SURPASSER Chapter 109

SURPASSER Chapter 109

"What the fuck, again?! What happened? When is this going to end?"

Both warriors explained the trade fair to Jiang Chen, clearly showing their thorough understanding of the trade fair. Actually, the reason why they were so enthusiastic to explain was to offer apologies, and leave a good impression for Jiang Chen. They did after all offend Jiang Chen earlier.

"Impossible! This is impossible! How could my aura collapse?! Jiang Chen, you can never surpass me!"

Ye Hui said.

Mu Rong Ying said with a cold humph.He was slapped by Jiang Chen right in front of the Jiang family's main entrance, and he had even insulted him further by making them carry the casket, serving to provoke Mu Rong Zhan even more and almost making him go crazy.Mu Rong Ying had always kept this in mind.Whenever he thought about Jiang Chen, he would become incensed.

This Earth's Force is obviously much stronger than the rest, it contains a much stronger Earth's Force, and its aura was pretty much identical to Mount Tianyuan's aura.

Zhang Zhen said.

Within the prairie, these Blue Wolves were a very common sight, but after killing countless Blue Wolves, the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hands was almost like the scythe of the god of death, mercilessly reaping the lives of the magical beasts. Without exception, each and every wolf that leaped at Jian Chen had its throat stabbed mid roar. Even in midair, they were unable to escape the rapidness that was Jian Chen's scythe like sword.

"Get lost, don't try to provoke me."

Jian Chen and Qin Ji both walked from the palace and headed for the Space Gate. From far away, the both of them could see a squadron of silver-robed soldiers lined up right in front of the palace. Each one stood in a uniform position without a single soldier out of place. Their footsteps on the ground resonated with a rumbling sound, like a bolt of lightning crashing to the ground. Despite the monotonous sounds, the entire division leaked an elite aura and killing potential that soared into the sky. This was a testament to the fact that each and every single one of these soldiers had been tempered by the struggles of life and death. Each one of their hands were soaked in blood to rise up to the cream of the crop.

"But senior disciple Jiang has disappeared for three days, the rumor about him dying in the Myriad Demon Mountain has been spread amongst all outer circle disciples! Guo Lei and his men have become so arrogant now, and they always pick fights with us! Even senior disciple Yan is in secluded cultivation now, there's no one who can help us now££"

"Stop hesitating. Queue up if you want to buy, if not just get lost!"

Both gates had appeared out of nowhere, and they both stood right in front of Jiang Chen, wide open. Two different auras could be sensed from these gates.

"Imperial Protector, the elder sectmaster is in this place. I'm afraid I cannot accompany you into this cavern." Kris spoke to Jian Chen right outside of the entrance.

"Of course we will! We'll fish for fish in the turbid waters."

However, the monk seemed unhurried, and no signs of panicking could be seen on his face. At the same time, a golden energy wave surged out from his body and towered into the sky, transforming into a huge golden beam. After that, the monk let out a wild roar and unleashed his Fudo Seal. It was a clear sign that the monk had no intention of showing any mercy to these people.

Dugu Feng refused to say anything, so Kaizer had decided not to mince anymore words. He turned to face everyone else. "I, Kaizer, have unfinished business with Wu Yun. Please allow my Harido clan to deal with this."

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