DXD: Hard to kill Chapter 1639

DXD: Hard to kill Chapter 1639

"Hmph, with the Seal of Treasure Mountain, you shouldn't even think about escaping!" Shi Xiangran's face grew dark as he threw the iron chunk into the air.

It was as if this aura had just awakened because of the challenge and provocation of the Earth Devil's aura, and it was waking up fast!

"Who do you guys think will win today's match?"

At the same time, the Misty Rain Tower and the Lee family sent out another notice. The disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan were going to have an examination for the young generation in the city. Those who wished to take the exam would need to show up at Origin Mountain tomorrow morning.

"Did you guys know this? Both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect has given out orders to kill at the same time, they want that Jiang Chen dead! Anyone who can provide them information regarding Jiang Chen's whereabouts will be rewarded handsomely by them!"

But with the armor, the Spirit Apes didn't even bother to take notice of the wood flood. Brandishing their fists, they chased Jian Chen with a reluctance to give up.

"Ai, brother, it's not that I don't want to help you, but I am just a fostered son.Even if I would've agreed to marry Miss Mu Rong, dad would not let me marry her.This arrangement is prepared specially for you."

"I think that bastard is purposely increasing the bid, he is trying to make us suffer losses so that we become a laughingstock."


"Older brother, I have a skill that can help with soul cultivation. I wonder if you are interested."

When Yan Chen Yu saw Jiang Chen, her face blossomed with a bright smile, then she started hopping and skipping towards Jiang Chen happily.

"Haha, this giant here is our village's most competent, most successful, and most amazing person. Everyday he is able to hunt and bring home a wild animal for the village. My Qiu Yue would go with Tie Ta, but she is also the treasure of my family. For the rest of this life of mine, I would never be able to have anything as precious as her." A plain but sincere middle-aged woman laughed; she was Qiu Yue's mother.

The king of the Qinhuang Kingdom boomed with laughter as he looked at Jian Chen with surprise, "Good! Very good! I did not judge you wrongly then. Jian Chen, you are truly a giant among men if you were able to become the King of Mercenaries at such a young age. Your future has no limits, and my son will benefit greatly from being acquainted with you."

The Tenth Emperor said with a sneer on his face.

Thus, the very first individual from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was killed by Chang Wuji.

Jian Chen immediately thought about the lingering emotions he had felt between him and Huang Luan within her pavilion. A complicated expression arose on his face as he grew quiet, "Let's not talk about that, I've no time to consider settling down. I've still plenty of things to do and plenty of responsibilities to shoulder still."

Jian Chen stared calmly at the person in the black mist and asked with a deep voice, "Who are you?"

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