Le Sauveur Chapter 1284

Le Sauveur Chapter 1284

Big Yellow was even more ferocious. He bit down at a part below the Black Swamp Serpent's neck, then he pulled out a huge snake gall. And then, he swallowed is straight away.

Everyone was staring at the young man wearing a white robe. There was not a single bloodstain on his body even after killing so many people. Contradictory to the bloody scene, they could only see a calm expression on his face.Chapter 32 ΓΏ I Can Heal

The strength of the three Heaven Saint Masters were by no means weaker than Ye Ming. One of the three had actually been a step higher than Ye Ming in strength. With it being one against three, the pressure on Ye Ming was abnormally high; with three people focusing on him, it was very hard to dodge or even retaliate.

Big Yellow said.

Jian Chen and the patriarch of the Jiede clan floated several hundred meters away from one another. In this one battle between them, they were equally matched, neither held an advantage over the other.

Everyone could only stay in silence after hearing Zhan Tian's words.

The father brought the infant to his mother on the bed and smiled, "Yun'er, look! This is our child, look how cute he is!"

"It's very simply. If there is one person who knows everything about your father's strength, that will be Nangong Yunzheng. Since he has the courage to stand out and fight with your father, I'm sure he is well-prepared and confident enough to defeat uncle. In other words, he most likely has a secret card hidden up his sleeves that is more than enough to defeat uncle. There's also the fact that he has made connections with the Profound River Palace. With the Profound River Palace's rich resources, and their decision to get involved in the Nangong family's internal conflict, I'm sure they've provided Nangong Yunzheng with something that will help him. Therefore, I believe Nangong Yunzheng has a frightening secret card, and if uncle doesn't have anything powerful to respond with, this match will be dangerous for him."

For the moment, the group continued to walk slowly while carefully paying attention to their surroundings just in case a wild beast were to make its presence known. The beasts appeared at random and were dangerous enough to this group that they could harm to some of its members.

While saying that, Yan Meng started walking towards the Misty Rain Tower.

"To sell so many monster cores at once, this is something Phoenix City doesn't see often." The middle aged man spoke as he studied Jian Chen, "Junior, do you mind if I call you that? I hope you don't mind."

Jian Chen had clearly felt that Changyang Hu cared for him from the bottom of his heart, and so from then on, Jian Chen had always treated him like close family.

Guo Shan's eyes widened and lit up. A pot filled with Energy Spring Water, this was a priceless gift from Jiang Chen. What Jiang Chen said was correct, this pot with Energy Spring Water was really useful for Guo Shan. Not only would it help his cultivation, it would also provide great help for his pill concoction. He could just add a few drops of the spring water as part of the ingredient, then the finished pill would have a great increment on its effectiveness. This was one of the rarest properties the Energy Spring Water could provide.

Nine identical Jiang Chens shouted out loudly at the same time, then they all forcefully chopped the battle axe down from above. The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil let out many wild roars. With the bad experience just now, it didn't divide its strength into nine portions this time, it instead focused all its into one attack towards one of the Jiang Chens.

Although Tie Ta appeared to be thick-headed, he clearly understood that this was not the time to spar against Cheng Mingxiang, so he could only angrily glare at Cheng Mingxiang's back. Eventually, he managed to suppress his strong desire to fight Cheng Mingxiang.

A Divine Core warrior with quick hands caught the trail of light. When he found out what was in his palm, he immediately cried out in alarm, "Oh heavens! It's an Earth Restoration Pill! A 100% effectiveness Earth Restoration Pill!"

These two men stood tall at the peak of the Combat Soul realm! Besides these two men, there were another twenty Combat Soul warriors sitting in the meeting hall as well, and among them, three were Late Combat Soul warriors. This was the Shangguan Clan's foundation, it was extremely solid, and also one of the main reasons why they were one of the Jian Province's superpowers. In the entire Eastern Continent, only the Martial Saint Dynasty had the power to defeat the Shangguan Clan.

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