Chasing my little fox Chapter 2293

Chasing my little fox Chapter 2293

"That's right, those dimensional creatures are wreaking havoc around that region. From the news I've just received, Mount Origin is already nearly destroyed. Therefore, if you want to go there, you better hurry."

Mao Sheng was furious. A blade suddenly appeared in his hand. Formidable energy was constantly leaking from the blade, and it was producing a constant buzzing sound. Without any hesitation, he raised the blade high up into the air, and slashed toward Old Man Ling Shan.

"You're right. I won't be so courteous with you in the future."

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen walked into the dark passage. A skillful warrior was never afraid of a challenge, and Jiang Chen was the perfect representation of that.

Because of the ancient force's suppression, Jiang Chen was like the absolute ruler of this desert. All living beings had to kneel down before him, regardless if it was a formidable person in outside world; he had to coil down if he was a dragon, and he had to crouch if he was a tiger.

Old Man Ling Shan explained with a smile on his face. He had an expression of one who rejoiced in the misfortune of others. At the same time, he felt really lucky for not becoming Jiang Chen's enemy.

The flames quickly receded from the skies, causing the temperature to drop as well. At the same time, the elder had a strange look on his face as if hesitating before finally sighing, "This old man admits his loss!"

With his Saint Weapon in hand, Luo Jian's imposing manner suddenly grew stronger. His eyes intensely glared at Jian Chen, as he said, "Changyang Xiang Tian, today I will definitely dispose of you." Luo Jian raised the cyan greatsword high in the air, and its cyan glow sharply increased in brightness, as its strong Saint Force managed to jolt even the few students observing the fight from within the library.

Liu Peng loudly said.

Li Wu Shuang's shield that was completely made up of powerful energies cracked and shattered. It was obliterated without any resistance. Jiang Chen's strength of 25 Dragon Marks was equal to 250,000 Jin of force. His punches were like mountains themselves pressing down on his opponents. However, Li Wu Shuang still wanted to use a raw attack relying on pure muscle strength, he was totally looking to torture himself.

Against these two unavoidable swords, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword immediately shot forward both swords with an azure and violet Sword Qi enwrapping around it.

Seeing the downed warbeast, every single Loyal Spirit Mercenary's face instantly grew lifeless. At this moment, every single movement had stopped as if everyone had frozen. Their eyes were stuck on the warbeast whose head was bleeding profusely with looks of extreme disbelief.

Jiang Chen smiled, the first impression that Yan Yang gave him was not bad.


Thinking about his father, whom he had yet to meet, Jiang Chen could feel some warmth in his heart. Although he was the greatest Saint in his past life, he never had a friend who was willing to care for him in his previous life. Being an orphan, he never had a chance to know what familial love was.

"Cough££ The Black Sect is done for if Jiang Chen's doesn't return££ remember, protect Yan Chenyu and Han Yan££ leave me alone££"

"Awesome! Truly something only the four big sects can do! A mid-ranked combat weapon, even if it's the four big sects, only inner circle disciples has a chance of obtaining one, and now it has become one of the rewards for the outer circle disciples' competition!"

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