Entering the World of TDG Chapter 2565

Entering the World of TDG Chapter 2565

Of course, it wouldn't be strange for a demonic beast this powerful to appear in this area - it was beyond question. Nevertheless, Qing Shui wanted to test his strength. He knew this beast wasn't as formidable as the Golden Jiao earlier because he had prior knowledge about this spider from his earlier research on demonic beasts in the World of the Nine Continents.

"Why are you looking down on this sister? Are you saying that the clothes that I wash are not clean?" As she spoke, Mingyue purposely extended her hand to gently squeeze the nose of the little girl, causing her to giggle while dodging.


Seven Star Armored Vest!

There was no teasing by the third generation, but the elders' gazes and their light laughter were enough!

He slept for three days straight before finally waking up. Even then, he was only partially recovered. A half month passed before he returned to his previous peak. When that happened, he was delighted to discover that his cultivation base had made some progress. He was now at the very limit of the ninth level of Qi Condensation, and would only need about half a month of meditation, as well as some medicinal pills, to break into the tenth level.

Time passed. On the tenth day, the number of Inner Sect disciples who had challenged Bai Xiaochun had reached about 2,300 in total. That number increased every day.

With that, he waved his sleeve. The fighting... was now about to break out again!

"Martial Brother, leave this to me. I want to see how obstinate this lass is." Yan Xu smiled and said to Li Long.

This was definitely God's doing.

He also remembered the "sandalwood" that was as thick as a wrist in the great hall. Qing Shui felt as if his blood was boiling over. He wanted to suppress it but he couldn't, no matter what.

Worried about the situation, Bai Hao hurried over and was about to say something when Bai Xiaochun held out a portion of soul medicine.

The old man who was an elementary Martial Saint was able to easily deal with a Peak Martial King demonic beast.

The important thing about hacking was timing and power. This was a type of skill that chopped and destroyed the target with extreme force and pressure. Although it seemed simple, it was actually not so. Hacking was best used after the opponent had been suppressed. It used a spurt of energy to hack the opponent in one move.

Bai Xiaochun immediately decided to move on, but before he could, the surrounding Spirit Stream Sect disciples excitedly began to perform incantation gestures. In the blink of an eye, numerous magical techniques were bearing down on the two disciples from the other sects.

For average low level cultivators, their strength would be whatever physical strength they possessed. There weren't any amplification through cultivation techniques and weapons. A beginner weapon was only sharp and could break through defenses. But it wouldn't increase attack, so all those didn't count.

A breeze was gently blowing, making their clothes flutter. Qing Shui, who was standing behind, couldn't help but to look at the lady in front of him. Qing Shui was infatuated by her grace.

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