The Monster Inside: The First Vampire Chapter 1076

The Monster Inside: The First Vampire Chapter 1076

Qing Shui bid them farewell after dinner. Instead of returning to his own residence, he summoned Fire Bird and flew towards Zhu Qing Peak.

The competition was not exciting and was obviously just a simple exchange. Only when a sect lost 3 consecutive rounds did they send someone of a higher calibre to win a couple of rounds and get the record of a few winning rounds to their sect.

Eventually, Bai Xiaochun's eyes glittered, and he slowly raised his hand and began waving it back and forth to get the attention of the crowd. He didn't need to use any cultivation base power; although everyone was involved with the discussion, they were also keeping their eye on Bai Xiaochun to see if he would say something.

However, since Qing Shui wanted to kill that Elder Xiong, there was no way that he would let him escape. He pierced the silver needles he had prepared earlier on that Elder's Çú³Ø and eyes!

She could never rest easy with him alive. Before, she had disliked him because of his Soul Convergence Pills and exploding pill furnaces, as well as the general humiliation and pain he had caused to the Wildlands.

Intense howling could be heard as the ghosts became one....

Bai Xiaochun frowned. This version of Gongsun Wan'er seemed exactly like Ghostmother, to the point where he began to suspect that something had gone wrong with Gongsun Wan'er's efforts to absorb her. She was acting so differently from before that she almost seemed like a stranger.

"Could they be having an affair with Qing Shui? Furthermore, there are two of them! If I had women like this, I would have been satisfied even if I were to only live for one day."

However, after some time passed, he started to get bored. Eventually, he began to go for walks in the sect, and yet, because of his high standing, people would only treat him with formal respect.

Huoyun Liu-Li glanced at Qing Shui, before glancing at Canghai Mingyue, before finally saying, "Qing Shui, do you want to join the Heavenly Palace? So it seems that even when she was lost in her thoughts, she had still heard the conversation between Qing Shui and Mingyue."

Wenren Wu-shuang, after making a slight noise of shock, rolled her eyes at Qing Shui, causing Qing Shui's heart to beat faster as he realized that Wu-shuang didn't refute Young Master's words. Apparently, she felt that there was no need.

"Banespirit!!" they cried in alarm. The pressure they felt was something that exceeded the Nascent Soul stage. Trembling, hearts battered by waves of shock, they retreated at full speed, simultaneously sending word back to their sects.

"The affairs of Zhou Xinqi have not reached the level where others need to interfere," she said coldly. "Besides, if a new Chosen disciple has appeared on Fragrant Cloud Peak, that's something fortunate for the sect as a whole. If you people let something like this happen again, then don't blame your Junior Sister for losing her temper." Her voice cut with the sharpness of a sword, and the eight fans looked angry. However, they didn't dare to say a word.

Both imperial dynasties had ambassadors in each other's capital cities. Usually, they were demigods with long records of service, although occasionally celestials would also serve in that role.

"Boy was it worth it to come watch the test this time. We got stuck here for a few days, but it was definitely worth it!"

Nor had he considered why the Eternal Immortal Domains had a sun and a moon, even though the starry sky was pitch black.

Before they could even get to the Cloud Order, though, the frigid qi declined so rapidly that all of the ice buildings began to collapse. And that was only the beginning. To everyone's stupefaction, the thumb of the enormous ice statue, which was now filled with roots¡­ suddenly¡­ began to melt, sending water pouring down the statue¡­.

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