Love Betrayal Chapter 2937

Love Betrayal Chapter 2937

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both grew hard in the face, Bai Yushuang's words invoked anger in them.

As Ye Wuyou had just used all his strength to break the jail, he temporarily lacked the strength to defend against the Azure Dragon's Five Steps. Thus, after letting out a miserable cry, half of his body was buried into the ground by Jiang Chen's powerful steps.

The Crown Prince laughed.

Hearing this, Jian Chen was puzzled, and he asked in confusion, "Big brother, exactly what has happened?"

With a newfound determination, the elder suddenly flew higher up into the air and began to follow the trail of dust left behind Jian Chen's extreme speed.

Yan Chen Yu blushed. Jiang Chen actually announced that she was his fianc¹Če in front of so many people. This was so embarrassing, why had he never discussed this with her before? However, from the happy look in Yan Chen Yu's eyes, one could easily tell that she was willing to be his fianc¹Če.

Surveying the compound, Yun Lian's eyes subconsciously hovered over the giant signboard on top of the gates where the three words, "Changyang Manor" had been carved out in fancy calligraphy. At this sight, Yun Lian immediately turned pale.

Although there were several books on the shelf, most of them did not pique Jian Chen's interest and only a few of them were methods of practising Radiant Artes.

"Today is the day that I finally got to see a Class 5 Magical Beast. My trip was not in vain after all. These 50 gold coins weren't wasted££."


"If you speak one more word, I will immediately kill you."

"Our apologies for worrying the Grand Elder." Qin Xiao cupped his hands in respect before sitting down at the table with everyone.

After saying that, Big Yellow turned around and walked back towards his room. Some black lines appeared on Jiang Chen's forehead, he immediately grabbed Big Yellow's tail."

"Get that Jiang Chen out here, I want to challenge him!"

"Second teacher has arrived, let him through."


"Arghh! I give up, surrender, I want to surrender!"

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