Mute Girl The Series : Rose Thorns Chapter 2917

Mute Girl The Series : Rose Thorns Chapter 2917

Li Hong said with mixed feelings. The trip to the Qi Province was to find out about Jiang Chen had gone unexpectedly smooth. He had thought he would need to go through the entire Qi Province to find Jiang Chen, he had never expected that Jiang Chen was so famous that every single person he asked knew about him.

Jian Chen's face grew solemn as he thought; against a Class 5 Magical Beast, other than running away, there was no other way to win. And right now with the frightening speed of the Golden Fur Tiger King, even if he wanted to flee, he didn't have the power to. After all speed was the specialty of a tiger type of magical beast, and even more so for a Class 5 Magical Beast.

"That's right. If not for Big Yellow's Soul Crunching Tune sneak attack, even if we could still kill the Evil Devil, it wouldn't be this easy, and we might have had to pay a heavy price for it."


A cold, unrestrained laughter rang out from the hall, "It's already been several centuries since outsiders have come to my Coiled Dragon Mountain and right now, the Tianqin clan has the greatest possibility of coming. I just never thought that this Tianqin clan would pluck up some courage and think that they can threaten my Coiled Dragon Mountain with just those three Heaven Saint Masters. Hmph, what a joke. Send a squad with the four Protectors of Heaven and Earth to smash them. Chase them out of my Coiled Dragon Mountain!"

The five people stared covetously at the five monster cores. Afterwards, each of them took one before hurrying away.

As soon as the pill passed through her throat and into her stomach, a warm but docile energy began to spill forth from the pill and flow throughout her body.

The Light Wind Sword was still moving extremely fast, the silver glow had become a streak of light that made it hard to distinguish the blade. Great Saint Masters would have to be careful when dealing with it, while a Saint Master would find this blade fatal.

Liang Xiao unleashed his energy. Obviously, he didn't want to waste any time either. He extended his hand and forcefully grabbed towards Jiang Chen.


Lian Haolong's body was trembling violently. His desire to kill these damn demon beasts was much stronger than that of anybody else, but he just couldn't do it. As the Tribe Chief, he had to consider all the people in Lianyun Castle, and if he killed these demon beasts, it wouldn't take long before the entire tribe was slaughtered by the Demon Palace.

Jiang Chen threw out his guess.

Without any other problems, Jian Chen and Ming Dong entered Kargath Academy. Despite Jian Chen being gone for so long, Kargath Academy hadn't changed at all. The biggest change was that the trees that had been planted a long time ago at the academy had grown by a large amount.


Clop clop clop!

"Oh!" Tie Ta nodded his head in understanding while thinking it over in his head.

Jian Chen could not help but reveal a happy smile. He had finally found a suitable weapon, which had made him unable to suppress his excitement.

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