Legend Slayers Chapter 2373

Legend Slayers Chapter 2373

"Everyone has suffered injuries, take all these healing pills and divide them amongst yourselves. After that, we'll have a big cleanup. Furthermore, after we take control of the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect, we'll have to gather all their resources and put them to good use. Their energy veins will also belong to us."

There was a cold glint in Jian Chen's eyes as he surveyed the patch of grass in front of him. His ears twitched as he continued to listen for the smallest sounds of movement in his surroundings.

Han Yan stared at Jiang Chen, speechless. After knowing Jiang Chen for so long, he had a feeling that this guy knew everything. There was no questions he couldn't answer.

"Enough. Our conversation about Jian Chen will stop here for now. After you go back, immediately order people to send a message to Jian Chen, and ask him to come visit the Qinhuang Empire some time. We can talk about this with him at that time." An Imperial Protector said.

"Where did this young man actually come from? He is too relentless!"

Tian Yishan said. He was a man with careful thoughts as well.

Jiang Chen called out upon seeing his father, Jiang Zhen Hai.

Within the Changyang clan, there was practically no one who didn't know Jian Chen. Whether it was a guard or servant, they all bowed respectfully in salute to Jian Chen as he traveled into the manor.

"True, but young master's cultivation is only at the Peak Divine Core realm, he hasn't broken through to the Combat Soul realm yet. We are only fourteen days away from the duel, and if young master can't break through to the Combat Soul realm by then, he will be no match for Nangong Wenyen!"

Hearing this, the princess' eyes turned away from the flowers and back toward Jian Chen before smiling. "My name is You Yue, Changyang Xiangtian, do you remember it?"

"It's too early to tell who will kill who."

Wu Ningzhu asked in a tone filled with disbelief and shock. She then started staring at Jiang Chen's face. Back in the Dancing Sun City, she really regretted not being able to witness this young man's face. And now, she was surprised by how handsome this young man was.

"They are here."

Seeing how the group in front of him was beginning to lessen, the elder spoke out once more, "The Gathering of the Mercenaries allow permits those under the age of fifty to participate. In the case that someone over the age of fifty tries, then they will suffer the harsh punishment from the barrier and be annihilated. For those who are over the age of fifty, leave now. This is your final warning."

Mu Rong Zhan was grinding his teeth in anger.He was planning on just sitting and waiting for the Jiang family to be destroyed by the Lee family thus claiming the city for himself without suffering any losses.He had never expected the Jiang family to declare war right now, making the Mu Rong family suffer great amounts of damage.

"This is the True Lightning Flame I absorbed during Heavenly Tribulation. It's the purest Yang existence underneath the heavens; the natural predator of all devils. My flame contains a strong suppressive effect. When facing me, these devils can't even use more than half of their true strength."

Suddenly, the Grand Elder looked at Ming Dong with a sharp glance. In the next moment, a powerful look could be seen as he exclaimed in shock, "Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master!"Chapter 329: Threat (Two)

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