Reborn GirlĄ¯s New Life Chapter 563

Reborn GirlĄ¯s New Life Chapter 563

"How unfortunate that your Aoyun clan is also an ancient family. The way you do things is excessive. This tungsten alloy is for little brother Jian Chen; how uncouth of you to try and take it without giving him any." Tianmu Ling spoke crossly.

"Haha, the Eighth Tycoon of the Asura Palace can't even defeat a First Grade Combat King? I can see that you two are having fun right now, so I won't disturb you. Let me handle that monk for you."

Jian Chen replied with a smile.

At his moment, blood mists were hovering around all over the scene, broken limbs were flying everywhere, blood splashed and flowed on the floor; blood was smeared across the entire stronghold's ground!

"Young miss, that man really isn't simple, it's best not to offend anyone. Although his power is quite weak, but the person behind him is definitely strong." Said the one who first struck out at Jian Chen, Uncle Yun with a solemn but worried face. Then, he lifted his cloth-wrapped hand to show the two deep wounds on his right hand. Although the blood had stopped, the elder's right hand could still be seen as having two wounds that went from the hollow of his palm to the back of it as if a sword had cut through it.

Jian Chen looked at Ming Dong for a moment before giving a small smile, "Ming Dong, you are quite talented! In such a short amount of time, you've already reached the Great Saint Master realm. I had anticipated that you would take a longer amount of time, but you've managed to beat my expectations."

Shangguan Yilong cried out in disbelief. He knew very well how much force his palm contained, and even with this tremendous amount of force, this dog's head was still intact!

Hearing that Qing Styx would be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm, all Sect Elders rejoiced with unrestrained excitement. They had begun picturing the future of the Green Sanctuary Sect within their minds.

"Senior disciple Li, this guy killed a few outer circle disciples of ours!"

Jiang Chen slowly pulled out his sword. Right as the man's body was about to fall down onto the ground, Jiang Chen removed his storage ring with lightning speed. These men had been in Inferno Hell for quite some time, so they must have obtained some nice items, and Jiang Chen really needed more crystal cores right now. Before he could bump into Nine Life Crystal Beasts, robbing someone else was the best option.

Suddenly, elder Xiu's image appeared in Jian Chen's mind, almost as if he was giving Jian Chen a rope to save his life.

"Too much bullshit! Li Wu Shuang, you're no match for me, you better just surrender straight away!" Han Yan said.

Although there was a very noticeable difference between a Heaven Tier Battle Skill and an Earth Tier Battle Skill in terms of power, when a Heaven Saint Master used an Earth Tier Battle Skill, the power from it should not be underestimated ¨• especially when nine Heaven Saint Masters used one at the same time. The amount of power that would overlap each other was tantamount to several Heaven Tier Battle Skills clashing and could shatter the firmaments of the heavens.

Jiang Chen was surprised.

What was more depressing is that this Firethorn Savage actually came here looking for his son. Wasn't this the same as bullying someone innocent? When did the Green Sanctuary Sect come close to the Firethorn Savage's son? This was insane!

"Changyang Hu, Changyang Xiang Tian, you two should first head out, I still have a few things I want to discuss with Chang Bai." The headmaster said.

Jian Chen's right hand moved so fast that no one could see his movements. Before Gan Hou could even react, Jian Chen's right hand had already made contact with Gan Hou's palm. All people could see was Jian Chen's chopstick stabbing deeply through Gan Hou's palm, piercing through it as easily as if it were a hot metal knife cutting through butter.

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