The Queen of Mafia Chapter 1727

The Queen of Mafia Chapter 1727

An hour later, Jian Chen had said goodbye to everyone and followed the two elders away from the Changyang Manor. Along with the three, Xiao Tian, Qing Shaofan, Cao Keqin, Dongyi Junbai, and Tian Luo all came with Jian Chen.

The group had a joyful gathering the same night, and there was no intense atmosphere around them, as if the troubles and enemies weren't related to them any longer.

Both weapons collided, and the female disciple let out an alarmed cry. The soft whip was knocked out of her hand by Nangong Wentian's single strike. At the same time, Nangong Wentian's attack didn't stop there! With tremendous force, the heavy Myriad Star Ruler hit the female disciple's body.

"Alright, I will get one for you for sure."

"Sect Elder, we found the murderer!"

Tian Jian stared at Jian Chen with an extremely complicated expression before looking to the recently deceased body of patriarch Shi. "Jian Chen, come with me!" At the final syllable, Tian Jian turned around to leave without a single ripple of space being affected by his movement as he flew away.

What Jiang Chen said was correct. With Shangguan Ying's Late Combat Soul cultivation, if he wanted to run away, even the Ice Demon King would be unable to stop him. This wasn't the world of glaciers, so the Ice Demon King's combat strength and speed wasn't at peak form.

Yan Chenyu was only at the Early Combat Soul realm, but her Nine Yin Meridians were showing signs of breaking through. Once she managed to do that, she would become a Mid Combat Soul warrior, and no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors would be her match. Thus, she would be a great help in this upcoming battle.

Another loud banging sound was heard. Although the Nine Life Crystal Beast was fast, it still couldn't compare with Big Yellow. Once again, Big Yellow smashed into it, and it finally died.

"It is as senior says, this junior came across a happenstance that allowed me to preserve my strength even after my Saint Weapon was shattered." Jian Chen replied respectfully.

The energy of a Second Grade Combat King warrior was incredibly strong, even more so for a peak Second Grade Combat King. At this moment, the Old Great Emperor stood in the sky above the Black Sect, and the air was filled with his fury and killing intent. Looking at how he was behaving, it seemed that the Old Great Emperor was determined to slaughter every single person in the Black Sect today.

Jiang Chen shouted with a low voice as he unleashed a huge blood red dragon claw that turned into a giant cage, trapping Shangguan Ying within. Shangguan Ying was an arrow at the end of its flight, he simply had no strength to defend himself from Jiang Chen's True Dragon Palm.

The elder took the jade piece from Jian Chen and began to inspect it. It was made of expert craftsmanship and carried the banner of the Qinhuang Kingdom. The word "Qin" was carved in on it while on the other side was the word, "Protect".

Shangguan Yiqing said with a smile. In his mind, what he proposed was a really tempting solution, and there was no reason for Jiang Chen to reject it.

Afterward, Jian Chen took out another monster core to heal his Saint Force. Using both the Illusionary Flash and the Heaven's Stolen Fortune for such an extended period of time had left Jian Chen empty.

Then, Jian Chen paused for a moment before speaking to them once more. "I know that you are unwilling to disband your mercenary groups, but do not worry. To follow me is to walk the right path in life. In the future, our Flame Mercenaries will definitely shock the entire Tian Yuan Continent." With that, Jian Chen's eyes emitted a bright glow of light as he vowed to make his plans come true.

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