Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 925

Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 925

Behind him, cries of alarm rose up....

Qing Shui could not help but think that. He finally decided that it was a possibility. Another possibility was that once a person entered the shrine, the repelling force would dissipate...

Whistling screams filled the air, and Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth. Considering he was in the heart cavity, the brunt of the attacks were being borne by others. Even still, blood was oozing out of Bai Xiaochun's mouth, and on top of that, the power of the attacks was increasing.

"The Vile-Emperor might be in secluded meditation, but if things keep going on like this, he'll definitely come out and take care of things!"

Of course, he could also choose to use the Nine Continent Steps instead to pass through the Sky Penetrating Mountains without going through countless winding paths unnecessarily.


The fist strike he had unleashed was truly astonishing. The fact that someone with a Nascent Soul cultivation base could fight with a deva was unprecedented. Although he hadn't been able to outshine her, he was clearly in the position of being able to completely dominate ordinary Nascent Soul experts.

"Sect Uncle Bai... I... I... I apologize!!"

It was a very miraculous thing, and word had it that although the cultivators came to select legacies, sometimes a legacy would select a cultivator!

More months passed, and the rain vanished. Perhaps he was starting to get tired of messing with the ghost face, or perhaps it was because of his impending cultivation base watershed, but in either case, he spent less time harrying the ghost face, who was so excited about the development that he wept in delight.

"No!!" screamed the male disciple. Blood began to pour out of his mouth, and he was shaking violently. His world began to turn black, and he let out an agonized shriek. Never in his darkest nightmares could he have imagined that he would provoke... someone as indescribably heaven-defying as this.

Slowly, a layer of fine grey sweat appeared on his body. The endurance of his body also reached a critical point. A lot of the bones across his body cracked. But at the moment when he was about to give up, Qing Shui suddenly remembered the grieving look of the Old Ancestor before he passed away.

Within the five legions, the only people who had command medallions with their surnames on them were the major generals!

The two of them were standing on the summit of a small mountain near the Qing Village. Qing Shui was enjoying the beauty of nature, the air was permeated with so much Spiritual Qi that even the normal humans who did not cultivate would be able to live to 150 years old in this world.

Chapter 360 Top Notch Women Relies On Wisdom And Disposition.

Whenever those lights stopped moving, it meant they were facing resistance!

"Big fatso, did I say I'd let you go?" Qing Shui's devilish voice made the fatso's flesh tremble. He looked back with his crying face, at the fellow who humiliated him.

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