Demon Kings Pet Chapter 2492

Demon Kings Pet Chapter 2492

Under the crowds' terrified eyes, countless golden beams shout out from Master Blissful's body. In an instant, these golden beams weaved together into a massive golden net which covered the entire Blissful Island.

A person could only discover if their Saint Force had attributes after breaking through to the Saint level. Thus, anyone that had not yet become a Saint were not able to detect if their Saint Force had attributes or not. However, the chances of having an attributed Saint Force were extremely low. On average, 1 out of 1000 Saints could use attributes in their Saint Force.

"Another copper plate? I have found two of them on this Island of Ice, what exactly are they used for?"

Jian Chen clearly understood that the Tianxiong clan had a formidable amount of power. The longer he stayed here, the more unfavorable his position would be. With his current strength, he would only be able to fight against a Saint Master, if the Tianxiong clan had a Great Saint Master, he would be in trouble.

Wang Yun and Huang Zheng were yelling back him. The two of them were the earliest batch of Jiang Chen's followers, and their loyalty towards Jiang Chen had no comparison. Therefore, they kept provoking Yun Can for him.


Several thousand kilometres away from the Flame Mercenaries, there was a magical beast forest that took up an area of several thousand square kilometers. Even though the magical beast forest was on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was a medium-sized magical beast forest, not only because there were many magical beasts, but also because there were many Class 5 magical beasts. According to rumors, in the deepest parts of the magical forest, there were even Class 6 magical beasts, akin to human Saint Heaven Masters.

"Zi Han, go save your sister, quickly!"

Katata sighed, "I did not think that the mercenary group that captured the city lord would in fact be the Flame Mercenaries. That makes this situation quite difficult." Looking to Yun Long, Katata said, "Brother Yun Long, let us wait a little longer before we reach a conclusion. Two years ago, I happened to meet the captain of the Flame Mercenaries and learned a little about him. He is not as simple as one might think he is. Please allow Katafei and I to handle this and ask what has caused this situation to happen. The captain Jian Chen is not an impulsive and reckless person. If he treats the city lord in such a manner, there is surely a reason for it."

Yan Chen Yu had the most difficulty enduring this smell.

Jiang Chen's body moved like an agile cat as he passed through the area filled with craters. After walking for some time, he came to the entrance of a cave. The cave was filled with complete darkness, a cold and wet sensation originating from within the cave. Jiang Chen scanned the cave with his Divine Sense, but he couldn't discover anything unusual.

Trails of light unceasingly shot out from the island, and the countless trails of lights filled the entire sky above the island, causing the crowds to go crazy. They flew around everywhere in order to catch the treasures. It was a rare occurrence, and none of them could restrain their excitement.

Seeing the lower half of Kendall's body fall to the ground, everyone in the group let out a horrified yell as their eyes teared up in anguish.

Jian Chen said nothing. He stared fixedly at the member of the Gilligan clan, before suddenly giving out a great roar. Even more Chaotic Force flowed from his body into the Dragon Slaying Sword. The dark glow of the Dragon Slaying Sword immediately began to increase and the presence of destruction suddenly increased multiple times on end. Afterwards, he swung out.

Jian Chen sat on the cavern ground with a calm posture. Although it wasn't suitable to stay here for long, it wasn't time to leave just yet. He would have to wait until nightfall before he could leave so that the chance of being detected would be extremely low.

Seeing the young lord about to leave, Jian Chen's eyes flashed coldly before shouting, "Halt!"

"Yes!" The man was an ex-member of the Golden Dragon Mercenaries and Duo Kang was his previous captain. The words of Duo Kang would surely be the same as imperial law to him, plus, the wound on his neck was already proof enough that if Jian Chen had wanted him dead, then he would be dead.

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