Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1700

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 1700


Both men nodded their heads as they threw all their herbs toward Jiang Chen. In an instant, all the herbs entered Jiang Chen's mouth.

The fist and the palm clashed, producing the sound of colliding metals. Lee Chang Hao's Yuan energy was shattered into pieces by Jiang Chen, and he was forced back by the great amount of strength. He only took a few steps back before he stabilized himself. He could feel his whole arm becoming numb, and that feeling was really awful.

As for the mountain that Jiang Chen had just destroyed, Great Master Ran Feng wasn't bothered by it at all. He knew Jiang Chen was cultivating a combat skill. Thus, even if Jiang Chen destroyed all the desolate mountains in this area, he wouldn't mind at all. All these desolate mountains were there for decoration, and the destruction of them wouldn't affect the foundations of the Greenlotus Mountain at all.

Nangong Wenyang felt really sorry for what he had previously said, he even wished he could deliver himself a slap, as he had eyes but failed to see the mighty person standing in front of him. This young man was an amazing genius, but he had actually looked down on him. He was truly feeling ashamed for how he had behaved.

"I see. It looks like the relationship between the Green Sanctuary Sect and the Firethorn Savage isn't really that good."

The two women were frightened by the sudden knocks on the door. From her seated position, Yu Fengyan spoke loudly, "Who's making so much racket? Have you forgotten your manners?"

"Are you the spirit of the barrier?" For a good while, he did not speak. But then when he did, his voice had been filled with shock. Even as he asked, he felt as if his ears were deceiving him.

"Kid, what did you just say?"

Jiang Chen teased.

The middle-aged man named Bi Dao greeted back and said, "I've been okay." He paused for a moment, his gaze stopping on Jian Chen and his mother, before continuing, "It's probably better if I just get straight to the point. I've come this time under the the emperor's orders. At the same time, I've come to transmit his orders!"

"The Jiang family has replied to the written challenge!Jiang Chen accepted it.Now we will have a good show!"

"Then surely Shi Xiangran's death must be true to you." Elder Feng replied, clearly on Jian Chen's side.


This method not only strengthened the body without changing the shape of it, but it would continue to strengthen the body. As long as the energy is supplied to the inner body, then the entire body would be strengthened as a whole.

Yan Yang shouted out in a harsh tone. His handsome face had become twisted. For a warrior, when they encountered a critical situation, death wasn't so horrifying.

The old monk was still in a state of shock. Although he was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, the aura inside Jiang Chen's body felt like it came from the ancient era. It was extremely powerful, sacred and supreme; causing anyone who sensed it to feel like bowing down in front of him.

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