Granting You a Second Life Chapter 1351

Granting You a Second Life Chapter 1351

"No worries, if they really challenge me, today will be their last day. Let's go!"

Having said that, Dugu Feng immediately brought out a giant sword made of flames. After a violent jerk of his hand, a blaze of flames began to coil around the blade before an inferno ignited on it. A halo of light burst from the sword. It brought forth such a dazzling glow that the surrounding shadows were completely obliterated.

Jian Chen's figure shook slightly as his face began to pale. Slowly, a trickle of blood began to leak out from his mouth because of what happened to his Saint Weapon. His Light Wind Sword symbolized his cultivation, and after using his "spirit" to control it, no matter how much damage was done to it in this state, Jian Chen would feel the direct consequence. While the tail of the tiger hadn't hit Jian Chen directly, the damage done to the Light Wind Sword was clearly beyond what it could take, making Jian Chen take on the additional damage.

Jiang Chen stared at Han Yan who was currently lying on the floor, preparing himself for anything unforeseen. However, what happened next allowed Jiang Chen to know that his worries were useless. The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline in Han Yan's body was much stronger than he expected.

Bam, bam, bam...

Puzzled, Jian Chen looked to Bi Lian, "Bi Lian, the road I walk is very terrifying and fraught with dangerous and gruesome deaths. A young woman like you shouldn't involve yourself with such a lifestyle." After these few days, Jian Chen had slowly warmed up to her and had even started to consider her a sister.

The Green Scaled Ape turned to look at the splattered Bladed Crocodile with an ominous glint in its eyes. Turning its head to the sky, it let out a roar of sorrow before grabbing a thirty meter long tree to swing at Jian Chen.

"Zhang Quan from Redsun Town greets Chief Yu! Last night, our town was assaulted by Blood Devils, but we were lucky enough to receive help from a disciple of the Black Sect, and now the threat has been resolved. Since the Blood Devils have caused a disturbance here, the young master from the Black Sect sent me here to invite Chief Yu to pay him a visit in Redsun Town, and discuss how to deal with these Blood Devils."

Without any complaints, Jian Chen handed over the jade piece to the guard. That guard accepted it with a polite manner and began to carefully turn and rotate the piece in order to inspect it. After ensuring that it was authentic, he gave it back and spoke, "My lord, if you could give us your name, we will report it to the third prince at once."

Mu Rong Zhan smiled coldly, this method of killing someone with someone else's hands was truly brutal.

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he forcefully sliced the Lion King's corpse in half and retrieved a demon soul with his hand.


The old man was screaming in pain, his eyes filled with fear.He was terrified, if he had reacted any slower, and had not turned his body around, that finger attack wouldn't have just taken his armÿit would have killed him.


"No problem."

Both of Changyang Ke's hands clenched his axe tightly, as he attentively looked at Jian Chen. Thanks to the lesson he had just learned, he wouldn't dare to underestimate Jian Chen a second time, so in this round, Changyang Ke moved around carefully.

"H-ho-how££.how is this££.po-possible..?" Seeing the broken remains of his Saint Weapon, the man's face was shocked. This was too strong of a strength, causing him to be stunned. To make matters even worse, the one responsible for breaking his Saint Weapon was only a twenty year old youth.

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