God-level Bodyguard in The City Chapter 364

God-level Bodyguard in The City Chapter 364

Within a split second, an ancient looking black altar suddenly appeared right in front of the crowd. Above the altar, a black gate slowly opened up. There was an ancient teleportation formation right next to the black gate, leading to an unknown location.

An insidious smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face.


"Let go of me! Release me now!"

"Heavens! What did I just see?! The Early Divine Core Jiang Chen just defeated the Mid Divine Core Nanbei Chao! Just now, I actually fell into a huge illusion because of senior disciple Jiang, and in that moment, it was as if senior disciple Jiang was no longer a mortal, but a supreme Saint that sat high up above all!"

Everyone knew that to offend Jian Chen was tantamount to offending a figure that was close to becoming a Saint Ruler! This person had a very good chance of becoming a Saint King in the future too!

An explosive sound immediately echoed out from the sky, and a crack appeared in the space in front of his finger. He forcefully pointed his finger forward, unleashing a gigantic golden finger toward Jiang Chen that seemed to carry an unlimited amount of power, which was more than enough to kill everything along its way.

The ancestor revealed a look of disappointment on his face, "Ai. Jian Chen, this old man will be honest with you. My Huang family and the Huanggu family have a history of several hundred years of friendship with each other. If this marriage were to be unilaterally absolved, it will destroy the connection between both our families. Although you are capable of finding help for my family, I will not act in such a manner still. Unless you are able of finding help capable of rivaling the Qinhuang Kingdom in strength, then I will not be willing to put my family at such risk."

The monster roared out angrily. Those who dared to step into this pond would be treated as its enemy. In this monster's mind, this Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal belonged to itself; no one else was allowed to touch it.

Also, the news about the battles in Redsun Town had spread across every corner of Yellowstone in the last few days. Jiang Chen's outstanding and mighty performance was known by every single person in Yellowstone. When Jiang Chen's name was mentioned, everyone could admire him to the limits.

The poisonous scorpion once again cried out miserably. The single, intact eye pulsed with a strange, dark green glint as its thick pincers quickly jabbed forcefully outwards towards Jian Chen. The 5-6 meter long poisonous hook behind it blurred as it flew over Jian Chen's head and tried to pierce the back of Jian Chen's head.


Wang Yun said.Chapter 116 ÿ Stepped on a Demon Lord

"Uncle Zhou, sorry I'm late."

With Jian Chen at the head, he led the ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals of the Qinhuang Kingdom forward on their magical beast mounts toward the stronghold walls. Khafir and Ye Ming stood by the king and the princess's sides as their bodyguards. Only the Qinhuang Kingdom would be putting any effort into this war; the Gesun Kingdom did not need to do anything.

Xuan Ye had a serious look on his face. Although he was an Early Combat Soul warrior, no human warrior could gain an advantage when fighting an Evil Devil at the same level. Not everyone was an abnormal monster like Jiang Chen, and not everyone possessed the True Dragon Flame.

The walls of Wake City were that of the same standards of the walls in a First Class City. They were forty meters tall and twenty meters thick. On top of the walls, there were all sorts of soldiers of various strengths. Not only that, but many strong mercenaries were also on top of the wall. There were also thirty Magical Crystal Cannons mounted over the walls with five mercenaries manning each one with a trunk full of monster cores.

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