Taming Master Chapter 1799

Taming Master Chapter 1799

"Please spare us, captain Jian Chen! A thousand pardons! We will leave the Defiance Mercenaries for the Flame Mercenaries and work like oxen if need be! Please forgive us this once! I still have a wife and child to take care of back home!"


One after another the students of the academy shouted out in loud voices to cheer on the two combatants. Their voices continued for a decent amount of time before finally descending back into a lull.

Plus, these seven swearing loyalty to the Qinhuang Kingdom or to Jian Chen wasn't too different. After all, his status as an Imperial Protector wasn't just for show. It was only that for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, the might of the Qinhuang Kingdom was far more prominent than an Imperial Protector at the strength of a Heaven Saint Master.

Lord Yun Li exited the room and went to his study where he grabbed a brush and paper to immediately start writing a message on it. After he was done, he immediately rolled it up into a cylinder and tied it with a piece of string.



"Everyone, don't be thrown into confusion, unleash your combat weapons and attack from all directions!"


Right after Big Yellow finished his call, an extremely arrogant voice sounded out from outside the Golden Tower. After that, about a dozen men came walking into the restaurant. The few men who led the group were wearing the same clothes as the guards, and they all wore arrogant expressions.

"Fuck, this bastard is too arrogant! He has no respect for anyone! There are so many outer circle geniuses here, but he shown no respect to any one of them!"


"Dead dog, die for me now!"

"What the fuck?! Damn dog, what are you doing?!"

Jian Chen had basically let Bi Lian and You Yue who were good at managing things handle all the matters of the Flame Mercenaries. As Jian Chen was not currently present, Bi Lian and You Yue possessed the greatest authority. They had already learnt of their identities from Nubis beforehand so when they met, they immediately escorted the two people into the palace politely.Chapter 711: Family Transformation (One)

The disciple was a Second Grade Combat King. The gap between him and Tyrant was not just small.

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