SImp Chapter 1520

SImp Chapter 1520

Qing Bei was already at the peak of 8th Grade Martial Warrior, and was recognized as a little genius in Qing Clan not just in name, but in reality as well. Because Qing Bei had also performed well previously, Qing Luo had given two of the four Strength-Enhancing Fruits to Qing Bei, which allowed her to be unparalleled amongst those in the 7th grade.

Without hesitation, he took the pill which he had kept aside for himself. During this crucial stage, each and ?every additional increase to his powers was important. After swallowing it, he quickly circulated his Ancient Strengthening Technique.

One with Heaven Taichi Single Whip!

In that moment, the man's eyes had showed a brief disdain towards Qing Shui. If one wasn't attentive enough, they wouldn't be able to notice anything. The leader had maintained a refreshing smile as he explained: "Supreme aristocrat families are those of the top prestigious families in the entire continent. These families are categorized into various ranks or grades, even the lowest grade of the supreme aristocrat families have several martial warriors of the strength of one star. Secluded clans, however, are those of the supreme aristocrat families that don't go out often to make themselves recognized. Our Zuoshi Clan is one of the true secluded clan in the Pingyang Country."

"En, there's no need to think about crafting or coating weapons. I don't even have any weapons, so what else can I do with it?" Qing Shui pondered as he looked towards the Golden Essence Extract in his hands.

It was protected by a powerful spell formation, the fluctuations and aura of which were so intense that even the hallucinatory mist that had appeared on Corpse Peak would not be able to escape it.

He suddenly seemed far more powerful and glorious than anyone could have imagined, someone who could force everyone else to stay their hands.

Qing Shui and his companions got out of the beast cart one by one.

That shared goal was like glue binding the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects together. As for the patriarchs and the Gold Core cultivators, they knew more than anyone that if the two sects worked together, they could be like a powerful weapon. However, any disunity could lead to mutual destruction!

For every 10 additional?patreons, regardless of amount pledged, there shall be one bonus chapter generated.

He just had too many offspring¡­. Considering sons alone, he had over 3,000. And if you added in the daughters¡­ well it was roughly double that. In fact, even he wasn't sure exactly how many children he had.

As everyone discussed the events playing out, back inside the blue trial by fire, the cracked statue of Gongsun Wan'er looked up, her eyes shining with cold light. Then she reached up and placed her palm onto her forehead.

Qing Shui smiled, "Don't worry, Grandpa Lin, I can heal you. But it's a pity that I'm still short of one medicine. But now, I can raise your level of cultivation to the level of a Xiantian cultivator. When the other medicine is found, I'd be able to let you fully recover."

After that, Donggong Taiqing flashed towards Qing Shui like a ghost ,moving much more quickly than before. After all, speed was the ultimate power in a battle. Qing Shui could now feel an immense power from the Donggong Taiqing's poison tooth sword as it sped closer towards his body.

"It wasn't my fault," he muttered. "Nobody did anything to help me! Everyone just watched the poor junior patriarch getting beaten up by that rabbit!" Rubbing his face discontentedly, he decided that it would be best not to go out very often. After all, if he ended up chasing the rabbit again, who knew what the thing might say.

"No spiritual energy? That's impossible!" Bai Xiaochun again felt himself being completely and utterly shaken.

The Poison Mountain Stockade lost another two consecutive rounds. However, when someone went up once again, it was actually Gu Song. He smiled and said to the young man on the arena, "Gu Song. Please give me your guidance!"

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