A Cheap, OP Brawler Chapter 395

A Cheap, OP Brawler Chapter 395

The Light Wind Sword accurately pierced into the area where the heart was located. With the such a large amount of sharp of Sword Qi, the python's heart was instantly ruptured.

After going through half of the Space Belts, Jian Chen finally found one that had a small pile of around a dozen monster cores, but they were all pretty much Class 1 or Class 2.

With Jian Chen entering the battle, the opposition no longer had the upper hand. Although Jian Chen wasn't a Saint like everyone else, he undoubtedly was the most powerful amongst everyone present.

A voice came from Daoist Black's back. After that, the man appeared in front of Jiang Chen's eyes.

"I have no idea; that's what the Crown Prince told me before he fainted."

The captain of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries had been a very straightforward person named Ha Ni with a true infatuation with the captain of the Bloodrose Mercenaries. Despite her indifferent treatment of him, his love for her did not decrease at all. The very moment when he heard that the Bloodrose Mercenaries had joined with the Flame Mercenaries, he didn't hesitate to join the Bloodthorn Mercenaries as well in hopes that his relationship with Jasmine could be furthered another step.

The ancestor continued to explain, "A Heaven Saint Master can control the energy of the world in ways that can enable them to fly through the air. A Saint Ruler has comprehended the mysteries of the world can initially use the energy of space. I was using this spatial energy just then."

"Fifth Form of the Heavy Sword ¨• Void Splitter!"

"Go now? That quickly?" Jian Chen was stunned.

I created a new path for all the Saints in the Saint Origin realm, but I myself had no luck with entering the Realm of Immortals.

Hearing this, Jian Chen averted his gaze to look at the white robed veiled woman who walked out from her carriage. Her appearance was covered by a white colored gauze so that it was completely impossible to see her visage.

"Let's take him back with us, we can interrogate him for it later." A crane-haired elder spoke slowly.

"Waiter, prepare your biggest private room! The second master of the Heiming clan will be dining with the third lady from the Yun family!" Suddenly, a resonating cry could be heard from outside the inn as a single middle-aged man came striding in with a voice that demanded respect.

Nangong Wentian suddenly let out a shout, then he forcefully swung the gigantic ruler and unleashed a dazzling azure colored Milky Way. The Milky Way followed the path cleared by Jiang Chen, and thrust toward the center of the mountain range. It wasn't slowed down by any stone golems along its way.

"Of the four of you, who are from a family that is depending on the Lee family's support?"

"Don't worry Xiao Yu. If that Yin Zhong Cheng wants to kill us, he would have done it now in the restaurant. He is afraid of the Little Devil King. If he were to pursue us, that would be the same as offending the Little Devil King. He can't afford to offend someone like the Little Devil King. Besides, I didn't kill his son, I just blinded him."

"What the££ I can't understand. It's only been a short amount of time, and he has already broken through to the Mortal Core realm?!"

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