The Shameless Blademaster Chapter 1695

The Shameless Blademaster Chapter 1695

"Xiaochun, don't go very far in," Li Qinghou said. "If anything bad happens, crush that jade slip immediately!" With that, he offered a few more warnings. By this point, the other legacy echelon cultivators were getting impatient, so he flew down to meet them. They were planning to go to a place that would be too dangerous for Foundation Establishment cultivators, making it inappropriate to bring Bai Xiaochun along.

The elderly man's words made him understand so much within a split second. He was able to suddenly understand many things that the senior used to tell him before too. He also understood what a blessing in disguise was as well, so his heart calmed down quickly.

Although Bai Xiaochun had hoped to take the archaean slaves with him, and was disappointed that he couldn't, it would also be good to do some training with them. When Bai Xiaochi saw how his eyes were shining brightly, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

The Firebird was also just an elementary Martial King level demonic beast.

Jin Guyao lowered her head slightly, but the was a trace of disappointment in her beautiful eyes.

Unless the heavenly marquises completely exterminated their own bloodlines, the unrest inside their clans would never be completely quelled, and there was no way they could defy orders in rebellion!

"Well, thisˇ­.." The two old men hemmed and hawed!

In fact, due to his cultivation of the Undying Heavenly King, he had plenty of blood qi inside of him, making him seem no different from any of the other disciples.

Qing Yi and Qingqing were walking together while they had some casual conversation. Meanwhile, Qing Shui and the other brothers of the Qing Clan gathered together and chatted idly. The children, on the other hand, were playing nearby. Qing Jun and Qing Ying were sensible enough to be careful while playing, but Qing Ming was a bit troublesome as he was much more daring and reckless. Qing Shui had a bit of a headache dealing with this particular child - he was a bit different than the rest of his children.

Eyes flickering with intelligence, he provided his analysis of the situation, "Master, this is no small matter. Not only did the Grand Heavenmaster defy the wishes of the majority by not killing us, but he then went on to appoint you as the inspections commissionerˇ­. Obviously, he's using the fact that you offended so many people to use you as a tool!"

After planting the Gloomy Wood, Qing Shui glanced with surprise at the almost forgotten, nameless tree root which he had obtained from an unknown old man way back in the past. Currently, there was actually flowers already sprouting on it!

Qing Shui felt that he had let her down by saying these words. He felt a bit guilty.

"Understood. You may leave!"

But just as he was about to draw out his arms, Qing Shui felt that that he was already tangled up at quick speed, twirled up tightly. Its grip grew increasingly tighter and even lifted him up into mid-air.

Qing Shui was silent, he was thinking about all the pros and cons. How he would deal with the Wang Clan was a very tricky and complicated problem, one which would affect him in the Jade Sea Country capital city. If he were too ruthless, it would cause some of the clans to cower. However, there were two sides to everything, many people would be thinking of ways to get rid of him if he got into trouble.

Critical Damage!

Qing Yi was standing at the house entrance. This was the place where both mother and son had stayed all of their life. There was a small garden here, completely filled with plants and flowers as well as ?a medium sized lake with azure coloured carps swimming around leisurely.It gave people a rustic feeling as they gazed at this place.

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