Choices system Chapter 1316

Choices system Chapter 1316

Seeing Dugu Feng begin to kill people for their items, everyone no longer had any desire to stay in this place and quickly ran toward the exit.

Another man said. All these men had been living their days at the brim of death, that's why they weren't afraid of wreaking havoc.

"This is ridiculous! If it wasn't for the Sect Chief remembering the golden egg in the most crucial moment, I'm sure the Green Sanctuary Sect would face a truly devastating disaster today! Can you three really bear the responsibility for that?!"

Because the journey from the Xuan Region to the Western Region was long, there was a possibility for him to bump into all sorts of trouble along the way. The Xuan Region was just an ordinary region when compared to the other eight major regions. Some relatively powerful regions would have some extremely powerful powers residing within, and it would be a headache if any conflicts arose with them.

The trio opened up the narrow back door and snuck in. Behind the door, there was a tunnel which lead downwards. It was pretty dark inside. At the end of the tunnel, there was an underground secret chamber.

Tie Ta had calmed down quickly afterward. Rubbing behind his head, he laughed, "Even I don't know wha' happened, but in any case, I grew a lot in two years." As he spoke, Tie Ta looked as if he was reminded of something and began to show worry in his eyes.

When one of the men saw Jiang Chen, he immediately shouted out loudly. Next to the man, there stood a Mid Divine Core old man. The man looked to be in his fifties, his body seemed full of power and grandeur, and he wore animal skin as clothing.


Although that man was yelling at him, the leader wasn't angry at all. Instead he felt his neck with his own hand as his face grew pale and his forehead started to drip with sweat. This was because when he felt his neck where his leather armor was, there was a gap revealing where the sword had gone through. If it were not for the intervention of another person, then having a simple cut on his leather armor would had been the least of his worries.

"You're not that stupid. In order to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty, I'll need to keep some bargaining chips with me."

After the Devil King took out its mighty Devil Weapon, the duo had once again crushed its attack with their combined might.

"Even I'm curious about this. A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master with the wind attribute would find it difficult to achieve such a speed. His Saint Force is clearly not of the wind attribute, yet he is still able to achieve such a speed. It makes me feel too astonished; just what is helping his arm swing that fast?"

"It's your turn now."

Guo Shan's mountain peak had a magnificent scenery, and the air was filled with the rich fragrance of herbs which made anyone who smelled it feel relaxed and refreshed at mind. Cultivating here for just one day was almost equal to ten days of cultivation outside.

After Master Blissful said that, he immediately disappeared from the scene. At the same time, Xu Neng cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen, and disappeared from the auction hall.

"Changyang Xiangtian, Ming Dong, my home is not as rich as the ones in the city, so I can only bring out this to serve." Seeing how wretched the food and wine he had served were, Tie Ta could only force a hollow smile in embarrassment.

Jiang Chen asked.

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