This MC Is Kickass Chapter 516

This MC Is Kickass Chapter 516

However, there was one thing he was certain of, and that was that from the moment he had acquired the wok from the Ovens, he had never encountered anything as sturdy.

But he knew he was finished, because he had no time to make another move to struggle against Qing Shui!

Chapter 350: You're Lying!

Qing Shui awkwardly touched his nose when he saw the hidden bitterness in their eyes. Huoyun Liu-li ran towards him and hugged his neck.

However, he had no idea why she would ¡®set up a stall' around here. Based on her capabilities, she might have already searched for the best alchemist in the world. However, she might have difficulty in finding someone who would be willing to use a divine medicine that bring the dead back to life on someone they barely knew. This kind of medicine certainly does exist, but no one would be willing to part with it.

"Oh, so that's what it means! Heavens! I can't believe that Bai Xiaochun uses the beasts for.... Heavens! Is it really true?"

"Brother Cang, over here!"

"The strangest thing is that none of us patriarchs detected anything unusual during last night's odd events....

Bai Xiaochun was quivering in eagerness. The gargoyle magics of Nameless Peak were top secret, and cultivators from outside of that mountain peak had to spend a huge amount of merit points to study them.

After entering, Qing Shui felt that the space within was actually quite spacious. He was inside a huge living room, and he continued to move towards the room located on the west side.

The old man watched Bai Xiaochun leaving, and sighed. As far as he was concerned, it was a big pity that Nightcrypt was only in Mortal-Dao Foundation Establishment. Otherwise, he might have had an extraordinary future. Of course, even though he was merely in Mortal-Dao Foundation Establishment, he was still a brutal fiend who couldn't be provoked.

"No, I have only come here a few times." Hai Dongqing said as she watched the large group of Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles.

For the first time, Bai Xiaochun had more than 200,000 merit points saved up. Excited, he finally decided to spend 100,000 of them to become an orange-robed disciple.

"Dammit! Don't tell me that Bai Xiaochun secretly came to Green Crest Peak too!"

The sky had completely turned dark since long ago by the time they returned to the small courtyard. But with Light Stones, the place was very brightly illuminated. They went in to find that everything was just like how it had always been. The mess from earlier was already cleared up.

The white-robed old man looked over at the flower, and then his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture as he sent life force pouring inside. However, a moment later, the aura of death became even stronger than before.

Qing Shui was waiting for them to enter his attacking range. His body seemed to be trembling slightly due to the excitement. Suddenly, Qing Shui saw the eyes an old man dressed in yellow garment twitch. It was then that he also quickly opened his eyes.

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