Villainous Sect Master and the Endless Wave of Heroes Chapter 1590

Villainous Sect Master and the Endless Wave of Heroes Chapter 1590

Jiang Chen continued, "Older brother Guo, Zi Han, there are a few more rooms here, you just pick any room you like, then I'll help you connect the room to the underground energy vein. I hope the two of you cherish this opportunity and use it to break through as quickly as possible."

Right when the Second Grade Combat King was about to hand over all his treasures, the Island Master struck. With both eyes turned red, he charged toward Jiang Chen with his saber in hand. His elaborate scheme had been ruined by this young man, and he was unable to suppress the fury in this mind. This young man also possessed extremely formidable strength, so if he didn't attack him right now, he would be the next target after the Second Grade Combat King was dealt with. At that point of time, not only would he be unable to do anything to those geniuses of the Asura Palace, his own life would be at stake as well.


Feeling the explosive might that came from a casual swing of Dugu Feng's sword, every member of the Defiance Mercenaries felt miserable beyond belief. At this moment, practically every person could only think about how terrifying an Earth Saint Master was.

Li Hao said.

Wu Jiu slammed his own chest and said. He too was someone who had no fear of any trouble.

Within the furnace room, it took Jiang Chen an entire day before he finally melted down Firethorn Savage's demon soul. He had some sweat dripping down from his forehead. If it was any other alchemist, he might already be laying on the floor in exhaustion.

Jian Chen had already been running through the streets using all his strength making his speed comparable to a horse beast.. In a short moment, he had already traveled 40 kilometers of road, making the gates to the city loom ever so closely.

"Sire Zhan Tian, I can see that you and your mercenaries are all gathered inside and spend everyday cultivating with monster cores without ever going out. I can only assume that some family is behind yours, is that right?" Jian Chen didn't hesitate to speak his thoughts at all.

Jiang Chen asked.

Duan Jianhong who stood next to Nanbei Chao had an uneasy expression right now. Obviously, he too had underestimated Nanbei Chao. He didn't expect Nanbei Chao to be so strong; this was not something he wanted to see.

With a small amount of hesitation, Jian Chen decided to forgo the giant sword and fight against Ka DI Yun barehanded. This way, he would at least have the advantage in speed and nimbleness.

"How can this happen?"

The young man was immediately pissed off.

"Why don't we go in and take a look." Jian Chen suggested.

Jian Chen's Chaotic Force was stuck in a deadlock with the patriarch's profound mysteries of the world, in a constant struggle to win over the other. Eventually, both powers tried to cancel each other out as their energies began to fade. Within several seconds, Jian Chen's Chaotic Force ended up the winner of the exchange while the profound mysteries of the world had been completely used up. The remaining Chaotic Force had not been slowed in the slightest. It continued to fly toward the patriarch.

"Ah, Jian Chen, what's that you brought with you?" Xiu Mi glanced at the white tiger cub with a strange look.

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