Bliss and Blitz Chapter 370

Bliss and Blitz Chapter 370

Jian Chen's eyebrows creased together as he listened, but before he could speak, the mother beat him to it, "Fourth master, my son is correct. The two of us are not ones to live our lives in luxury and nobility. We truly cannot adjust ourselves to such a lifestyle. I wish to use the savings I have to purchase an inn in Lore City and continue my days working there if the fourth master allows it!"

By this time, You Yue had moved to Jian Chen's side and held his left arm. "Jian Chen, let it go. There's no need to waste time on such small matters."

"Whether you kill us or cut our flesh, do what you wish, there is nothing more to say." A stubborn mercenary said firmly. Jian Chen had brought them to heel by using his fists and legs alone, this type of strength had caused them all to consider running away, but they clearly knew within their hearts that running away would have practically no chance of success.

As for Shangguan Ying himself, after killing the Ice Demon King two times, he had used up a lot of his energy. That combined with his disturbed mind, it was really difficult to fight utilizing all his strength.

Focusing for a moment, Nubis sniffed at the air with his nose and flicked his tongue out to seemingly taste it. "He has been found. He only just left, we can chase after him still." Straight away, he transformed into a beam of golden light and shot towards the direction where Situ Qing had left in.

Jian Chen's heart had skipped a beat when he heard that. "Even Saint Rulers wouldn't dare fight? Is Mercenary City truly that terrifying?"

"Hmph, if not for the absence of the captain of our Flame Mercenaries, then your Defiance Mercenaries wouldn't even have the chance of going as you please in Wake City. You'd be thrown out before you'd start." Mo Tian gnashed his teeth.

Master Blissful was clearly angry, because this was his place.

As soon as the pill passed through her throat and into her stomach, a warm but docile energy began to spill forth from the pill and flow throughout her body.

The white robed man looked at Lang Tian and said, "Captain Lang Tian, what do you think about this situation?"

Nangong Wentian's brows were tightly knitted in a frown.

"Little master, I have told you all I know.Please spare my life, I will do everything I can to help you."

Quickly, the carriage stopped right in front of the Tianqin clan compound. A single white-colored dress wearing woman with a delicate figure came stepping out of the carriage. Although her face was covered, it did not take much to guess that her appearance befitted that of a woman capable of bringing down a country with her beauty.

Jian Chen slowly rose from his bed and walked out of his room. Joyfully taking in the fresh morning air, Jian Chen looked back to his room. Before he had moved in, the village people had spent two hours to completely renovate the place for Jian Chen to live in.

Yan Chenyu said with a smile. Seeing that both girls had a harmonious relationship, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian once again started pounding their own chests in agony. They stared at Jiang Chen as if they wanted to devour him. For heavens' sake, why was this guy so lucky?! Two girls with unrivaled beauty, and they weren't fighting against each other for Jiang Chen's favor. Instead, they treated each other politely. This made them feel jealous.

Jian Chen curled the corner of his lips into a cold smile and said, "For someone who is about to die, there is no harm in telling you. At least it can let you die with content. This type of power is called Chaotic Force!"

This step alone blocked millions of Great Saint Masters, to the point where many of them that weren't willing to take the risk would eternally be stuck at their current realm until they died.

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