Age One Chapter 1345

Age One Chapter 1345

The moment Deere spoke, everyone became calm once more and resumed eating from the plate of beef. In a flash, the platter of beef had quickly been wiped clean, leaving behind only bits and pieces.

Jiang Chen cried out in shock. In his previous life, he had very few friends, and Ancestor Greenlotus was definitely one of them. Furthermore, Ancestor Greenlotus had once saved his life, so although he had only met him a few times, their relationship was quite deep.

After entering the guest room, Jian Chen saw the manager of the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, Yullian who was sitting calmly by one of the tables; it looked as if she had been sitting there for some time already.

"We have lost the second match, and the third match will begin immediately. I think we're going to lose, as we have no idea what kind of warrior Nangong Yunzheng invited here."

Big Yellow stood up from the ground slowly. He was so angry that tears came out of his eyes. £¦This little girl dared call me a little dog? Damn you, which part of me is small? Can you find any other dog that is stronger than me? Ugh, daddy here isn't even a dog!'

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"Wu Lang, you again!"

Jiang Chen wore a calm expression and showed no emotions, then strode forward. His first step was to find further. As he moved further, he was able to view these demons within the cages clearer. He found several dozens of demons, and the weakest were Second Grade Demon Kings, the strongest being a Fifth Grade Demon King. There might even be stronger existence in this place, but they weren't kept here

"Junior disciple Jiang, no one in the outer perimeter of Inferno City dares challenge us anymore. All the alliances in the outer perimeter have collapsed, and for them to survive, they will definitely venture into the depths of Inferno Hell, or try to rob other people. Inferno Hell will become even more chaotic in the future, and there are three more months until the doorway to the outside world opens up. What should we do next?"

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with the suggestion. Even if he returned to the Liang Province now, with his current strength, there was no way he could take on the four major powers. So, paying a visit to the Devil Realm was a rather good choice. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had his own plans as well. It was highly possible that he would be able to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm in the Devil Realm. Once he had a stronger foundation, he would bring a tremendous storm to the Liang Province. Not only that, he was also interested in devil souls. Of course, he wouldn't exchange the devil souls with the Heavenly Tower, it would be better if he could find those devil clans and do business with them directly. Perhaps he might be able to use the Heavenly Devil Palace upon returning to the Liang Province.

"Awesome!Even an Early Qi Hai warrior had to step back because of his punch, just how strong is he££"

Seeing that the three men weren't even trying to escape and were instead running for Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng finally cracked open a mocking smile. Not even moving to stop them, the two of them charged toward the others that had took a step forward earlier, for they had been ordered by Jian Chen to slay whoever came forward.

Quickly swallowing the surprise back down his throat, Jian Chen nodded his head, "Correct, I am he."

With a flicker, the scene in front of them immediately changed. Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian appeared in the middle of a dimensional tunnel, and the bronze plate was steadily hovering three meters away from them.

Several strong-looking men quickly walked forward to surround Jian Chen's group. One of the men gave an angry declaration, "Wu Yun, you've killed many men from my Youlan clan, an unforgivable crime! You will not leave Fengyang City alive!"

"Die for me now!"

"Jiang Chen, no one has ever dared reject me, never! You're looking for trouble!"

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