Demon and Fairy Chapter 698

Demon and Fairy Chapter 698

With Class 3 Magical Beast mounts, everyone quickly exited the city and continued on the roads with haste. After an hour, they had finally reached the place where they could see a gigantic mountain peak whose peaks were hidden by the clouds and fog. Each mountain peak was around 4000 meters tall, and a faint layer of poisonous fog could be seen swirling around.

"Yan Xing, what's happening now? Don't tell me Lee Shan Yue is here again?"

Jian Chen sighed, "Ken Xiaosan was hurt because of me. If I do not resolve this matter, I will not be able to rest easily."

"It's just like last time." Seeing how tall the Golden Fur Tiger King was right in front of him, Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously as he tried to change the trajectory to its original path.

Not long after, the roasted magical beast meat began to emit a fragrant aroma. Although it did not have any spices, the quality of the magical beast meat was originally high. Moreover, the higher the class of the magical beast, the more delicious its meat would taste, and the more beneficial it was to the body. It was said that a Class 5 Magical Beast's meat could even boost one's strength.

Tap, tap, tap!

"My lady, I beg of you, please eat something. You've gone several days without food!" By her side, several maids were crying out to her with several plates of food and a washing bowl ready.

Someone cried out in shock. Many disciples left their rooms and looked into the sky that was filled with fierce tornados.Sorry for the late releases, my day ended up being a busy one, so I couldn't start posting chapters until now.

"Everything belongs to the victor, and you were defeated. This is a war that you can only pay for with your life; defeat means death. Zhao Chongyang, since you're one of the biggest powers in the Qi Province, I'll give you the chance to kill yourself."

With the great battle drawn to an end, Jian Chen bid farewell to everyone before bringing Nubis and the still sleeping white tiger cub with him to the Gesun Kingdom.


Yan Zhan Yun felt worried upon seeing the blade in Lee Chang Hao's hand. No one could be calm upon seeing this blade.

Now, with Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu attack them as well, there was no way these Golden Guards could even hope to resist. The safety of the Jiang family and Yan family was thus ensured.

Jian Chen wore an expensive white robe as he accompanied Sans and his mother around the area. Sans and his mother had received a cordial level of treatment from Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian, causing the son and mother pair to gain a high level of treatment within the clan. They had been given their own courtyard and servants to wait on them. The head caretaker of the clan, Chang Wuji had even stipulated that the expenditures from the two would be footed by the Changyang clan, and a specialized group of soldiers would stand guard over the two. Such a treatment like this was basically on par with the treatment of the master of the family, Changyang Ba.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face. The path he wanted to walk was one only he himself knew. This was a path destined to be filled with slaughter and the blood of all his enemies. The first thing he wanted to do after being reborn was reach his previous peak level, and then enter the legendary Realm of Immortals.

Big Yellow guessed.

Nangong Wentian was surprised. He never expected to meet a family member right after returning to the Southern Continent.

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