Rebirth Chapter 972

Rebirth Chapter 972

Ming Dong still had an angry look on face, the words of the middle aged man did not leave him with a happy sensation, even Qin Xiao looked quite troubled.


Jian Chen laughed and said, "Everyone had contributed to this situation. If it weren't for you guys stalling them, if they had somehow joined forces with Luo Jian to attack me, I'm afraid that I would have lost then. Let's go with this, Tie Ta and I will take half of the monster cores, and you guys will take the rest and divide it amongst yourselves. That should be fine, right?"Chapter 46: Rich Profit


A dazzling smile emerged onto Daoist Profound River's face. He had finally witnessed Jiang Chen's true strength. A young man who could easily kill Lord Baoju; it looked like the Profound River Palace would come out victorious today. With the help of Jiang Chen, a frightening existence, the Demon King Palace suddenly became as fragile as a piece of glass.

The originally noisy street instantly became quiet. A Heaven Saint Master appearing on the streets caused a giant tremor of shock throughout, causing everyone to stare at Jian Chen. There was surprise and respect reflected in their eyes. Out of the 700 million population of the Qiangan Kingdom, there was only eight Heaven Saint Masters. Thus, the chances of a Heaven Saint Master coming to this Second Class City was extremely rare; it would be lucky if one came every hundred years. So when Jian Chen descended down from the skies, everyone couldn't help but be surprised.

"This is a cruel world."

Old Man Ling Shan also made a bid. A High-Ranked Earth Movement Skill, not only were the Combat Soul warriors interest, even a Combat King warrior might be interested.


"Whoosh whoosh!"


"Th-this is££" Jian Chen's eyes grew wide with utter shock and disbelief. This pattern was no stranger to him. Back in the holy lands of Mercenary City, he had come across a Saint Tier Battle Skill, a battle skill a tier above a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Jiang Chen asked.

"Let me handle the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger then." Jian Chen spoke. The Chaotic Force in his dantian began to ripple across his entire body to maximize his defenses to their utmost limits.

The ninth elder did not say anything. Though, he had pulled out a jade pendant from his clothes and inserted a sliver of his thought into it. Shortly afterwards, the surroundings of the jade pendant began to ripple. The sliver of thought the ninth elder had inserted was already sent away by a mysterious method.

Saber! It was the most commonly used weapon in a battlefield, and it was also the sharpest weapon; a symbol of war, as well as the most formidable existence within the Dao of War. Now, just from having focused on cultivating this single weapon, Wu Jiu had been able to break through his bottleneck and become a Combat King warrior in a single go, causing the Dao of War to become even stronger.

Jiede Wukang had an embarrassed smile on his face as he tried to use this as a way to escape from the situation. He slowly put down his Ruler Armament and spoke proudly, "This one is called Jiede Wukang. This Saint Weapon is the treasure of my Jiede clan. Rumors say that it is the byproduct of the first generation and possesses a boundless amount of energy. It is so strong that if a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master were to use this sword, then it would be capable of killing a Heaven Saint Master."

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