Dimension System Chapter 1800

Dimension System Chapter 1800

"Not all humans are our enemies. This one in front of us is a guest of the Spirit Apes. Hurry up and apologize." The elder stressed with a tone of finality.

Yun Li furrowed his eyebrows together as he continued to look at Jian Chen. With a moment's hesitation, he finally spoke, "Brother Jian Chen. One year ago in Wake City a major event took place. The number one clan in Wake City, the Tianxiong clan had their young lord Tianxiong Kang killed by someone. And if this piece of information is reliable, then the person who killed Tianxiong Kang is a youth that isn't too far apart in age with you. Most importantly, this youth's name is also Jian Chen, surely that means the two of you are the same person."

Jiang Ru Long almost shouted out loud; the expression on his face changed dramatically.

"Perhap the Flame Mercenaries have an even stronger support that doesn't fear the Blue Wind Kingdom."

The middle-aged man tried to crawl up from the ground, but his wounds were already quite serious. A nearby bloody bodyguard gave support to him with a worried look, "Captain, are you alright?"

Mercenary City was the holy city for mercenaries and merchants alike. Each of the four seasons was always a busy season and many people traveled to the city.

Jian Chen nodded his head and spoke no more of the issue.

The old man had been completely conquered by Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen was definitely not a mortal, and his future accomplishments could only be something beyond his imagination.

Holding the bottle up above her head for everyone to see, the auctioneer started, "Audience, please allow me to introduce our next treasure to be sold. The item I hold in my hand will most likely be a first for everyone to see here. That is because this item is from one of the death zones of the Tian Yuan Continent--Fantasy Star Ocean."

Besides, this was the path of Jiang Chen's cultivation. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. It was destined that he would have to defy the rules and natural orders. The road of his cultivation would be a tough one with endless obstacles. The process of saving both of them was another test for his determination as well.

"Yan Kaizer. I will remember this." Jian Chen spat venomously. Just as he finished speaking, the Light Wind Sword finally came back straight toward the elder once more.

"Fuck! Daddy isn't going to submit to them! It has already been very tough for us to survive in Inferno Hell, and the only reason why they want us to submit to them is because of the crystal cores! Killing a Nine Life Crystal Beast is extremely difficult, and the crystal cores we get for our own consumption already isn't enough! If they want us to give a portion of our crystal cores to them, I don't think we'll be able to survive any longer! I am not going to follow their orders!"

Lord Zhanlang was furious. He and Lord Baoju could easily recognize the demon soul hovering above Jiang Chen's palm; it definitely belonged to Lord Nether, and that could never be faked.

The ancestor's excitement could barely be contained as he took hold of the white jade into his hands. "Many thanks for senior's generosity!" To be able to receive the assistance of a Saint King was far too important in meaning to the Huang family. Although he only had this one chance to use it, it would bolster the might of the Huang family and would resolve the issue of the Huang family's conflict with the other Saint Rulers.

In that period of time, the Flame Mercenaries became more and more well-known. They had three powerful Saint Rulers, which made them a peak level force without a doubt. They became the strongest known existence in a radius of one hundred thousand kilometers, with only the hermit clans and families hidden in the wilderness able to resist against them.

The distance between Heavenly Core and Combat Soul was a large chasm, it was very difficult to step over this chasm. This chasm was like a natural barrier that had blocked numerous heroes and brilliant young men. Many Heavenly Core warriors couldn't step over this chasm their whole life, not to mention the higher level which was the King of Combat, the true man reigning supreme from above.

Afterwards, Jian Chen bade farewell to Ming Dong and the others before leaving with Nubis and Huang Tianba off towards the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

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