Deathmarch in Final Fantasy Chapter 1430

Deathmarch in Final Fantasy Chapter 1430

"Hmph, a group of insurgents that remains unchanging even when death is at hand. Soldiers! Kill them all!" Yun Li barked out a decisive order.

"Kaka, your grandfather's head is as hard as metal, it is not something your broken sword can harm! You are too weak."

The audience sitting downstairs kept bidding. Some people had earned quite a lot of money during the trade fair, and they didn't have a High-Ranked Combat Weapon. Therefore, they wanted to buy one now.

Under the bandit boss's forceful gaze, Jian Chen clearly was not disturbed. He stared back at the boss disdainfully and said coldly, "Who I am is not important. I've come today for only one purpose, and that's to take the young lady of the Tianqin clan home safely. Right now, you're already a peak Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Reaching that really isn't easy, so before I have any intention of killing you, hurry up and release the young lady."

Wang Yu exclaimed. When Big Yellow attacked, only he could feel how powerful his opponent was. The energy Big Yellow unleashed was way more powerful than Wang Yu's.

After successfully obtaining the Saint Ruler's skeleton, Jian Chen's heart couldn't help but beat rapidly in extreme excitement. No matter if it was the Saint Ruler's skeleton or Ruler Armament, it was still a priceless, rarely seen treasure on the Tian Yuan Continent. If someone were to grab hold of either one, then they would be able to ascend to even the Heavens. A mediocre clan would rise up to become a great clan overnight. As for Ruler Armaments, they were viewed and kept as treasures passed down the clan members.

Afterward, the crowd of people at the foot of the mountain quickly scaled the mountains. Upon reaching the gates, everyone instantly made a full stop with their eyes wide open at the shocking sight in front of them.

Jiang Chen's words made everyone feel extremely angry. If Jiang Chen said he was the one who wanted to rule them all, at least that meant he somewhat respected these people. But now, Jiang Chen actually wanted them to submit to a dog. Asking so many Divine Core warriors to serve a dog, he was a fucking bully! This was an outrageous insult to them!

On the other side of the door, Jian Chen's mother, Bi Yuntian, looked astonished at the Radiant Saint Force flying through the sky into the room Jian Chen and Changyang Hu were in. Astonished, the look on her face grew to reflect her shock.

After the second day of the funeral, the king of the Gesun Kingdom came to Lore City along with his commander, Bi Dao, and roughly five hundred soldiers. Even the headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir, had been informed and flew from his academy to visit.

After listening to what Wu Jiu said, not only did Jiang Chen not feel worried, a look of surprise could be found in his eyes. Currently, First Grade Combat Kings could no longer give him any pressure. And, as his Dragon Transformation skill was on the brink of transformation, the idea of using the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor to stimulate his potential, which in turn pushed the Dragon Transformation skill toward evolution, was impractical. Judging from the current situation, in order for the Dragon Transformation skill to evolve, he would be forced to borrow the pressure from the Old Great Emperor.

In an instant, Qing Styx understood everything. Anyone could use their nose to understand what had happened by looking at the mess in front. What Qing Styx had not expected was that Firethorn Savage's weakened state was so weak that he couldn't even defend himself from a Heavenly Core young man and a dog. If he knew he was so weak, Qing Styx wouldn't spend two days to recover his injuries, he would have just attacked right away.

Tian Yishan said.

When someone else tried to say something, Xiao Nanfeng had stood up and left the place.

Zhang Yuan was actually feeling quite lucky. He quickly walked up to Qiu Tianba and watched as they struggled to open their eyes. Qiu Tianba then told him, "Go££ go get prin££ prince££"

The ground was shaking together with the horrible screams of the men. At least eight men were unable to escape, and were slapped onto the ground by the dragon claw, squeezed into meat paste with their blood splashed all over the place.


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