The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 2622

The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 2622

Qing Shui shook his head and instantly increased his speed to the limit. The silver sword in his hand was integrated with a small technique of the Tiger's Descend. He hacked down the steel rod that only had time to defend its wielder.

"It's the ten ghosts Heavenly Demon Body!" he murmured, a strange light gleaming in his eyes as a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering energy erupted from inside of him!

Qing Shui patiently escorted each of them through the entrance. It took more than half a day to escort everyone inside. They then proceeded to clean those stone houses.

Tears began to stream down Du Lingfei's face as her heart was battered by incredible waves of emotion. Hou Yunfei was likewise shaken.

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End of Book 4: A Different Kind Of Hostage


From the beginning till now, half a day had passed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui stopped laughing when his voice turned hoarse, and then he slowly shut his eyes and felt the changes in his body.

Despite their terror, they hadn't reached the point where they felt helpless. In fact, their abundant experience in battle was telling them that they absolutely could not flee. If they did, they would be crushed out of existence!


Enjoying the feeling of relaxation, Qing Shui didn't look up, he chose to walk lowering his head, he merely followed the flow of the crowd. He will naturally ¡®wake up' whenever he felt like it.

"Did I take a wrong turn...?" he thought, and instantly looked around for someone to ask directions from. At the same time, his heart began to thump from the fear of possibly being late.

"I can't believe a deva soul was located!!"

In one fell swoop, he was fifty percent done with his work, and his excitement surged. However, it was in that moment when, all of a sudden, the flame flickered wildly, and a terrifying energy rolled out of it. Another color appeared within the flame, a sixteenth color, but then, just as quickly, that color disappeared, changing it back into fifteen-colored flame.

There was some time left before Qing Shui could go to the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal to train. Since it had been a long time Qing Village was this lively, and the "new year" was not over yet, Qing Shui decided to go outside for a walk.?


"Let's just hope that Mistress Red-Dust's curiosity gets the better of her, and that she picks up on the fact that I was going to erase the script on the text, then finishes the job...." Over and over again, he prayed inwardly for that very thing to happen.

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