saiyan in DC Chapter 983

saiyan in DC Chapter 983

"Sire, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Our Qiangan Kingdom does not wish to interfere with your war, please stay your hand." Qian Yun spoke. He was well aware of Jian Chen's strength, so to protect the kingdom from falling into disaster, he couldn't help but plead out loud to him.

"Perhaps these are the secret manuals in which the Radiant Artes are recorded in?" Looking around at the books, Jian Chen mumbled to himself. Afterwards, he randomly pulled out a book, bearing the three large words £¦Radiant Saint Shield' on the cover in elegant handwriting.

"Pf!" "Pf!" "Pf!"

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

After absorbing all of the monster cores, the Sword Spirits within Jian Chen's dantian finally began to undergo a change. The previously weak glows of light suddenly grew brighter at the intensity of a single lantern that flickered on and off.

However, Nubis had already sprung into motion. His body trembled slightly with enough force to shake the world around him as a golden light emanated from his body. Then, with blinding speed, Nubis flew toward Ge Qiu to trap him inside his coil.

A grunt of pain echoed from Jin Tian's mouth and his complexion immediately began to pale. He also swayed mid-air, almost falling out of the sky. Being hit by an arrow completely formed from World Force definitely was not good. Just a single arrow actually caused a proper Saint Ruler to be heavily injured.

Tian Jue wasn't fast enough to respond to Qin Xiao's angry fist, so all he could do was to stare speechlessly at Jian Chen and Qin Xiao. Opening and closing his mouth several times, he cried out in confusion, "Qin Xiao, wh-what are you saying? He££he is your££brother?"

Han Yan roared out loudly. This trick did work. Hearing that Han Yan was going to fart, Big Yellow immediately let go of his butt and dashed aside. Then, he transformed back into his original form.

Some Mortal Core warriors hurriedly pulled the town folks into the square and prepared themselves to defend them with their bodies. Right in front of all the people in the square there stood a few old men with dignified expression. All of them were holding combat weapons in their hands. Amongst these old men, then was one old man in his sixties, and his cultivation level was the highest amongst all here. An Early Heavenly Core warrior. He was the Town Marshal.

A short fat man said in an eerie manner.

Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly. It was a feeling of having an incredibly strong cultivation. Being able to kill a Mid Combat Soul warriors with just a Peak Late Divine Core cultivation, and it was not an ordinary Combat Soul warrior, but a genius££ Perhaps Jiang Chen was the only person in the Saint Origin Realm capable of such a feat.

"Send two people to spy on that kiddo. Report back to me whenever." After ordering the group of guards behind him, he hurried away on his magical beast. His broken finger needed to be healed quickly, otherwise, it would become troublesome to heal after too much time. Fortunately, the injury this time was rather small and was not too difficult to heal.

On the wall.

"He is from the Black Sect! Town Marshal, that young man is a disciple of the Black Sect, and he is very powerful!"

Jiang Chen never showed any mercy, and he wasn't afraid of taking matters to another level.Destroying the Mu Rong family was his priority now that he had been reborn.He wanted to let everyone in Fragrant Sky city witness the fall of the Mu Rong family.

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen circulated the Dragon Transformation skill at its maximum speed. After transforming twice, the Dragon Transformation skill now perfectly fit Jiang Chen. Following the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen's injuries were constantly being recovered, causing him to feel much better.

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