Apocalypse Hunter Chapter 1781

Apocalypse Hunter Chapter 1781

Jian Chen let out a breath as he tried to calm himself down so that the pleased look in his eyes wouldn't get too far out of hand.

"What's happening?" Seeing how Khafir's body was suddenly floating in the sky, Ming Dong asked Jian Chen in confusion.

Startled by that response, Jasmine's eyes flew over to Zhan Tian and the other two who had only gave her a nod in confirmation.

With one month inside the holy land being equal to 10 months in the outside world, Jian Chen had already spent two months inside before the Mercenary's Heart was finally refined. His strength by that point had made an extreme change, bringing him up to the Third Cycle Earth Saint Master realm and was already on the verge of making the breakthrough to the Fourth Cycle.

Jian Chen turned around to look at the people behind him, "Father, eldest aunt, I have a few words I want to say to eldest brother. Would it be possible to be alone for a moment?"

"This will be my weapon!" Raising the branch, Jian Chen laughed gently.

Tyrant and Tan Lang exchanged glances once more. No wonder the Heavenly Tower treated them so well. It was obvious that the Heavenly Tower had a huge demand for Nine Solar Holy Water. In regards to why Jiang Chen could take out Nine Solar Holy Water, both men should feel really surprised. However, they seemed calm, not surprised at all. After all, Jiang Chen was able to take Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, so taking out Nine Solar Holy Water didn't mean much.Chapter 541 - Two Senior Managers

Nangong Wentian shook his head.

However, they could not allow him to take that one last step. If someone was allowed to walk up and stand side by side with them, they would lose all their dignity.

"Senior disciple Lin, do you think that Chen Jiang will successfully concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pills?"

"When did that happen? The destruction of a big demon power should have caused a big stir, so why haven't we heard anything about it?"

"Deadly venom? What is the original form of this Lord Nether?"

"Fuck you!"

Jian Chen had caught onto the worry in Tie Ta's eyes, prompting him to immediately ask in concern, "Tie Ta, if there is some sort of difficulty you have, tell me and I will help you through it."

Guo Shan had placed Han Yan in a sealed secret chamber. When Jiang Chen entered the secret chamber, he immediately felt steaming devilish energies hovering above the huge Blood Banner, and the foul spirits were violently roaring. Han Yan's body was inside the Blood Banner.

The armored middle aged man gave a small smile as he cupped his hands together, "With the words of the Zhou Clan's elder, this commander is relieved. With the Zhou Clan added to our forces, then our victory is assured, and since sire Zhou Yun is now a Great Saint Master, this is truly a celebration to be joyous about."

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