Reincarnated with a Beauty Summoning System Chapter 944

Reincarnated with a Beauty Summoning System Chapter 944

"This is disgraceful, but the scene is so astonishing! I don't think anyone has even seen anything like this before!"

A burning hiss resonated from the fist. Jiang Chen immediately felt a strong corrosion on his fist. The green liquid was like a bunch of tiny snakes, penetrating into his body.

Jiang Chen said as he stood up. Guo Shan's condition was currently nothing much to worry about, all he needed to do now was to slowly absorb all the energies.

Within the luxuriously decorated rooms, a white-faced youth could be seen lying on top of a bed. His entire forehead was drenched in sweat, and his face was contorted in pain.


"Are you kidding me? Facing Heavenly Tribulation at the Divine Core realm? Is this some kind of joke?"

Big Yellow knew Jiang Chen's temper really well. Jiang Chen rarely killed people at random, but once he decided to kill someone, that enemy would end up dead. He never let anyone who is a potential threat to him stay alive. Therefore, Shangguan Yilong must die. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had already killed so many people, so killing another one made no difference.


"What? Big Yellow, do you want to fight with me again?"

Someone shouted out loud from the back of a demon beast. The next second, the three demon beasts blocked Jiang Chen's path, and six Mortal Core warriors jumped down from the demon beasts. The leading man was in his forties or fifties, and a murderous expression was visible on his face. He stared at Jiang Chen in anger. This man was a Late Mortal Core warrior, and he was much stronger than Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue from Red City.

"She's just a mere human, but she can actually unleashed Ice Source Energy from her body, this is incredible! It indeed looks like she is the inheritor of the Ice God, you weren't lying to me; you've brought me to the real inheritor of the Ice God, thank you!"

Not too long after, hundreds of soldiers stood in the area, and under the command of general Qin Wuming, they spread out so that there would be enough room for the rest of the soldiers.



"Brother Jiang, don't call me eminent monk. My Buddhist title is Tyrant."

However, the only difference was that Jian Chen felt that the sword was like an extension of his arm; he didn't need to expend as much strength to control it. Jian Chen could also feel his "Soul" connecting with the sword to establish a perfect relationship between the two. The two were one and no longer divided. This was a feeling he had never felt before in his previous world.

Zhao Chongyang was frightened from the bottom of his heart. Jiang Chen's formidability had caused him to feel like he was facing a mighty king. First, he was wounded by the True Dragon Palm's force, and now, one of his arms had been sliced off. There was no way he could resist another strike from Jiang Chen. At this moment, Zhao Chongyang could only call for Nanbei Chao's help.

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