I Will Survive Chapter 2214

I Will Survive Chapter 2214

The two elders from the Aoyun clan looked hard at Tianmu Ling; killing intent poured from their eyes in massive amounts as one of them growled, "A mere Earth Saint Master dare comment on our Aoyun clan? You must be tired of living."

Nan Bei Chao was laughing loudly, this was definitely the funniest joke he had ever heard, this had never happened before.

"Brother Yilong, look, we've bumped into that stone tablet again!"

Jiang Chen and Tyrant both roared out at the same time. A huge Fire Dragon charged out like a real dragon, ramming into the Devil King's palm. Tyrant showed no hesitation either, and countered with the Fudo Seal. This time, both men attacked with everything they had, unleashing attacks a few times stronger than their previous ones.

Tyrant said.


However, the dragon mark's color was pale and still far away from becoming vivid.With this thought in mind, the pale Dragon Mark started shaking violently, making a powerful force rush out from it.

"Quiet down, senior disciple Jiang must have his own reasons, we need to have confidence in him!"

Tan Lang was astonished. He tried to stand up, but he remembered that his legs had been broken by someone. His movement affected his injuries, causing a painful expression to emerge on his face.

Wang Yun and Huang Zheng were yelling back him. The two of them were the earliest batch of Jiang Chen's followers, and their loyalty towards Jiang Chen had no comparison. Therefore, they kept provoking Yun Can for him.

"Elder Liu, you don't have to ask him anymore. During the past two days, I have asked him all the questions, but he never tells me anything."

Two massive energies erupted from the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan's rooms, and it swept across the entire auction halls. Both energies carried extreme anger, especially the energy from the Shangguan Clan room.

The guy waved his hand gesturing for Jiang Chen to get lost as he spoke.

"I am the guy who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, the same person who kill those four guardians. So, now you should know who I am."

Like snakes, the sound waves penetrated into Li Wu Ling's brain.

"Speak!" Jian Chen roared like how a furious lion would. His voice had caused the entire inn to shake as his eyes grew even colder. The spark in his eyes was almost like a sharp sword that could pierce into the man's own eyes, terrifying him so much he couldn't look at Jian Chen directly.

Daoist Black's face darkened.

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