Alma Chapter 748

Alma Chapter 748

Right at this moment, another loud shout was heard. Three old men wearing the same uniform landed from above, and all of them looked extremely angry. They had been in charge of the outer circle for a long time, but they had never seen so chaotic happen before.

"The warriors from the Martial Palace are coming soon. With the connection between us and the Martial Palace, I'm sure they will be on our side. We're going to kill this Jiang Chen no matter what!"

"I didn't know that even a small province like the Qi Province could cultivate an amazing genius like brother Jiang, this is extraordinary! I wonder if brother Jiang is interested in going to the Martial££"

Jiang Chen taunted the Black Striped Rhino with his fingers and spoke in a teasing manner.

Not only were Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snakes very strong, but rumors said that they could fly through the air and burrow into the ground. Its venom was unrivaled, and even a Heaven Saint Master would be afraid of the consequences of being infected by one.

"What are you talking about?"

"I refuse to believe that you can defeat me!"

Jiang Chen thought to himself with a surprised expression.


"Then it is no wonder lord Yang is so strong with a long process of cultivation like that."

"Elder He Mu, are you sure you didn't find the wrong person?" A red robed elder tried to confirm.

This Blood Devil leader was pretty strong, he was actually a few times stronger than an ordinary human at the same level. But still, he was no match for Jiang Chen. With Jiang Chen's current strength, he could easily kill any Early Heavenly Core warrior in seconds.

Jiang Chen moved his body, transforming into an elusive figure that appeared right in front of the crystal beast within the next second. Before it could climb back up from the ground, Jiang Chen had immediately chopped it in half with his battle axe. Of course, the True Dragon Palm was very powerful, but since this Nine Life Crystal Beast had an extra stronger body, especially this one since it was a Late Divine Core monster, it would take a few strikes before Jiang Chen could kill it. But what Big Yellow said was correct, the Nine Life Crystal Beast was different from those ordinary demons and devils, it had nine lives, and the method he was using now was too slow.

The old man wiggled his body and turned back into a black hawk before he started flying towards Red city with extreme speed. As a Heavenly Core Demon Lord, his speed was incredibly swift. Furthermore, he was an aerial Demon Beast. In just a second, he arrived at the center of Red city.

"Borrow an army!" Qin Ji was startled. "Is the enemy that strong if Xiao Tian and the others weren't enough to keep the peace? The Imperial Advisors of our Qinhuang Kingdom are selected carefully; Xiao Tian and the other four are strong enough to fight enemies two to one."

After the mercenary with the warrant left, Tianxiong Lie waved his hand at the others, "Search the surrounding area carefully for any traces. I want to know where he ran off to."

"Another three months."

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