippled, transforming into a seven-colored phoenix.

Another upside to the situation was that Bai Xiaochun's regenerative powers vastly exceeded those of normal people. In combination with all of the medicinal pills he had at his disposal, it only took him about seven days to be almost completely recovered.

Although these were the essence of Taichi, according to Qing Shui, with the influence of a stronger power, Taichi could be used as a preemptive attack. Single Whip, ?Cloudhand, and Deflect Parry Punch could be struck as a powerful attack.

As far as he was concerned, his current task was simply taking him away from fighting or cultivation.

Qing Shui was actually shocked as well. She was a Grade Five Martial Saint¡­.. Which was the same as Di Chen. He also found it odd that a woman of such strength would work here as a hostess to entertain male guests.

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