One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 2030

One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 2030

"Youngster Jiang Chen, you indiscriminately slaughtered innocent people in Inferno Hell, even our Sect Elders were killed by you! I'm going to chop off your head today!"

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow's head. This dog was an amazing existence, and he could truly help out at the most critical moment.

"What? Brother, don't simply make wild guesses. Fan Zhong Tang is an old man from the Black Sect's high class Sect Elders, a Mid Divine Core warrior, and he has pledged his loyalty to the Black Sect!"

Jian Chen's chest began to heave and his tongue started to stop working as he looked at the golden couple. It was finally with a stammer that he spoke, "You££ you two££ are you two the Sword Spirits?"

Jian Chen was giving it his all in controlling the Radiant Saint Force!

Mang Fourth let out an evil laugh. He raised his arm, then a razor sharp dagger appeared in his hand. He waved his arm, forcefully thrusting his dagger toward Big Yellow. The other five weirdos were watching the show with joyful smiles. All of them knew how strong Mang Fourth was, and if this strike hit its target, Big Yellow's head would definitely be destroyed.


Seeing that the beast had finally died, Jian Chen and Tie Ta could not help but exhale in relief. The Class 2 Magical Beast Flaming Cloud Beast wasn't that amazing, but its defenses were extraordinarily high. Thus, killing it was an extremely difficult task.

Against Jian Chen's Spirit Sword, the other Great Saint Masters didn't even have enough time to breathe before a few of them had quickly died. On the ground, there were already 20 victims who had died by a strike to the throat.

Quietly and stealthily, Jiang Chen and his friends moved closer to the devil nest. They showed no interest in those Combat Soul devils that scurried away. Their target was the frightening Devil Kings. Only the devil souls of those Devil Kings could be sold at a good price. In the Divine Continent, reaching the Combat King realm was the basic requirement for survival, as only a Combat King had room to survive in this land. Even a Combat Emperor couldn't be considered a strong power in this land. This was a magnificent world, a world with extremely dense natural Yuan energy. The Eastern Continent just had no way of comparing.

Tian Yishan said.

The sounds of clothes being torn could be heard as the girl tended to the wound on her arm behind a large rock. The longbow continued to stay on her back for safety.

Evil wind constantly whistled through this land of death, and there were horrifying dead spirits everywhere. Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian, and Han Yan had spent a long time constantly killing them, but it seemed like there was no end to this constant slaughter.

The night was dark, and the wind was blowing. This was a night filled with blood. After this day, the Lee family would be gone, and there would be a new rule for this city.

On one side, the Bladed Crocodile spat out a gray colored ball of energy toward Katafei while simultaneously readying its bladed spine. Leveling it horizontally to the ground, the spine suddenly flew at Katafei with blinding speed.

The Energy Spring Water was of pure Yang, and after adding in Jiang Chen's blood, its quality simply increased a lot, making it possible to resist the Yin Spirits.

Han Yan said with a smile on his face. Their backbone had finally arrived, and it was time for battle.

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