The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2786

The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 2786

The Light Wind Sword accurately penetrated the poisonous scorpion's other eye without resistance.

Han Yan said.

"Soul Crunching Tune, die now!"

In the back, many of the support soldiers streamed about the battleground with stretchers so that the fallen could be brought back to the city to recover. The entire battleground was dyed red with blood as the greasy smell of battle wafted through the air and into the noses of everyone fighting.

Jiang Chen was thrown from the sky onto a desolate island. He was staggering, and nearly fell down to the ground, which made it look like he was in a very bad state. In the distance, Big Yellow was startled upon seeing what happened to Jiang Chen, but a sinister grin quickly emerged on his face.

Amidst the Flame Mercenaries, Ming Dong's group currently remained gathered together in the hall, anxious to find a way to save Jian Chen. Even though they had several Saint Rulers around, they were weak like ants in front of a Saint King. Even if they worked together, they definitely were not a Saint King's opponent.

At the same time in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, five of the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom gathered at a dining table. There were more than ten people gathered there. Aside from the king, the other people were the other Heaven Saint Masters from the rest of kingdom. This was a gathering that no regular person could attend, and even the prince of the Gesun Kingdom was no exception.

"That's right. As men who live in this world, we do not ask to live forever, but I can always aim to become as dazzling as a shooting star. Since there is a richer world out there, why don't we spend our lives experiencing it? Our passion will never die; the Divine Continent is the place where true warriors can be found! A Combat King warrior is nothing in that land, so we have to work really hard in order to land our feet there! Therefore, brother; keep working hard!"

"Hmph! Since you've done all kinds of evil things, I don't have to be courteous to you. You would be lucky if you never had to meet me, but since you're here, I'll just kill you all."

Jiang Chen said.

At Jiang Chen's courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was standing at the peak of the mountain. Her clothes were fluttering with the mountain breeze, and her vision was thrown afar. Her beautiful and delicate face was filled with worries.

The lord of mercenary city--that title had only one person in its history--and that person would be the strongest of the Tian Yuan Continent, Mo Tianyun!"

Two days later, Jian Chen and the others entered the borders of the Blue Wind Kingdom. Then with another half day of travel, they entered the First Class City that was known as the "Cloud Capital."

For a while, everyone was far too dazed to say a word. Not a single person made a move either, but then, one of them bowed his head down to Tian Jian, "This junior pays his respects to the grand elder!"

Jian Chen's reply had caused Wang Yufeng no small amount of joy and had him light up with excitement.

As for those Combat Soul warriors, after two days of searching, they had almost gone through every single inch of the entire magma pool, but they hadn't been able to find a single trace of Jiang Chen.

"30,000 purple coins on Jian Chen, all of my personal wealth rests upon Jian Chen's shoulders." Qin Xiao spoke out in a grand voice.

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