Reincarnated as the Fated Villain Chapter 2864

Reincarnated as the Fated Villain Chapter 2864

Remembering the name of the villa, Jian Chen left the area and began to wander around the city.


Shrugging, Jian Chen spoke helplessly, "There's no other way, although it'll be a headache, but some headaches have to be endured. I've already killed two other Ruler Armament users, so trouble is unavoidable, another one shouldn't matter too much."

There were not many books on the shelf. It did not even exceeded one hundred, all with varying thicknesses. Each book was made from high class magical beast skin. The skins were already yellowed, carrying marks left behind by the past. They had already existed for an unknown amount of time.

"Let's just continue watching. Jiang Chen is definitely not an idiot, he has a lot of powerful approaches."Chapter 321 ΓΏ Grand Feast

Liu Hong said.

The Golden Lion furrowed his brows, as if he had just thought of something. He threw his glance at a young man no far away from him. The young man was only at the peak Heavenly Core realm, and it looked like he was still frightened by what he had seen, as his face was pale.

In mid-air, the Imperial Emperor was portraying a manner of greatness. As a Combat King warrior, as well as the Imperial Emperor who sat on the top of this continent, he had always looked at others from the top.

Zhang Zhen said worriedly.

On the wall, the Magical Crystal Cannons continued to fire at anything within their three kilometer range, causing the ground below to have many holes. The soldiers in charge of recharging the cannons hurriedly scrambled about grabbing Class 2 Monster Cores from chests to load the cannons.

Han Yan said in a cold tone. He waved his hand and unleashed a black devil dragon which carried tremendous devilish energy. In the follow moment, Han Yan transformed into a devil king. His powerful Ancient Divine Devil Physique was not something that a warrior in the same realm and stage as him could take on.


At this moment, four men entered the restaurant. The one in the lead was a fat guy in his twenties. His face was very oily, and his hair was loosely arranged on his head. A pair of beady eyes kept rolling and looking around. He entered the restaurant with his back straight and the aura of a bully.

Shangguan Yiqing shouted out loudly. His words made him seem like someone loyal to his friends, causing those in the crowd to feel better, actually.

"It's you?"

The thunder interweaved, and the surrounding air shook from the tremendous force. Shangguan Yilei had proven himself to be a genius of the younger generation, and his combat strength was many times stronger than that of ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors. All three Flood Dragons unleashed by Jiang Chen were instantly destroyed by his Thundercloud Storm.

After a while, Jian Chen's foot suddenly stopped, halting his forward momentum.

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