Chongfei Manual Chapter 398

Chongfei Manual Chapter 398

Bai Xiaochun's face was ashen, and he was also shaking as he stared wide-eyed at the corner behind which the hand had just disappeared. What he wanted to do was flee in the opposite direction, but unfortunately, the three of them were now right in the middle of a dead end!

At first, he planned to take things slow and steady. He did some quick calculations, and came to the conclusion that it would take three days to finish the job of cleansing the rainbow.

Qing Yi's words made the three generations of Qing Clan overjoyed. Who among the younger generation had not looked forward to the outside world?

In almost that exact same instant, numerous booming sounds echoed out as eight crimson figures blurred through the spot he had just occupied.

This time around, Qing Shui could smell a light, indistinct fragrance that was like the cooling wind. Qing Shui did not know what smell it was, but when he smell it, he felt as if a breeze was blowing into his face.

"Today when we go to the Guo Clan, we still have to thank them. What do you say, sister?" Qing Shui smiled slightly while looking at Qing Qing?

Qing Shui now suddenly realized that the third generation of the Qing Clan were no longer young, even he was already 28 years old. He had met Luan Luan when she was about 3 years old, now she was about to undergo her coming of age ceremony.

Di Chen's tone was unkind. Qing Shui could tell that the two sisters were on bad terms. Whoever gave birth to this pair of sisters, Qing Shui felt that it must have been the result of the karma which they accumulated for generations.?

Just as she was about to unleash another attack... the blood crystal seemed to respond to Bai Xiaochun's presence. Vibrating, it suddenly flew up into the air and shot toward him.

The second-grade Heavenly Dantian was restored back to its original state, recovering two million jin of strength!

Shi Qingzhuang did not do anything, but let Qing Shui hold her hand. She only looked at Qing Shui seriously, as if she wanted to see through him.

Qing Shui quickly turned around and ran.

Qing Shui also noticed the other items within the Interspatial silk sachet. Other than the heavenly-defying pellets Qing Shui had eaten, there were the "Golden Beads", Golden Essence Writing Brush, and the Moonstone Ink Slab.?

The Old Ancestor smiled, clapping his hands.?

"If I could get a bit closer, and observe them with divine sense, then I'm pretty sure I could come to understand these stone golems in a much more complete sense!" Eyes bloodshot, he struggled back and forth for a short time before gritting his teeth. "If worst comes to worst, I can just use the seven-colored jade pendant to teleport to safety!"

"This is the tenth time" the lady said softly.

"It's fine. I want to hear what everyone has to say. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, you can just speak it out. It might be better than mine." Qing Shui smiled and said.

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