Pokemon-Just For Fun Chapter 1921

Pokemon-Just For Fun Chapter 1921

The moment Changyang Ke saw Jian Chen, hostility and hatred swelled up in his eyes. It was clear to see that he was brimming with the intent to start something, and one could tell that he held a bias against Jian Chen.

Big Yellow's emotions were riled up.

[TL: Humans cultivating devil arts have devil cores (@) while real devils have devil souls (@R)

Jian Chen had drained his cup in a single gulp. It went without saying that Khafir had brought out an exquisite wine, but compared to the Hundred Grass Wine that the Ape King had bestowed to him, it was still quite lacking.

Having a Saint Ruler as his son-in-law was something that he never would've dreamed of having. Even one of the Eight Great Powers would be envious to have such a chance.

"Too weak."

This sudden development had taken the Saint Ruler of the Jiede clan completely off guard, He had immediately taken back his palm when he saw what happened to patriarch Shi, and even his entire body began to shake. It could be seen from this that even he was completely filled with terror.

"Damn it! Don't tell me daddy has to face Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm?! This is pure bullshit!"

Tyrant whispered.

"Those men has been trapped by chief Jiang's illusion realm, but why are they killing each other?"

Jiang Chen said.

A movement skill like the Nine Phantom Wolves was most frightening when used in a fight, it would create an unexpected scenario during a critical moment. No matter how strong the opponent was, it would still confuse them for a moment. This was without any doubts a fact, as after Jiang Chen had inherited the skill, he had used it to surprise his opponents many times.

"I came here to buy restoration pills, why do you care about my bamboo hat?"

Qi Province ÿ Black Sect!

Therefore, although Jiang Chen was only an outer circle disciple, he had lifted the spirits of all the Black Sect disciples, and he had become one of the Black Sect's representatives. In many of these disciples' minds, the Black Sect had finally found someone who could fight Nan Bei Chao.

Li Hao said with a voice filled with killing intent. He felt a strong desire to just rush forward and kill the Island Master. As long as he could get the Island Master's head, he would become the new 13th Tycoon.

Jian Chen furrowed his brows slightly and stared at Quan Youcai unhappily, "Why are you following me?"

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