Super Gene: Domination Chapter 2182

Super Gene: Domination Chapter 2182

Another man said as he tightened his grip on his combat weapon and charged toward the Ice Demon King once more.

"If we continue fighting like this, I'm afraid that the Class 5 Magical Beast's price will clamber up to a point that even we cannot reach." The elder said with a downcast expression.

"You££ you really are the fourth master?" One of the soldiers asked Jian Chen nervously. While the other two looked at him expectantly. Only the soldiers behind the three showed confused expressions on their faces.

Ling Du told Wu Cong.

Pausing to think, Jian Chen nodded his head in approval of her plan. After killing two of the Shi family experts, the Shi family would definitely not forgive him for this. Shi Xiangran's defensive barrier was far too strong for the Solunar Bow to break, and if Jian Chen's azure and violet Sword Qi weren't enough to shatter the barrier, then Jian Chen would have no other option. Shi Xiangran had been completely unrestrainable, hidden behind his barrier, he could use his Seal of Treasure Mountain to attack relentlessly. At that time, if the girl didn't use her Solunar Bow to hold back the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then it would have been truly hard for him to run away. Even if he did run away from it, he would still have to waste the entire day running away from Shi Xiangran.

"Don't worry, only that big guy is that fast, just let it chase. As long as the huge group behind it can't catch up, it'll be fine."

Shi Xiangran was extremely shocked, but with his strength as an Earth Saint Master, he could react in time to respond. Holding out his long spear in front of him, the barrier reactivated once more. With the barrier activated, the silver sword continued to be pushed back farther and farther away from his body.

"My lord, although the reports said that the person who got the Class 5 Magical Beasts wasn't a strong individual, the fact that he was able to obtain them in the first place is proof that this situation isn't as simple as we thought. I am guessing that there is a high level expert supporting him." Another white haired elder said respectfully.

As the wolves approached him at the same time, Jian Chen's eyes instantly grew cold as he dashed forward. In a flash, he brought the sharpened iron rod through the throat of a nearby wolf.

"Big Yellow!"

The injured members could only helplessly retreat while Jian Chen advanced forward to fight the other mercenaries.

"No matter how strong it is, it's still just at the Heavenly Core realm. Watch how I capture it, we'll have a dog meat feast later!"

When Yan Chen Yu and Liu Wei Wang's palms collided, Liu Wei Wang was forced back by the strike despite his momentum. This wasn't the most frightening part. The real horror was Liu Wei Wang's arm being covered in white frost. In the next second, his entire arm was covered in solid ice, and a cold energy then rushed into his body, making him shiver and tremble.

Among the crowds, Big Yellow was happily calculating his harvest while ignoring all the malicious gazes surrounding him.

When they took a closer look, no one could recognize them at first glance. All of them were severely beaten and barely recognizable, perhaps even their mothers would be unable to find out which one was their son.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment, but he continued to fly inside. The Spirit Apes followed close behind and continued to bow toward the mountain peak respectfully.

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