The Suit-Maker Chapter 2726

The Suit-Maker Chapter 2726

By the time Qing Shui came back to his senses, Shi Qingzhuang was already limp in his arms while emitting soft, melodious moans. Both of them faced each other, locked in a tight embrace.?

Qing Shui took another look at his collection. He wouldn't be able to use some of them as they didn't catch his interest. The Pure Gold Dragon-Headed Cane, however, had gotten his attention. He picked it up and observed the cane. It wasn't the most valuable artifact he had seen, but it was still valuable nonetheless.

If it was merely for show, they would just casually exchange blows and lose. But now that it became so heated, it was hard to casually lose to someone who they were superior against. Therefore, Qing Hu was finally defeated.

"It should be very soon!" Mentioning that she was about to undergo a breakthrough made Canghai Mingyue seem to be slightly on edge.

Such behavior wasn't strange, after all, they had lost their face completely, so staying any longer would be pointless. Losing Gu Song and Gu Wu had cost them dearly, leaving them with two options to choose in this situation.

Qing Shui thought about that woman who had an unsurpassed gift for Medicinal Pills. He felt that she might know what kind of pill this was or maybe the effects of this pill.

Of course, considering how he was looking around, he stuck out from the crowd, and the passing cultivators looked over with disdainful expressions, taking him to be a country bumpkin. Some of them noticed how his clothing was ripped and torn, and even stained with blood. Realizing that he was probably someone that shouldn't be provoked, they quickly got out of his way.

"Ah, what are you doing? It's still daylight outsideˇ­ˇ­."

Even the deputy warden of Cellblock D, Sun Peng, was completely shaken by the news.

He quickly recovered from any injury, and his aura always returned to the peak. He seemed completely indomitable, utterly domineering. Everyone watching the scene was dumbstruck. The Giant Ghost King's jaw hung open, and Patriarch Starry Sky was as shocked as if the heavens had collapsed!

"Isn't this the legendary Tigerbone Yang Amplification, Beauty Purification Wine?" The man said in shock before breaking into an awkward smile.

Also inscribed on the jade slip was information from three deva patriarchs of the past, people who had long since perished, but who had cultivated the Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation.

When he looked at the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron, he couldn't help but think of Huoyun Liu-Li, but it was too bad that his mind soon wandered back to Wenren Wushuang again. "Am I being greedy, or just daydreaming? Those from the well-to-do families across the world of the nine continents mostly had many wives and concubines. Only commoners would stick to a monogamous arrangement. It's not that they did not wish to have multiple wives and concubines, but that they just did not have the power to do so!"

"Hahaha! My performance was spot on. Xu Baocai really earned his keep this time!" Thinking back to the expressions on the faces of Big Fatty Zhang and Master God-Diviner, his excitement rose. However, that was when another beam of light appeared, flying toward him, within which was none other than Chen Manyao.

Yun Duan blushed instantly after hearing those words.



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