Isekai Blacksmith Chapter 988

Isekai Blacksmith Chapter 988

The princess had a complicated stare as she looked at Jian Chen before walking to his side, "Changyang Xiangtian, he is the prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and this is the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom. Would this not attract trouble?"

"The Youlan clan bids 23,000 purple coins££"

Yan Meng nodded his head casually, leading Jiang Chen into the inner space of the Yan family.

"Shame? Who will know about this if you're all dead? Furthermore, after Nangong Wentian dies, the Nangong family will need a new young master, and at that point of time, young master Wenyen will be the Nangong family's new young master. According to ancestor's rule, we won't even need to fight it out in two weeks."

The leader shouted out with a shocked expression. The appearance of nine Jiang Chen's confused him, he couldn't tell which the real Jiang Chen was.

No matter the rumors, not a single one of them spoke of the three Radiant Warriors on a clear level.


"What a fast sword, for him to stab outward in less than a single second, this type of strength is far too much! It seems that his sword has a secret regarding those two strange lights if it could cut a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master's weapon." A Heaven Saint Master elder spoke in admiration.


Although the Ice Demon King was not the Crown Prince's match either, it was an immortal existence, and if it kept resurrecting, the Crown Prince's state of mind would definitely be greatly distracted. Not only that, it would also consume the Crown Prince's combat strength, as he wasn't able to fight infinitely.

"The Primordial Godsilk is extremely rare. Qing Suo and Zi Ying have existed for countless years, yet we've only seen a few, and every single one of them were possessed by heavenly emperors. It's primeval treasure."

Jiang Chen said.

"Who's there?!" A voice called out loudly and woke the sleeping mercenaries. Immediately, the previously calm campground went into an uproar as a large group of men came charging out and surrounded Jian Chen.

Elder He Mu looked proud as he spoke, "There's no harm in telling you. When you first fought with us at the restaurant, I sprayed you with a special type of medicinal powder. With this Spirit Snake, it can easily detect that smell within a thousand meters so tracking you was easy."

The Imperial Emperor said with an extremely cold voice. As the most distinguished man of the Eastern Continent, he would never allow anyone to challenge his authority, much less threaten him.

At this moment within this very reservoir, a man was swimming through the water streams with the grace of a fish in water. This man was the Jian Chen who was relieved to have escaped from the restaurant.

"All of them are geniuses, and if they all die here, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect will suffer great losses!"

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