Soul Refining Chapter 2452

Soul Refining Chapter 2452

"50 million."

"Motherf*cking brat, stop right there!" He yelled angrily. Stomping towards him, he immediately cut Jian Chen off from his path, as the other 3 followed him and formed the circle, once more confining Jian Chen in the middle.

While the spectators were still bewildered by what just happened, Jiang Chen moved once again. He charged forward like a sudden clap of thunder and arrived in front of the inner circle disciple in the blink of an eye. He raised his sword high up into the air and swung it down from top to bottom, slicing yet another person in half.

Immediately after feeling the sharp pain in his chest, Cheng Mingxiang immediately retreated, causing Jian Chen's sword to be pulled out.

Everyone immediately paled in fear and despair as they looked at the lights. They didn't know just what they were, but a deep premonition began to well up within them, "What is that?" Even the king found it hard to maintain his calm composure.

The Nine Stars Killing Formation had been activated, and all the energy was being channeled into the Third Emperor's body. Right at this moment, the Third Emperor felt as if his body was about to explode because of all the powerful energy. He raised his head toward the sky and let out a loud roar. This powerful feeling really amazed him.

"I'll smash you into a thousand pieces!"

His words instantly brought excitement to trio's faces. For inner circle disciples like them, it was a dream to have a Combat King as their backing. They were well aware of Tan Lang's true strength, as he was a near invincible existence amongst those of the same level, and was the most promising candidate for the 13th tycoon status. If they were to follow him, a bright future would be guaranteed.

Yan Chenyu didn't say anything. She took a step forward and simply started hovering above the frozen pond in a sitting position. The talisman emerged from her body and hovered above her head.

Within that lightning sea was today's hero. Without him, the city would have perished. Right now, everyone were capable of feeling that this third tribulation bolt was clearly much stronger than the previous two. They couldn't even begin to imagine how that youngster could withstand its mighty power; they were all worried for their hero.

Who dared kill someone from the Shangguan Clan? Let along a highly revered Elder! Jiang Chen just killed one without even blinking his eyes! His courage really made the crowds admire him.

Propelling himself even faster with his wind element, Jian Chen thrashed out with his left hand at the two heads. Making contact, both heads immediately began to vibrate from the blow, scattering their spirits and killing them completely.

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. If not for the fact that he didn't want to reveal his secret weapon, the Ice Demon King, he might have begun slaughtering right now. All these smug and self-righteous geniuses who felt themselves superior to everyone else were nothing but farts in front of Jiang Chen, he could kill them all without showing any mercy.

"Eh, I sensed something over there."

Not long after the monk disappeared, Li Tianyang broke free from the web of swords, followed by the Great Elder, and then Xiao Nanfeng. The three men looked to be in rather unsightly states. After they destroyed the web of swords, they immediately probed the situation of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, but they found nothing.


"During the Qi Province competition, Nanbei Chao wasn't the only rising star, we also had junior disciple Jiang. Junior disciple Jiang was only an Early Mortal Core warrior back then, and he was able to defeat every single disciple from all four big sects and become number one in the competition. Also, he made an agreement with Nanbei Chao to fight one year from then. Half a year has passed, and junior disciple Jiang has broken through to the Early Divine Core realm, and he even has the ability to kill Late Divine Core warriors. Even that Shangguan Wei was no match for him. I'm sure his full combat strength is not any less than that of Nanbei Chao. With that being said, junior disciple Jiang's talent is much greater than Nanbei Chao's talent."

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