Rogue Immortal Chapter 1413

Rogue Immortal Chapter 1413

Shangguan Qingming asked worriedly.

Han Yan spoke with a shocked expression as he followed Jiang Chen.

"Roar! All of you are too despicable! I'm going to destroy this place today!"

"I don't know what its name is either. I've always called it the little white tiger. What's its favorite food? Hm, it likes to eat any heavenly resources. It also likes roast meat as well." Jian Chen chuckled. The princess seemed as if she was planning to use food to get the cub to like her.


Without the torment of the berserk elements, Jian Chen's previously pained expression immediately loosened. However, he still didn't relax from this, and immediately surveyed the current situation his inner body was in.

"Hold on!"

Nangong Wentian exclaimed.

Jian Chen looked at the many wounds on Tie Ta, and asked with some concern, "Tie Ta, are you okay?"

Someone asked.

"I've been wasting my life for so long££"

"Hehe, these two little tigers have real bad judgment! They didn't run and hide somewhere when they saw us; they instead want to kill us! Look at how I bite them to death!"

"This attack is really powerful, I don't think the Firethorn Combat Armor can defend against it."

What Lin Bai had said caused Lei Mingao and Lei Yin's expressions to change again. A Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was already a core member of the union. They definitely could not afford to offend one. Even their clan, the Lei family, did not dare to offend a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master so easily.

"Jiang££ Jiang Chen, don't get yourself into trouble££ you know you're going to be in deep shit if you offend the Myriad Sword Sect££"

Jiang Chen's movement was lightning fast. From avoiding Lee Chang Hao's Black Soul Ripper attack and until he himself struck, it all happened in a few seconds.Chapter 42 ÿ Double Whammy

Bi Yuntian pulled You Yue's hand toward Jian Chen, "Xiang'er, with your strength, you could travel across the outside world and very few people capable of attacking you. Why not bring You Yue with you? She grew up in the imperial palace her entire life. The only other place she knows of is Kargath Academy. The outside world is still unknown to her, so it would be a good thing to relieve You Yue's boredom."

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