love is unnerving Chapter 1136

love is unnerving Chapter 1136

"Looks like you guys won't believe me unless I show you my ability££Let's go, bring me to the furnace."

Guo Shan nodded his head. It wasn't hard for him to imagine that when Han Yan fully awakened; it would be the same as the birth of another mighty genius.

Ming Dong and You Yue's mouth dropped wide open at this piece of information from the shock they received.

"I see!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up.The Pure-Yang fruit was a rare item that was incredibly difficult to obtain.Although the fruit in front of him was still young, it was just nice enough for him to consume.The price of the Pure-Yang fruit wasn't as high as the Soul Refining Pill, but it was still a very rare item.Jiang Chen never expected Yan Zhan Yun to just give it to him like this.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. When talking to his enemy, he would never be polite.

"Senior, with so many Heaven Tier Battle Skills, has no one tried to steal them before?" Jian Chen asked suddenly.

The 10 Great Saint Masters immediately followed Jian Chen through the hole he made to the second story.

"Damn you, do you still want to venture together with us? Damn dog, can't you just stop talking, even just a little?!"

Qing Xiaofan, Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin, and Tian Luo were Third and Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. Their strength could compare to Heaven Saint Masters a cycle ahead of them, and combined with their dominating battle strength, they were fully capable of completely suppressing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom men.

The light Saint Force continuously entered Jian Chen's body and filled his wounds, causing them to slowly heal over time.

Nodding his head, Ming Dong replied, "It was all thanks to the medicine you left behind. Otherwise, it would had taken much longer for me to fully recover. Thanks to that, I was able to cultivate by myself peacefully and increase my strength by a large amount."

The crowds started boiling once again. Everyone was looking at Jiang Chen while trying to guess how he was going to deal with Nan Bei Chao. This arrogant person wasn't someone easy to deal with.

"Precisely, we can't blame Sect Elder Hui for this! He didn't even have the chance to enter the Island of Ice! But, no matter what, we have to get revenge! I'll kill Jiang Chen myself!"

Jiang Chen pushed open the door, then he immediately saw Tian Yishan and the other men, waiting outside his room. All of them were brimming with energy, and their injuries were fully recovered. Also, Wang Heng's cultivation base at the Early Divine Core realm had completely stabilized.

"Shangguan Yilong is here to pay his respect to the princes."

Afterward, Jian Chen left the inn and flew in the direction of the stronghold. By now, the five Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were injured, meaning killing them would be an easy task.Chapter 415: The Midnight Battle

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