In Different World with Anime System Chapter 1405

In Different World with Anime System Chapter 1405

Qing Shui fell asleep in the study room. He only woke up when the sky turned bright. By the time he went out, Di Chen had already woken up. Qing Shui felt a bit shy when he saw Di Chen. Nevertheless, he still greeted her with a smile.

However, upon facing the massive blast of force, those ghosts were weak, and couldn't even fight back. In the blink of an eye, they were crushed out of existence, as was the entire area of black smoke.

"I didn't want medicine," he said, tugging at his hair in despair. "I wanted flame! What happened...?" After thinking back to everything he had done during the process, he couldn't think of any area where he'd gone wrong.

However, in the very moment that his spiritual sea began to crystallize, Bai Xiaochun's Heaven-Dao aura erupted out, an aura which could suppress any and all types of Earthstring Foundation Establishment. Although Bai Xiaochun was only in mid Foundation Establishment, and couldn't completely prevent Xiao Qing's spiritual sea from crystallizing, he could cause waves to spring up in his spiritual sea, and reduce his Core Formation energy by thirty percent!

Before Qing Shui was able to awake from his astonishment, Yu He's charming face blushed and retreated shyly. "Ok, I compensated you. Are you satisfied now?"

The loud sound from his Diamond Gigantic Elephant made all the demonic beasts on the field shiver, except for the Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast which was about the same size as the elephant. A few demonic beasts even laid down on the ground timidly.?

A refreshing yet warm feeling flooded Qing Shui's body, his injured shoulder and the wound on his forehead started to rapidly heal. However, Qing Shui resigned himself to fate just a moment later.

For the Profound Stream Sect to attack with their spell formations twice in a row was quite an insult to the prime elders, blood rippers, and legacy echelon cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect and Spirit Stream Sect!

Most important of all was the fact that the north of the second immortal domain had been almost completely turned into nothing more than dust. Dead lands like that were of little interest or value to the Vile-Emperor Dynasty.

"Big Bro Xiaochun," she gushed, "my big brother left the mountain and hasn't come back, and this is my first time here. Where do I go to get the second volume of plants and vegetation?" This really was her first time here. Before, her older brother had helped her handle everything, and now that she was on her own, she didn't know what to do. Luckily, she ran right into Bai Xiaochun.

"By putting everything on the line, she gained enlightenment of the sword incantation," Li Qinghou said, eyes gleaming with admiration. "This Du Lingfei isn't bad. She actually seems more suited to the cultivation of Green Crest Peak."

"Gangze ah, look at the faces of these people clearly. I'll let you watch them die first. You should be satisfied right?" The man said slowly, the tone of his voice was calm like the deep water. But anyone knew that it could erupt into the raging waves that beat the shore.

Nian Feng had already gone to prepare food downstairs in the kitchen. The sun was setting and soon it would be night time. It was almost time for dinner!

Meanwhile, outside of the Fallen Sword Abyss, Master Snakescale, Ouyang Jie, and the elders from the Profound Stream Sect and Pill Stream Sect were all sitting there cross-legged in meditation. There was still one more month left before the Holy Land was to be opened up. Suddenly, all of their faces flickered as they looked over toward the huge sword.

Bai Xiaochun's eyes widened into a glare. "You tricked me!"

It was impossible to tell the quality of the pills, but a mere whiff of their aroma would cause all of the pores on a person's body to suddenly open up as if they were about to receive an incredible replenishment of energy. Anyone would think that it was an uncharacteristically high-level medicine.

Zhao Tianjiao seemed instantly enlivened, and began to pace back and forth in the room, his expression that of both excitement and anxiety. Hands clenched into fists, he seemed to be completely wrapped up in thinking about what was going to happen.

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