Daughter of Underground King Chapter 1922

Daughter of Underground King Chapter 1922

Behind Jian Chen, the group of people from the restaurant followed at a distance of fifty meters.

A few days later, the trio arrived in the Qing Province.

The Crown Prince who stood next to Jiang Chen said while gnashing his teeth in anger.

Wearing a pure white dress that fluttered in the wind, Yan Chenyu gracefully began flying toward the depths of the glacier world like an fairy. Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and the Ice Demon King followed behind closely, not making a single noise, scared that it would distract Yan Chenyu.

"I hope that mercenary from the Black Leopard Mercenaries did not let me down." Walking into the tall grass infested forest, Jian Chen muttered to himself. Now that he was a Saint Master, his fighting strength was much higher, and within Wake City, there would definitely be very few people that could contend with him.

Following the beating of the war drums, some figures started emerging from all four passages. They were walking towards the Whirling Sun Square with proud expressions. Most people respected these disciples, while others envied them deeply.

Big Yellow said.

"I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, I'll give up anything on me in exchange!" Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Big Yellow was the only one who had a happy expression. He stared at the ferocious Shangguan Yilei like he was staring at an idiot.

"Haha, Jiang Chen, I didn't expect that you would still not admit defeat! Good, this is perfect, you're just courting death, don't blame me for this!"

Jian Chen comforted the grieving Bi Lian slightly, before leaving the room. When he arrived in the guest room, he immediately met Tianmu Ling and the old woman. However Jian Chen just was not in the mood to discuss with them at that moment. He left the room after just some small conversation, going outside to catch some fresh air.

Wu Jiu reminded.

"The thing is, we have no idea where chief Jiang is right now. It has been one month, and there are still no news from him at all. I'm really worried about him."

Tian Yishan said with an indifferent tone. Their current situation was really bad, enemies were everywhere, human warriors were trying to kill them, demons and devils were trying to eat them, and it was actually a miracle that they had been able to survive until now. But, none of them had any idea what they should do next.

"So I see, you wretched girl, you've been hiding secrets from me all this time!" Suddenly, a furious roar sounded from outside the room as the head of the Yun family and his strong-looking soldiers came into the room. His eyes landed upon Jian Chen and the others. While they all looked young to him, the man knew that they couldn't be taken lightly if his daughter had spoken to them in such a manner.

"Your real skills? Show me what you got."

£¶Become an alchemist by eating a lot of pills?That's impossible.'

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