Respected Chapter 387

Respected Chapter 387

He concocted the poisonous liquid. This type of poisonous liquid was only good for one use. After it was concocted, weapons should be be soaked in it so that the essence within the poisonous liquid could adhere onto them.

Although the Hai Clan in the Green Cloud Continent was quite big, their connections were weak and even gradually declining. Although, the people of Hai Clan were very outstanding. On top of that, even the guardians of the Hai Clan were experts hired with money, or soldiers that were willing to give up their life for Hai Clan due to them previously having been bestowed favors upon by the Hai Clan.

As the light spread out, the cultivators in Great Wall City and on the wall itself quickly recovered from the effects of the deafening noise, which was rapidly driven out past the shield.

A crazy idea had begun to brew in his head, an idea that he simply couldn't stop thinking about. No one but him could possibly have ever come up with such a concept, and it was only because of how the egg sac seemed so similar to the Undying Codex.

Maybe because it was in the dream among the sea of flowers, even though it was her first time, there was no pain. From the start, they felt good, that intense ecstasy was not only felt by Qing Shui, the both of them felt it. Or else there would not be any harmony. Qing Shui knew that she knew about it but she was very embarrassed.

Old Man Wuma gave a light laugh to Qing Shui, "Then it's settled. We will help you with this matter. Thanks to you, it will be easier to handle this problem. The prizes from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan should be yours entirely. I will not disturb you and Miss Ye now."

When she heard of Qing Shui's matters, she felt a sour feeling in her heart. He had been struggling alone, unlike herself. In comparison, she had risen to her position very smoothly. Her master was her benefactor. However, without Qing Shui, she would not have been able to wait until her master appeared. Furthermore, it was Qing Shui that had changed her entire life.

"That's a bunch of battle credit down there...." he murmured to himself. Opening his third eye, he rotated his cultivation base, which sent a beam of violet light out. Almost immediately, the power of his Heavenspan Dharma Eye began to dispel the mists.

"See, everything is fine now." Hai Dongqing slowly walked towards him and extended her hand to Qing Shui with a smile.

"I probably shouldn't call him Mr. Gorilla in the future. What a pity this labyrinth is so big. Most likely I won't run into him again." Sighing, he realized that he already missed Zhou Yixing.

Her Cloud Crane dove down towards an area with a few magnificent-looking manors and landed. Each of the manors was very large and Qing Shui could feel the presence of numerous powerful auras beyond his perceptive abilities.

Yiye Jiange lowered her head, and her face was bright red. Qing Shui talked so fast that she didn't have time to stop him. Especially when she heard that she actually wore panties, Yiye was embarrassed, speechless, and a little happy at the same time because she actually had quite some status in his heart¡­

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Wu-Shuang looked worriedly at Qing Shui's concerned and pale face as he looked at her. She felt very warm, and also very blessed to have such an outstanding guy who liked her.

Grabbing the alcohol jug out of Bai Xiaochun's hand, he glared at him and growled, "Listen, fool, I'm your father-in-law! You think I don't know about you and Zimo?! If it hadn't been for me secretly playing matchmaker, that would never have happened!"

"They're nothing but a bunch of highfalutin kids from the sect, here to see what war looks like." Although his heart was filled with scorn, he kept his face expressionless as he led them through Great Wall City.

From what Bai Xiaochun could tell, quasi-archaeans were people in the great circle of the Celestial Realm, or people who had failed to actually become archaeans.

The seven sticks of Longevity Incense enabled Bai Xiaochun to cultivate the Undying Live Forever Technique for half a month. During that time, he could sense his Undying Iron Skin growing tougher and stronger.

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