i dont kill monsters Chapter 2802

i dont kill monsters Chapter 2802

Even the First Class City behind them took a generous amount of damage. Several parts of the city walls collapsed, burying some soldiers underneath the rubble and causing a terrific amount of damage. Several of the buildings and homes within the city toppled over, leaving the city in a mess.

The moment the imperial captain had mentioned "honored Imperial Protector" every single imperial guard standing watch over the Qin Heaven Palace immediately knew who this Qin Yunlong was and knelt down to the ground.

Almost involuntarily, Lei Mingao and his cousin Lei Yin looked towards Jian Chen's chest. When they discovered the dark blue badge, their expressions suddenly changed greatly as disbelief poured from their eyes.

"Please wait a moment, young master."

Seeing the black robed man die, the other man fighting the girl immediately flew into a teeth gnashing rage with eyes that overflowed with killing intent for Jian Chen.

Here are the three Nine Soul Restoration Pills. Also, here are the Mortal and Earth Restoration Pills for the items I won in the auction before this."

Right now, more than twenty people were gathered in the palace, most of them young men. There were a few old men with powerful cultivation bases. They were obviously the Asura Palace's elders, while the rest were the Tycoons.

"Just let it come, I'll let it taste something good later."

"Good news everyone! Our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House will be auctioning off two Class 5 Monster Cores seven days from now££" The man leading the group was speaking through a giant, gold horn with a blast of sound that could be heard in all directions.

"Brother Jian Chen, I've finally found you."

"Intruder, speak your name!"

Old Man Ling Shan patted Jiang Chen's shoulder. With a bright smile, he said, "An old man like me really likes someone as daring as you. The Qingyi sect is nothing! Daddy hates seeing those big sects bullying people! They always wear those superior expressions on their faces, disgusting!"

Han Yan nodded his head.

Jiang Chen flapped his wings, then he flew towards the second sector straight away. Big Yellow followed behind while happily waggling his tail.

All the spectators were shocked. None of them had seen this kind of method used to kill before, even Wu Jiu was stunned. He kept praising Jiang Chen inwardly; this was a peerless genius who would definitely surpass the ancestors and dazzle the contemporaries! Not only did he have strong skills, he had a brilliant mind as well! The Great Illusion Realm could only trap the enemy, but Jiang Chen was using it to make his enemies kill each other, yielding the maximum result.

"Imperial Emperor, one of our Elders, Shangguan Ying suddenly died a few days ago, and I suspect his death is related to Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen said as he looked at Big Yellow.

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