The Military System : Alternative Chapter 527

The Military System : Alternative Chapter 527

"What's happening, could the Zhou Mercenaries have run into trouble?"

"Chang Wuji, if you have need for us, then please just instruct us to do so!" Xiao Tian laughed as his own eyes secretly looked to the sky outside the room.

At the moment the sun was already at its highest point in the sky, meaning it was noon. Outside the room was a small courtyard that had plenty of cobweb like cracks running through the dirt ground. Just diagonally across from Jian Chen were some wooden houses, and even another runned down shack some distance away. Under the sun, a few young children were running around and laughing while they played.

Jian Chen's expression immediately grew conflicted. Some thoughts hidden away in his brain were brought out by this question.

Another man said.

Jiang Chen said with a frown on his face. Chen Shuang must die, but there was no need to take it this far.

Not only was Jiang Chen very strong, he was extraordinarily wise as well. In the midst of chaos, he functioned best; just like this situation.

As a maid within the Qin Heaven Palace, their statuses were among the highest in the Qinhuang Kingdom. There weren't many things to do in the Qin Heaven Palace aside from cleaning and any other everyday affairs. The Imperial Protectors spent all their time within their rooms cultivating, and aside from anything major, they would never come out. Some of the maids had gone tens of years without hearing the voice of one of the Imperial Protectors.

"The fuck?!"

A young man whose face was filled with arrogance said.

On the other side, the Wolf King had also completed his transformation. He had turned into a black wolf. After transforming into his original form, he howled toward the sky, dispersing all the black clouds hanging over their heads.

"Damn it! Why does this guy have so much Nine Solar Holy Water! So insane!"

"The fourth master has returned, he really has returned!"

"Yun Lian, let us head upstairs!" The handsome man beckoned to the young woman with a gentle voice. His eyes hid nothing but admiration for the woman.

The loser were always in the wrong, and Zhao Chongyang didn't run away from this fact. Of course, he knew that with his current condition, there was no way he could escape from his opponents.


Daring not to be negligent, Chang Wuji addressed each one of them with several words of greeting. Then, Chang Wuji began to invite every single one of them into a nearby inn with excitement.

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