STB System In Strike The Blood Chapter 426

STB System In Strike The Blood Chapter 426

The Evil Devils kept letting out wild roars. The devilish energy unleashed by the hundreds of Evil Devils had flooded the place. Each of these Evil Devils were over 3 meters tall, and the momentum of this specie was simply too brutal.

Jiang Chen and Wu Cong once again exchanged powerful attacks. Under the powerful collision, both men were forced back a few steps.

"Fine, my son. I will declare an Imperial Decree; you'll be married to that girl!"

Jiang Chen simply ignored the Third Emperor, and instead kept pointing his finger at the Crown Prince. He came here today not only to kill these people, but most importantly, to save those in the Black Sect. The entire Black Sect was in the hands of his enemies, causing him to be at a disadvantage. In order to get rid of this disadvantage, he would need to ensure the safety of the people from the Black Sect; and this Crown Prince was the key to his problem.

"Exactly, the commission for this is extremely high; as long as we have information on his location, that's already 1000 Purple Coins. And if they capture him with this information, then that's another 4000 Purple Coins."

Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and asked with a big smile on his face.

Crack££ crack££

"Sect Elder, look there, so many dead bodies!"

"Jiang Chen, if you kill me, my dad will definitely not let you go!"

Han Yan flew up to Jiang Chen, a look of amazement could be found on his face.

Following two swooshing sounds, two Blood Devil who were standing in front of the teenagers had their blood spilled everywhere. The golden lights had cut both of them in half. Four chunks of dead meat was thrown onto the ground, and it kept twisting and struggling.

"Brother Jiang, be careful, this is a Shamanic Fire Ape, and it has reached the Mid Divine Core realm. I don't know how Yang Shuo managed to make this Shamanic Fire Ape obey his command. Also, all the other demon beasts, they are all controlled by Yang Shuo."

Seeing Jian Chen's sword that resembled the scythe of the god of death come at him, the Great Saint Master's expression suddenly changed. Recalling his Saint Weapon to himself, he tried to block the sword coming at his throat.

Jian Chen shook his arm to force away Yun Li's palm. "Who said I wished to go to the flower garden? Lord Yun Li, you should follow us quietly." Jian Chen didn't even spare him a glance as he spoke to him with an even colder tone. He walked to the second story of the building.

Jiang Chen still carried a sneer. Big Yellow leapt forwards and pushed Guo Lei onto the ground. Guo Lei was at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, but when facing Big Yellow's attack, he didn't even have the chance to react and defend himself. Big Yellow was just like a mountain that sat on top of him; no matter how much he struggled, he just couldn't get him off.

If it wasn't for him not wanting to disturb Jiang Chen, Guo Shan would have been cheering and clapping from what he was witnessing.

The Flood Dragon was furious. It struggled with all its effort, but it was unable to escape from the True Dragon Palm. Furious roars left the Flood Dragon's mouth. It knew that its doomsday had arrived, but fury and unwillingness still burned within its heart.

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