78 Chapter 1980

78 Chapter 1980

"Good! He just arrived here, and he wants to rule the entire outer perimeter! He really has no idea who he is!"

Seeing the 14-15 monster cores on the table, the appraising elder began to smile, as he inwardly thought to himself, "As expected of the person that the headmaster has his eye on. Although he has the heart and body of a tiger and seemed to lack shrewdness, his talent really cannot help but make one sigh in admiration."

Jiang Chen became more and more aggressive as the battle progressed. However, no matter how hard he tried, he was only able to suppress the Old Emperor. It was currently very difficult for him to kill the Old Emperor.

Nangong Yunzheng said. He had prepared well for today's duel, so he was naturally very confident.

"Heavens, the skies are really going to change! The Lee family and the Misty Rain Tower are genuinely fighting this time!"

Mere seconds after Jian Chen's sword had smashed against Caraga's sword, Jian Chen continued up with a second strike with his sword in a split second. While the strike had only been for a moment, the power and speed in which it had struck out was inconceivable.

Big Yellow asked with anticipation.

Suddenly a thought appeared in Lee Shan Yue's mind. He hurriedly took out an item from his spacial bag.

"Jiang Chen, you said you've fixed the dimensional crack?"

"Sire Jian Chen, my Heiyun clan was the one at fault during that time. We give our sincerest apology, and are willing to offer ample compensation. We ask that sire Jian Chen pardon our Heiyun clan, and we are more than willing to offer our assistance to you should you require us or our territory." The bald-elder's intimidating glare melted away to adopt an apologetic smile. His voice gained a softer tone and no longer contained the iron edge from earlier

No one were able to remain calm. The number one genius of the outer circle, Wang Yuan, had just been instantly killed by a single strike, and it happened right after Elder Yuan finished speaking. This didn't mean Wang Yuan was weak, as the title of number one genius of the outer circle wasn't just for show. It only meant that Zhang Yang was too strong!

This time, the host didn't waste any time and immediately tore off the black cloth, "This magical beast is yet another Class 5 Magical Beast; the Quick Cloud Beast. At the same time this is also the last item we shall be auctioning off, and the rules for this item will remain the same. The starting price is at 5,000 purple coins, with each minimal bid being 100 purple coins more.

"What?A Heavenly Core warrior?"

Jiang Chen stared at the Demon Soul in his hand. If he was able to take the poison for himself, then he would have one more frightening hidden skill and be able to kill people without them noticing.

Emotionless for a brief moment, Jian Chen watched the three Earth Saint Masters run at him as a cold sneer that gradually made its way on his face. Lifting his finger, three rays of Sword Qi extended from his fingertips and shot toward the three enemies.

"So you are the predecessors of the Shi family and the Jiede clan, greetings!" Jian Chen smiled with his hands cupped together. Even up against two Saint Rulers with less than agreeable feelings for him, he had remained calm.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's expression clearly became startled. After finally returning to his senses, he asked in an incredulous and shocked tone, "What! An arranged marriage?!"

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