The Alchemist in the Apocalypse Chapter 2538

The Alchemist in the Apocalypse Chapter 2538

After the three had finished speaking, they left the room. Afterwards, he chatted a little with the people outside. As he conversed with them, Huang Tianba walked to Jian Chen and said, "Brother Jian Chen, I have some things that I wish you can help me with."

"None, I've never ate anything like that." Tia Ta shook his head again.

Tan Lang suddenly shouted out. He was a man with guts, and it could easily be seen from how he fought back in the Southern Continent. Furthermore, if he was a soft man, he wouldn't have been able to rise so quickly amidst the fierce competition between disciples in the Asura Palace.

The Crown Prince couldn't help but praise.

What happened next stunned Wang Ting and the rest of the mercenaries. All of them had their mouths wide open. It was as if they were all in some insane dream.

After some consideration, Jian Chen had finally consented to Qin Ji's proposal. For the sake of insurance, Jin Chen would bring some of the Imperial Advisors with him.

"That's right; this is too embarrassing!"

As he listened to the midwife, knowing that this was an extraordinarily vague thing to say, he still couldn't help but laugh, "Yes yes yes, I can only hope so. Someone come here! Let us reward Mother Hong with a hundred gold coins!"

Looking at Jian Chen's passive face, Chang Bai couldn't help but nod in approval. Most children generally paled in extreme fear after flying on top of a magical beast for the first time. Some children trembled in fear the whole time, while a smaller amount even wet themselves, but very few people had achieved the same tranquility as Jian Chen.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen burst out into laughter. Pretty good luck for them to bump into some robbers right as they arrive in the city. These four men had pretty strong cultivation bases, all of them were Early Divine Core warriors. However, trying to rob Jiang Chen with those mere cultivation bases, it was a funny joke.

Jian Chen's expression turned dark as he held out his hand to the people behind him, "Get back, now!"

Bam bam bam££££

The Misty Mountain had a circumference of over ten thousand miles. It was a huge mountain range with a dragon-like shape, and it was covered with faded mist all day long; that's why it got the name Misty Mountain. Countless powerful demon beasts resided within, and it was a rich land.

"Little Chen, did you really see another gate?"


When Jian Chen placed his hand on the Saint Rock, De Shu extended his own arm to activate the Saint Rock through seemingly magical means.

Tian Yishan seemed extremely worried. Although Jiang Chen's mighty combat strength had gone beyond his expectations and imagination, Yang Shuo was not someone who was easy to deal with. Everybody knew that he had mastered the Myriad Returning Swords, and somebody even said that Yang Shuo had other skills which were even stronger than this, skills so powerful that even Late Divine Core warriors couldn't defeat him.

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