The Reincarnated Genius With No Luck Chapter 1695

The Reincarnated Genius With No Luck Chapter 1695

"You're a bit late, Elder Brother. However, I suddenly don't want to become an Outer Sect disciple. Would you like my spot?"

Feeling Qing Shui's gaze, the woman turned her body, to reveal an exquisite face. She was stunned for a while before rapidly rushing over to Qing Shui.

"I... burp... I didn't... burp... do it on purpose... burp...." Bai Xiaochun was so scared he was about to cry. Clasping his hands over his mouth, he looked around at the incredulous stares being leveled at him, which rapidly began to fill with killing intent. More nervous than ever, he began to back up.

Then, the fighting between Bai Xiaochun and Zhou Yixing started again. That was when something completely unexpected happened!

All of this takes a bit of time to describe, but actually happened in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. The instant the restrictive spell inside the soulhoarding pagoda unraveled, the discarnate demigod soul inside awoke, causing an aura of destruction to erupt out!

"Martial Uncle, do all of the Heavenly Palace's disciples train like this?" When Qing Shui was at Lingxiao Treasure Hall, he had seen for himself that there were also many arenas laid out, but he had not taken much notice of the situation.

Medicine clearing techniques, this was the clearing done through medicinal pills. There were a few miraculous medicinal pills that could clear specific acupuncture points! Medicine clearing was able to clear any acupuncture points, but the components of the medicinal pills were extremely precious and rare.

After all, although his previous session had ended successfully, he had not yet completed all the work that needed to be done to perfect his Future Will.

The handsome youth was in shock, because did this not mean that Qing Shui's abilities were not below the 10th level of martial king? Furthermore, Qing Shui was currently injured.

When everyone saw that Yang Laosan had gotten such great returns with just a "broken bell", the crowd quickly left. Qing Shui smiled bitterly as he looked at those passionate gazes.

This was a wonderful feeling. Qing Shui wasn't able to comprehend what had just happened. He realized that the wonderful duo cultivation technique had began to act on its own very quickly, which Qing Shui could feel subtly.

Di Chen panicked as soon as Qing Shui touched them. Before she could manage to make any noise, Qing Shui's tongue intruded into her mouth. Qing Shui madly sucked the bejeweled nectar in her mouth.

After the Nine Continents Steps was used, it became Yu He's turn to hug Qing Shui tightly. She now knew why. She did not blame QIng Shui. She was even secretly happy.

Moments later, the Blood Ancestor's eyes snapped open, and he threw his head back and roared. With the Blood Ancestor awake, he and the glittering shield were the last lines of defense for the sect!

Cang Wuya let out a sigh, not knowing what to say to Qing Shui. The matters about the Old Ancestor should have been handled by him and the elders, but none of them were capable enough to see it through. Cang Wuya would always feel like a failure whenever he thought about their inability to handle the problem.

If she was still like who she was before, she might feel that she was unwanted, cheap goods left on the shelfˇ­...

Qing Shui could feel the 20% increase in weight and 20% decrease in speed affecting Bloody Butcher once again!

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