The Dungeon Master Chapter 2310

The Dungeon Master Chapter 2310

"That spirit automaton has gone for too long without someone in charge of him. How rude! Seems I'll have to discipline him a bit more in the future." The more he thought about that analysis, the more correct it seemed. Furthermore, now that he knew the spirit automaton was currently awake, it didn't seem like a good idea to challenge any more levels.

Such clan members stepped forward and offered formal greetings. However, there were others in the crowd who gave little more than hostile snorts.

Everyone anxiously pressed the attack, and soon, the scene was one of utter chaos. Li Tiansheng was in the crowd, performing an incantation gesture that summoned clouds of toxic gas. He knew how incredible Bai Xiaochun was, and therefore hung toward the back, ready to flee if he had to.

300 li!

It almost seemed as if it could come and go as it pleased!

The ghost face wanted to fight back, but knew that it wouldn't do any good. Furthermore, considering that the entrance to the magical item would be opening soon, he gritted his figurative teeth and focused on his anticipation of future revenge. Slowly and calmly, he closed his eyes.

"Finally awake!" Bai Xiaochun said, a smile on his face. "You need to be more careful in the future. Come, come. Let Master tell you what's happened in the last month. Hmmmphh! You have no idea how awesomely your Master handled things. No one dared to provoke me! I even went and accused devas!"

When Qing Shui walked up to the front courtyard, he saw a elegant and handsome middle-aged man. However, he didn't look young. He was like Canghai, with a similar dress sense and had caused Qing Shui to fall into a slight daze.

"Something fishy is going on. Something very very fishy!"

Nine Continents Steps!

As Qing Shui regarded Wu-shuang, he realized that his own personality had undergone a change, becoming more friendly and natural as well. He loved the feeling of making more friends, and in the future, were he to venture to some unknown and strange locations, how heartwarming would it be if he ran into someone familiar.

Qing Shui exclaimed in awe as he saw a "thing" covered in dust. He felt a large wave of spiritual energy exuding from it.

"Actually, I am not certain of your success rate. Take this ¡®Vital Essence Pill' for example. From the ingredients sufficient for ten batches, did you manage to create one or two batches?" Yuan Su asked after considering it for a moment.

"Hey kiddo, our Greenwolf Gang just wants to talk to you, why are you so arrogant?" A sturdy youth with thick muscles that looked like a dimwit called out angrily.

Using earthstring energy to try to break through the first shackle of mortality was completely unheard of. In fact, nobody other than Bai Xiaochun had ever attempted to do such a thing.


As of this point, there wasn't the slightest crack in his mask disguise. Whether it was his soul fluctuations or any other aspect of him, not a single shred of evidence that he was Bai Xiaochun remained.

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