Planet Creation System Chapter 1767

Planet Creation System Chapter 1767

An echoing loud sound rang out in the air as Qing Shui was pushed back from the vibration of the impact with his shield. His Qi was disrupted, causing the flow of blood inside his body to be agitated. Luckily, his defense was strong enough to withstand the impact, and so he took a deep breath and rushed towards Third Master Dongguo once again.

A series of roars could be heard. Qing Shui pulled and removed the Hallow Fruit, the Hallow Fruit tree immediately wilted. Qing Shui used Nine Palace Steps immediately but the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent's tail swept over like a giant pillar.

The entire dimension inside the Necromancer Kettle had been thrown into chaos. The Wildlander Chosen were all shocked to the core, and by now, everyone knew that nearly thirty among their number were missing.

"Set sail!"

A box?

"There's still the mysterious moonstone which can strengthen one's defense. A 3rd grade moonstone can increase one's defence by 10%, a 4th grade can increase by 20%, and a 5th grade can increase by 40%. There are also no limitations to the the grades of the moonstone."

"Ambassador Bai, look at this. See my left arm? It comes from the Vile-Glory Clan, and possess the power of sinister coldness. And my right arm is from the Clash-Heaven Horde, and can release profoundly shocking divine abilities!

He then took a look through the Five-Headed Demonic Spider's battle techniques.

"That's right. If not for the people around seeming very normal, I would have doubts of whether I've seen wrongly. From the start, I was very astonished when I heard about Tantai Xuan from Tantai Aristocrat Clan. And then I met you, and then there was also Donggong Taiqing..." Qing Shui was truly astonished.

Without even a grunt, the Skywolf died immediately and fell down. The Mystic Bird caught up and grabbed the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion as it descended shakily.

A tremor ran through him, and his eyes went wide as he said, "What!?!?"?

Mixed feelings could also be seen in Li Qinghou's eyes. However, as he continued to look at Bai Xiaochun, those feelings coalesced into a gleam of approval.

"It doesn't matter if this Bai Xiaochun is clever. He's going to die beyond the shadow of a doubt!" Snorting coldly, the twin Master Cloud Lightnings picked up speed, and began to close the distance.

"I know that we are all perceptive, so I will cut to the chase." The Elder placed his tea cup down and smiled.

Some of the treants were dozens of meters tall, some of them were hundreds of meters tall. In each and every one of them, Sky River Court cultivators could be seen, sitting there meditating as they unleashed power to control the treants' shocking strength.

"Could it be that Canghai was forced to leave by someone from the Heavenly Palace? If so, then why would he let all of us go there? Could it be that there was another reason behind it?" Qing Shui let his imagination ran wild.

An additional 50% increase in body's strength!

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