Foxes among Wolves Chapter 1011

Foxes among Wolves Chapter 1011

When both fire red swords collided against each other, the two swords suddenly exploded with energy, causing an explosive bang to be heard as the entire sky washed over with flames. All around the two combatants, balls of fire could be seen flying everywhere at high speeds and high temperature.

But then now that he knew Jian Chen was alive, the man couldn't help but feel excited. Ever since Jian Chen's supposed death, they had never once stopped searching for the Ruler Armament. They had even spent countless of energy in order to use several secret methods to find the location of the Ruler Armament, but to no avail. And even worse, they had came out for the worse after it.

"Save your breath! Attack!"


Seeing how prideful Ka Di Yun was, Ming Dong suddenly felt an idea hit him. Smiling, he said, "How impudent. I know I heard that he and you had some bad blood in the past. Jian Chen, let me play with him." Not even waiting for Jian Chen to respond, Ming Dong leaped onto the arena.

These magical beasts were also separated into 9 levels. The class 1 beasts were equivalent to a Saint, while the class 2 beasts was equivalent to a Great Saint. Continuing on with this, a class 8 beast was on par with a Saint King and finally, a class 9 beast was equivalent to a Saint Emperor.

Chen Shuang said.

But other than that, the existence of this manor was something that only a few select clans and sects knew about. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was one of these few.

"That's right, such a violent fight has never happened in the outer perimeter of Inferno City before! Chief Jiang has robbed every single person in the outer perimeter, he is definitely the number one robber in Inferno Hell!"

Because of the tournament, many people knew of Jian Chen, thus, he had no other choice but to change his appearances.

There was a pen and paper in the furnace room in preparation to write down all the ingredients required to make a Tiger Restoration Pill.The ingredients were not hard to find, especially for a big family like the Jiang family.He could easily obtain what he wanted.There were only a few ingredients that were difficult to find, but he can substitute them with different ingredients.

Jian Chen had no doubts that a Class 5 Magical Beast in an optimal state was far stronger than the Earth Saint Master who had chased him from Phoenix City. However, the appearance of a Class 5 Magical Beast only made him feel much greater pressure. That was because he had the azure and violet Sword Spirits to assist him and increase his strength several times over. He was confident that his power was enough to punish a peak Class 5 Magical Beast with his sword, as long as he didn't encounter any bizarre existences like the Silver Striped Golden Snake.

Wu Jiu and Jiang Chen bowed at the Imperial Emperor at the same time.

"That's enough, hurry up and transform back, the auction is going to start soon."

Throughout the Tian Yuan continent, in each city of every country, the Mercenary Union would always be in the core of the city. And right next to the Mercenary Union would always be a few small banks.

"This Firethorn Savage is too strong, there is no way we can defeat him face to face. We need to find some clever way. Let's hide our breath and wait here first. This Firethorn Savage has been living in the Misty Mountain for a long time, it must have its own routine. Let's keep an eye on its routine for now."

Nangong Wentian responded with a smile. He was sincerely confident in Jiang Chen! This was a young man of miracles, no matter how difficult the situation he faced was, no one would ever be able to find any signs of panic on his faces. Furthermore, Nangong Wentian knew what Jiang Chen was capable of achieving. With just a Late Divine Core cultivation, Jiang Chen was able to kill any Mid Combat Soul warrior, and now, he was only one step away from the Combat Soul realm. As long as he managed to break through to the Combat Soul realm within two weeks, he would be invincible, and even those Combat Soul warriors would be no match for him. With that, Nangong Wentian believed they would be able to win the third match with ease.

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